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Shaq, Chuck, Kenny and Ernie react to Stephen Curry leading the Golden State Warriors' Game 2 comeback win against the Dallas Mavericks.

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Polly Roberta
Polly Roberta Ай бұрын
Steve Kerr played for Phil Jackson and Greg Popavich. Played with Mj and Tim Duncan. Now coaching Steph. He's been around greatness for a long time.
El Futuro
El Futuro Ай бұрын
I have never agreed with someone this much, i agree with you
herbhealsus Ай бұрын
They talk about unstoppable force meeting unmovable objects. What happens when an unstoppable force meets an unstoppable force? Curry under Kerrs system iOS just that.
Joshua Cabonce
Joshua Cabonce Ай бұрын
DezcaughtIT Ай бұрын
@rockzs74r absolutely 💯 and I think his % will stand the test of time!
Paul Rokotavaga
Paul Rokotavaga Ай бұрын
He’s greatness himself at this point
Luis CH
Luis CH Ай бұрын
In both games the Warriors have out rebounded the Mavs by over 10 rebounds. Those second chance points are killing them!
Not appropriate 67
Not appropriate 67 Ай бұрын
Rebounds, assist, and free throw percentages too.
Steve Nguyen
Steve Nguyen Ай бұрын
@jacob svetich because Draymond already intimated him already.
@acip 💋 I
tedmich Ай бұрын
true dat, GS all small had far too many offense boards. Dallas defense is gimmicky, they don't respond as a team, all hero ball stuff...whose their coach? Oh yeah...
diazjordan54 Ай бұрын
Steph had like 12 rebounds last game and 8 this one
Jay Flack
Jay Flack Ай бұрын
Appreciate them. They are in the stage now where the 90’s bulls could’ve been after ‘98. They have their older core, surrounded by younger talent and a lethal fan base. Appreciate how they did it bc they changed the NBA forever.
abudabi1995 Ай бұрын
Their fan base is a bunch of rich Silicon Valley bandwagons that started watching in 2014 and know nothing about the game
Berns & Bruce
Berns & Bruce Ай бұрын
Lethal fan base? More like the worst. Most bandwagon "fans" ever.
James M
James M Ай бұрын
@Ogewu Agbese Pure facts here. Like if the Doc didn't make this clear for everyone at this point.....
Ron Gizzle
Ron Gizzle Ай бұрын
Steve Kerr a winner what you expect
dylan hill
dylan hill Ай бұрын
@Bandito like your point but i feel like you always need someone a little crazy like a rodman IMO
Bloop Ай бұрын
Today was Looney’s night! Absolutely killed it on offense and boards. The warriors developed him into a real menace, he just needs to keep up the intensity
Jesus Felan
Jesus Felan Ай бұрын
........, and Wiseman observing all this from the bench? THAT OBSERVATION, is what will make Wiseman a beast in the paint next year.
Bandito Ай бұрын
Easier said than done.
Chris The beard
Chris The beard Ай бұрын
@ .Ismael big difference between Boban and Lonney is Looney can defend the arc and get back to help on a pick and roll Boban can’t if he gets out at the 3 point line he is rendered Ineffective
.Ismael Ай бұрын
@Max Shirinov Steph and Poole would be licking their fingers looking at boban like he was fried chicken. The only reason loons been able to get such big minutes is on top of everything else, he's been able to hold his own on switches against Luka and brunson
Music in our Times
Music in our Times Ай бұрын
Man that dang Warriors. First they make Wiggins better. Then Poole, Porter, Kuminga and Payton. Now here goes Looney. There are Finals individual players, but there are also Finals Teams where teamwork is exemplary. Strength in numbers!
Quanna's Chilling
Quanna's Chilling Ай бұрын
@Ton Love why u said that?
Sadiesadielowlow _
Sadiesadielowlow _ Ай бұрын
@CrushRAVids they won in 2015 without KD. He definitely needed them more.
WeatherBoy014 Ай бұрын
What can you say, they develop well
Roland Roland
Roland Roland Ай бұрын
@Warren George not even close lol
Steve Nguyen
Steve Nguyen Ай бұрын
@Chas joker is more problem. Atleast he tried to play defense. I don’t see Luke play defense hard
Jamesbestflooring Ай бұрын
Win or lose I’m still proud of the Mavericks. I believe not many at all seen them going this far in the play offs. Truth is the Golden state warriors are stacked with young talent. Congratulations to the warriors from a MFFL
Terry Patton
Terry Patton Ай бұрын
@Matthew Tshimanga I’m not denying their greatness just an opinion. I have no dog in this fight but I don’t think the series is over
Matthew Tshimanga
Matthew Tshimanga Ай бұрын
@Terry Patton thats the only excuse people still have and yet the warriors are in the wcf up 2-0 already
Stormin Norman
Stormin Norman Ай бұрын
@Matthew Tshimanga I'm sure you're a smart realistic fan that knows better than anyone that % don't mean nothing. Come on brah
Stormin Norman
Stormin Norman Ай бұрын
@Dolphin Idk man. Just been seeing alot of fans Glorifying their team when it's all Good, but then accept defeat when it's Bad. Crazy how fans who accept defeat when their team is down 0-2 or 0-3 are the same fans who say they always had faith in their team when they comeback to win the series. If the Mavs somehow win the Championship %95 of their fans don't deserve to celebrate it cuz of how they accepted defeat when down 0-2 to the Suns and when down 0-2 to the Warriors now.
