"FABULOUS" 👀😮‍💨 Rodriguez v ElShorbagy | J.P. Morgan Tournament of Champions 2023 | RD2 HIGHLIGHTS!

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2 ай бұрын

A gripping encounter between England's Mohamed ElShorbagy and Colombia's Miguel Rodriguez in round 2 of the Tournament of Champions in New York.
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Kwistenbiebel200 Ай бұрын
I love Rodriguez and his energy on court. He is there for the love of the game and hence is all about fairplay.
Engin Engin
Engin Engin Ай бұрын
god, I love Rodriguez's style
Nicolás Ramírez
Nicolás Ramírez Ай бұрын
Amazing he can still pull this type of victories off!
Bill Brand
Bill Brand Ай бұрын
Plucky Rordriquez, what a heart, and such an entertaining player, unique, talented, a squash artist. And such a likeable personality. Elshorbagy should take some charisma lessons from Miguel!
Hamza S
Hamza S Ай бұрын
So happy for Rodriquez. Great game. He deserves it
losuk8 Ай бұрын
Rodriguez that age that performance ! Bravo ! Actually ElShorbagy played not bad. Rodriguez catches the chance.
Luis Parra
Luis Parra Ай бұрын
Orgullo colombiano! Crack 🇨🇴
Big Kahoonas
Big Kahoonas Ай бұрын
Well done Miguel, you are one man that never gives up. Well done, great win. Mo is not an easy man to beat which I guess makes all your efforts extremely rewarding. Good job champ. 👍👍💪💪
wants4x Ай бұрын
I always love it the cannonball wins against ElShorbagy.
TheProgaddict Ай бұрын
Don't get me wrong, Rodriguez played really well from what I can see in these highlights, but Shorbagy didn't really seemed there. No fire, apparently tired. I don't know, something seems off.
ShamonnnYouKnowIt Ай бұрын
He mentioned it in a post game speech at the last tournament
ShamonnnYouKnowIt Ай бұрын
@Viktor Szigetvári Those tournaments where he has no rest day are too tough for the body I think
Viktor Szigetvári
Viktor Szigetvári Ай бұрын
I agree with you. Strange, as he came back from the dead when he started to work with Gaultier as his coach. But last week in the final, he was just flat, uninspired. and now again. I hope he comes back again.
ShamonnnYouKnowIt Ай бұрын
he just came off a tournament in Houston only days ago with back to back matches where he went to the final... so I think it's just physical and mental fatigue.
Solver Tom
Solver Tom Ай бұрын
Love the upgraded cameras with higher frame rate SquashTV - makes it so much easier to track the ball and enjoy the content
eliotho Ай бұрын
This new cerebral Rodriguez is quite something else!
Ralph Buschmann
Ralph Buschmann Ай бұрын
Wooow, congratulation Miguel!
Gerard Radio
Gerard Radio Ай бұрын
Grande MR 👏🏻👏🏻
Akos Erdelyi
Akos Erdelyi Ай бұрын
one should t play when one is mentally tired - I feel for shorbaghy
Dom Skillet
Dom Skillet Ай бұрын
Why can't all tournaments have this quality of camera work? Night and day compared to the Houston Open
mauricio llanos
mauricio llanos Ай бұрын
Grande Miguel...
caroline foulkes
caroline foulkes Ай бұрын
S Mca
S Mca Ай бұрын
Love to watch him....and finally the old fella has beat elshorbagy...great sports
Phil Garrett
Phil Garrett Ай бұрын
He beat him before in the British Open Final.
Emirhan Şen
Emirhan Şen Ай бұрын
Rodriguez 👑
caroline foulkes
caroline foulkes Ай бұрын
RODRIGUEZ, eres absolutamente todo lo contrario al detestable Asal, me encanta tu juego, super variado, asi debe ser, sacas todas tus cualidades de juego...!!
Gleb Kachur
Gleb Kachur Ай бұрын
Mo looked like a coach playing someone worse than him - from the from he’d hit a soft length rather than a kill, not really sprinting, just striding, really not bothered
Caver Mudzonga
Caver Mudzonga Ай бұрын
wow Rodriguez!
Malick Ghachem
Malick Ghachem Ай бұрын
Hmm ... good for Rodriguez ... but Mo seemed uninterested in this match for some reason.
caroline foulkes
caroline foulkes Ай бұрын
George Krumm
George Krumm Ай бұрын
Chris is correct that the sky view camera is what matters for the 5:57 decision, but the conclusion is all wrong. If you freeze frame at 6:30 and 6:31, you can see that the second bounce is at least 2 feet in front of the short line, while Shorbagy is close to 2 feet behind the short line, so the path to the ball is clearly in front of him, not through him. Rodriguez runs directly into Shorbagy's back when he sees the shot is loose and actually turns around to celebrate his victory before the ball even bounces a second time. He never had any intention to play that ball. Clear cut No Let and should be a conduct warning for fishing. How Chris and the video review ref both fell for that I have no idea.
