Best of womens judo at Tel Aviv Grand Slam 2022 Days 1 and 3

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non-stop newaza

non-stop newaza

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Best of womens judo from days 1 and 3 of the Tel Aviv Grand Slam 2022. I cover the 48, 52, 57 and under 78 kilo classes in this video.
0:00 best sode-tsurikomi goshi ippon by Julia Figueroa
0:25 uchi-mata to ouchi-gari ippon by Pupp Reka
1:03 kouchi-gari to ouchi-gari ippon by Astride Gneto
1:46 wild match - Lanir vs Bellandi
2:15 best makikomi ippon by Bellandi
2:28 Bellandi's seionage
2:53 Tai-otoshi ippon by Bellandi
3:43 best kosoto-gari ippon by Turchyn
3:48 Sampaio injures Turchyn with a seionage
4:18 Sampaio bronze medal match
4:48 tai-otoshi ippon by Milani
4:55 ashi-garuma to sankaku-jime (triangle choke) by Milani
5:32 best koshi-guruma ippon by Boukli
5:45 Boukli vs Milan for 48 kilo gold
6:10 best uchimata ippon by Rafaela Silva
6:17 Nelson Levy with a big ippon against Rafaela Silva
6:43 Slap to the face - Disqualification
7:19 two sode-tsurikomi-goshi ippons by Giufridda
7:58 ude-gatame (straight elbow lock) Ryoko Takeda vs Giufridda
8:30 weird penalty for reverse seionage
8:40 one injury and 4 sode-tsurikomi-goshi
9:24 kata-guruma to waki-gatame - disqualification
9:38 best sumigaeshi by Libeer
10:01 best o-soto-gari ippon by Lemos
10:09 juji-gatame by Podolak injures Lemos
10:52 best kouchi-gari ippon by Podolak
10:57 which girl gets disqualified for head-diving?
11:30 best match Scutto vs Bavuudorj
12:15 kata-guruma by Bavuudorj
13:00 uchi-mata to yoko-tomoenage ippon by Bavuudorj
13:10 ouchi-gari ippon by Kaleta
13:21 best uki-waza by Bavuudorj
13:31 ouchi-gari vs uki-waza
13:41 Ryoko Takeda doesn't need grips
13:53 Ryoko Takeda kata-gatame comparison
14:36 sasae-tsurikomi ashi with only one grip by Nishanbayeva
14:56 most flexible spine - Karen Stevenson twists Jangeldina
15:49 uki-goshi and arm wrap turnover by Boehm
16:19 gift wrap to kesa-gatame by Kolein
The next video will be up in 1-2 weeks.

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Benedict Balan
Benedict Balan Жыл бұрын
At 4:55min, sankakujime why does the arm hurt ? It is supposed to be a choke right ?
non-stop newaza
non-stop newaza Жыл бұрын
@Benedict Balan Good idea. I need to think about which ones are best.
Benedict Balan
Benedict Balan Жыл бұрын
@non-stop newaza can you make a compilation clip of top 10 sankakujimes in women judo ?
non-stop newaza
non-stop newaza Жыл бұрын
It's similar to this sankaku. The hand gets stuck inside the sankaku and it's possible that some pressure can be directed to the shoulder. I don't think it is intentional by the attacker. You can also apply this from kesa-gatame by locking under your opponents elbow and pushing their elbow towards their head like this: This would be illegal in judo.
may _ lay trucker
may _ lay trucker Жыл бұрын
Wow there was war going on out there 😳 all the matchups was incredible 🤗🤗👏👏
森道サンバーノ Жыл бұрын
non-stop newaza
non-stop newaza Жыл бұрын
Judoka Valenciano
Judoka Valenciano Жыл бұрын
Benedict Balan
Benedict Balan Жыл бұрын
You once analyzed da sol Park's sankakujime which was not tight enough. Yet the opponent could not escape . If it is not tight enough , should there be a way of escaping ? With reference to the clip where Da Sol Park applies a sankakujime in your earlier clip analysis .
non-stop newaza
non-stop newaza Жыл бұрын
@Benedict Balan I think it was forcing the opponent's leg into a hurdler stretch position like this: The difference between them is that Da Sol Park was grabbing the leg on the same side of the body that had the arm.
Benedict Balan
Benedict Balan Жыл бұрын
@non-stop newaza can you tell what is happening on the other side. Is Da Sol Park holding onto her legs ? The cameraman only showed the back action .
Benedict Balan
Benedict Balan Жыл бұрын
@non-stop newaza devastating hold
non-stop newaza
non-stop newaza Жыл бұрын
I have no idea how she could escape. Da Sol Park's opponent couldn't bridge or get to Park's legs with her arms or legs.
louis Жыл бұрын
Benedict Balan
Benedict Balan Жыл бұрын
4:55 did the referee see that the shoulder lock was illegal ?
Internetmemeplace Жыл бұрын
So many of these rules are a joke. That disqualification for the waki gatame is just pushing it
judo judo
judo judo Жыл бұрын
At 8:15 Takeda used ude garami not ude gatame.
non-stop newaza
non-stop newaza Жыл бұрын
@judo judo Thank you
judo judo
judo judo Жыл бұрын
@non-stop newaza It is ude garami too. Neil Adams made mistake. You can see very well how Funakubo drags right hand under opponent's elbow and then left arm grabs opponent's wrist and then she moves opponent's wrist towards her body and she creates kansetsu-waza effect. And Takeda used the same technique here.
non-stop newaza
non-stop newaza Жыл бұрын
Thanks. Can you look at this somewhat similar example: ? Neil Adams calls this ude-gatame. In the example, Funakubo holds her own judogi lapel rather than her own wrist. Do you agree that it's ude-gatame, or is it also ude-garami?
Muhammad Ali Faruqi
Muhammad Ali Faruqi Жыл бұрын
6:30 is Ko Uchi Gaeshi
Oliver Triebel
Oliver Triebel Жыл бұрын
6:30 Maybe Uki Otoshi
non-stop newaza
non-stop newaza Жыл бұрын
judo judo
judo judo Жыл бұрын
Not maybe but sure.
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