Stormin Norman
Stormin Norman Ай бұрын
@RJ Corny response
Alpha Ай бұрын
If any team can make a comeback in the 2nd half, it’s the Warriors! Championship experience right there 💪🏼
Tatsuya SIGH
Tatsuya SIGH Ай бұрын
Credit to Kerr and the coaching staff really. GSW didn't just stumble or buy their way into such a stacked roster. Their system allows them to integrate and develop players quickly
diazjordan54 Ай бұрын
@Wade Wilson if this is a super team so was lebrons team in the 2007 finals. It’s a bunch of role players and the main core (Steph Klay Dray) you could add Poole in there but this is his breakout year, he was nobody before this. Wiggins was barely an all star let’s be real
Baron Bolanos
Baron Bolanos Ай бұрын
@Wade Wilson definitely not a super team,who was Poole before these playoffs? Wiggins was considered a bust before going to the Warriors,they’ve got a formula,this team is exactly like 2015 warriors
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson Ай бұрын
@asdfgh 4 all stars is a super team if you ask me. Doesn’t matter how it was put together. Still a super team
raider jedi
raider jedi Ай бұрын
Having two players that space the floor crazily also helps
asdfgh Ай бұрын
@Wade Wilson most of the team rn is drafted man, built from the ground up
PAOerful One
PAOerful One Ай бұрын
The Mavericks are going to have a much more difficult task coming back from 2-0 this time around then against the Suns. That championship experience is the X-factor that sets Golden State apart from the others. They've been in situations like tonight COUNTLESS times in the past throughout their run with this core of Steph, Klay, and Draymond, and more often than not they've come out on top. They have the experience, the talent, and the will to win these types of games. Dallas will really need to lean on their home crowd and the 3-point shot to even this series and give themselves a chance.
rockzs74r Ай бұрын
@Steve Nguyen all the sign was already there. When Grand Theft Alvarado stole the show in the previous series
Steve Nguyen
Steve Nguyen Ай бұрын
@rockzs74r I was waiting for warriors vs Sun. Most people Including Sun fan was shocked. Losing game 7 at home and cp doesn’t show up again
rockzs74r Ай бұрын
@Steve Nguyen yeah it's true. CP can't be relied upon. Pairing that with Harden it's dissaster
Steve Nguyen
Steve Nguyen Ай бұрын
@rockzs74r you must be the only few know that CP3 will be injured or slow down around this time. CP3 with Sandiego same thing. He can’t guard Curry or ran away from Klay before injury
sowishful Ай бұрын
Warriors just know how to adjust. They know how and where to attack defenses. They had 50 points in the paint out of 92 at one point. They put rebounded the best rebounding team in the grizzlies last series. They got so many weapons and options. Most teams just have a few game plans but the warriors can do it all
Dhruv - Healthdoses
Dhruv - Healthdoses Ай бұрын
What a comeback from the Warriors, everyone contributed brilliantly. The second half was a delight to watch.
Larry Wheels
Larry Wheels Ай бұрын
@deez cool how they put the game on outside the arena for fans. I'll bet the first half was quiet. But then the warriors took over.
Larry Wheels
Larry Wheels Ай бұрын
The Mavs were on fire in the first half. Everything they threw up went in.
Star Badger
Star Badger Ай бұрын
Make sure you give the refs props cuz it was all them
Judy Clarkson
Judy Clarkson Ай бұрын
@Blood n Donuts Really? When the refs were the one who made the Mavs up by double digits in the first half? Or when the Mavs had more fts? Or when the Warriors were already in the penalty with 6 or 7 mins left on that 3rd quarter? You're really joking if you truly believe that ridiculous statement of your own bruh. Cmon now
Ray Strong
Ray Strong Ай бұрын
@Tracy Sharp Tell 'em again @Tracy Sharp. They in the back can't hear to well and have a hard time comprehending it all.
Ephraim Latson
Ephraim Latson Ай бұрын
I firmly believe if the Warriors would have got into the playoffs last year they would have possibly went to the WCF. Curry was probably playing the best basketball of his life and GS was rolling!!
jarsofjoe Ай бұрын
What the warriors did is easier said than done...they kept to the game plan even though dallas was raining 3's more than 50% at the half. To commit to easy buckets (not 3's) when you're down by deep double understand that pressure/commitment
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Ай бұрын
What a comeback from the Warriors, everyone contributed brilliantly. The second half was a delight to watch.
joefnd Ай бұрын
The difference is simply ball movement and off-ball movement VS ISO. Seems like a hard concept to grasp by most teams. Curry's selflessness is what improves this team. Until every star learns to do the same, then it is likely GSW will be here to win the Western Conference again and again.