Consensual Strength — dontwatch . org
Consensual Strength — dontwatch . org Ай бұрын
@George Krumm I see where you're coming from-Rodriguez could've gone slightly more direct, more forward-but I still see the other perspective too. If you look carefully R does have forward momentum towards the ball, not just sideways (notice where R's feet end up, on the T line, compared to where he starts near the back of the service box). Shorbagy's right leg ends up completely blocking the most direct path (and from the start his body moves into R's path). R doesn't take the most direct path, but it's direct enough IMO and to avoid the interference he'd have had to take an indirect banana path the other way.
George Krumm
George Krumm Ай бұрын
Guys, I don't know what to tell you. The second bounce, the absolute last point Rodriguez could hit the ball, is 4 feet in front of Shorbagy. Rodriguez moves DIRECTLY sideways into Shorbagy's back, instead of forwards to take the direct path to the ball. If you don't think he's fishing, just an honest mistake, that's fine. But it's still a No Let.
Bill Brand
Bill Brand Ай бұрын
@Consensual Strength - dontwatch . org Exactly. George Krumm, players of that experience will have an almost sixth sense of whether it is a let or a stroke. I agree that some players, like Shorbagy (!) fish for strokes in the way you describe. But not Rodriguez in my experience. He "knew" it was a stroke, so if the ref is going to see that, why bother doing anything else - theatrically barging into Shorbagy to prove a point that he "knows" is already made?
Consensual Strength — dontwatch . org
Consensual Strength — dontwatch . org Ай бұрын
There's kinda no point in trying further to get it though, he was completely blocked by Shorbagy straight away. Trying further would just create more (possibly dangerous) physical contact
Baby Deep Thoughts
Baby Deep Thoughts Ай бұрын
Please go back to the regular highlights where you would post the round highlights. That’s way you will keep the audience more engaged with the tournments and what’s going on, in the squash world. And then if there is a match that particularly stands out, you can post just the highlights of that match, like this video. And please also post more videos, like the top 10 upcoming players. And just more fun content that will promote our sport. Please do look into doing this, because I assure you it will help. Thanks!
SnakeDoctor86 Ай бұрын
Very good ideas !
B1J0D Ай бұрын
Oh no, could this be Mo's last season? Going into retirement?
Peter Hammer
Peter Hammer Ай бұрын
Wouldn't have said it a year ago but now its always nice to see Mo losing. Great match by Miguel!
Daniel Nilsson Lindstedt
Daniel Nilsson Lindstedt Ай бұрын
Agree, he has been doing a lot more intentional interference. Putting his hip out a few inches and stuff like that. In this video he got punished by the ref twice for that. Either way, I always love to watch the cannonball in a good game!
Mario Andres Figueroa Bermudez
Mario Andres Figueroa Bermudez Ай бұрын
KT Neo
KT Neo Ай бұрын
Miguel did well . Mohammed was floating too much and seemed 10% less intensity and pace vs 3 months ago ?
Muhammad Atif
Muhammad Atif Ай бұрын
shorbagy need rest for 2 wks. from game then come back refreshed
Sarvesh Gaurav
Sarvesh Gaurav Ай бұрын
Biggest disaster for elshabourgy...he couldn't cope to the pressure of this number one squash tournament
Fabian Torres Cruz
Fabian Torres Cruz Ай бұрын
Miguel.... Guerrerooooo
Syed Abdullah
Syed Abdullah Ай бұрын
MoSho took him light
joshywatkins1 Ай бұрын
harsh vardhan agarwal
harsh vardhan agarwal Ай бұрын
Why are the games in this tournament so slow placed
Aphus Ай бұрын
please no more commentary from lisa aitken
BOOB Ай бұрын
@ModestMajor Video Editor hahahaha
Someone Ай бұрын
There's always some sexist comment when one of the commentators is a woman huh
Zijian Ng
Zijian Ng Ай бұрын
it sounds like Aisling blake, definitly not Lisa
ModestMajor Video Editor
ModestMajor Video Editor Ай бұрын
Pick her over Mr I cant pronounce any vowel correctly.
Larry Gallagher
Larry Gallagher Ай бұрын
ok, but I don't think it's lisa aitken doing the commentary here.
Three4UrBrain Ай бұрын
Albert Yao
Albert Yao Ай бұрын
who asked
Zheng Heng
Zheng Heng Ай бұрын
Thomé M. Costa
Thomé M. Costa Ай бұрын
GO GO GO Rodriguessss ! ! ! ! !
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