Bandito Ай бұрын
Kay too. If their main stars are lethal scorers but unselfish enough to pass the ball when needed this team will continue to win for years and years
Dane Kelsey
Dane Kelsey Ай бұрын
Amen to the
Theresa Chen
Theresa Chen Ай бұрын
Excellent point. Totally agree!!!!! Also I think Steph Curry is THE Greatest Player+Leader with Highest Basketball IQ EVER to play the game. The other two players to come close are Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan. Steve Kerr is THE Best Coach since what's his crazy name.
Joe S
Joe S Ай бұрын
The Warriors have all star players experienced and in the making, great team play/synergy, and amazing coaching. They played like champions. Also, I have to say that Curry is one of the best to play the game. He shoots well, passes, and sets up.
nbalegend51 Ай бұрын
The Warriors doing their things when it comes to trailing by double digits, after being down by 19, they came back in the 2nd half, and scoring 43 in the 4th, Looney with 21 points and 12 rebounds, Poole with 23 points, and Curry once again, with that dagger, with 32, huge game all around by Golden State🔥
NCKid Lynch
NCKid Lynch Ай бұрын
Most points I've EVER seen Looney score
Boss Ай бұрын
@Latina Forever you realize the Mavs had more foul calls go their way in the series so far right?? That means both games, they got more foul shots. Stop crying about the refs when your pathetic team blew a 20 point lead dude.
rohanpogii Ай бұрын
that's how they've always been lol
Teak Mundo
Teak Mundo Ай бұрын
@Djwitda heat No experience in situation same way Wolves blew 20+ leads against the Grizz
Astro World
Astro World Ай бұрын
@Mteo kay 🤷‍♂️
James MacKinnon
James MacKinnon Ай бұрын
I remember when the Warriors blew a 20pt lead against the Mavs a couple months ago! At home, too! Redemption this time!
Isaiah Martinez
Isaiah Martinez Ай бұрын
The warriors created the new nba with small ball lineups and the 3 ball but have since flipped the script to getting layups / setting up midrange and sticking to traditional lineups . Coach Kerr is in his bag
C.E. McKenney
C.E. McKenney Ай бұрын
This game played out pretty much exactly how Draymond laid it out in his podcast. Take their heavy punches early and stay in it, and play their own game.
Jonah Someone
Jonah Someone Ай бұрын
the crowd adds so much energy i'm glad they're there
Maple Bear
Maple Bear Ай бұрын
Yeah Chuck loves it tonight
Dan Knox
Dan Knox Ай бұрын
It just a pleasure to watch how the Warriors play. So many layups. Such wonderful ball movement.
Brady Nelson
Brady Nelson Ай бұрын
@Stephen A Snake the beautiful game
Hayes Perkins
Hayes Perkins Ай бұрын
their chemistry is unmatched
Gregory LaGrange
Gregory LaGrange Ай бұрын
That's what I told somebody in another video's comment section when he said the Warriors are a pop up shooting 3s team and that he thought it ruined basketball. The Warriors are pretty much the absolute opposite of that. They recognize options on just about every play. If the defense does something, they look for several things to do to react to that. That drive by Klay for the dunk, the inside pass to Looney, the fake pass to Klay coming around the pick for what you think is "just another 3" and the guy just drove down the lane, they play together. They come at you from all angles like a well trained boxer. Now Dallas is more of pop up shooting 3s team.
BC Pratt
BC Pratt Ай бұрын
The reason they were down by 19 was because of bad ball movement. I'm glad they changed that around
Stephen A Snake
Stephen A Snake Ай бұрын
@Mo ok. But that spurs team to me was more special because of the I.Q of those guys. No disrespect to the Warriors they produce beautiful B-Ball but the main reason why they able to move the ball that well is because of Steph Curry gravity which stretches the opposite defense which give more space and open look to his teammates. The spurs didn’t have that luxury but they were still able to find open looks and share the ball like rarely did before. Both great teams tho. That kind of B-Ball is why we watching sports.
Zay The Ripper
Zay The Ripper Ай бұрын
I’m so happy people are finally giving Kevon Lolujuwon his flowers. This man does so much for this team and without him we wouldn’t be where we’re at this year.
SyNtHChris Ай бұрын
Great team game from the warriors , 56% from the field and 50% from 3, no panic , big 3rd quarter.
Phillip Riles
Phillip Riles Ай бұрын
This is a perfect example of the term “styles make fights” The Mavs style of play plays right into GS’s hands. But that same style proved to not be a good one for Phoenix. Phoenix would have been a more competitive match up for Golden State IMO. The Mavericks depend too much on the three point shot to the point where they would rather take a contested 3 then take an easier 2. It’s almost like every time down court they’re looking to shoot up at 3. That style of play is only gonna get you so far until you run into a team that’s good enough to game plan against that and basically let you beat yourself with your own strategy. This series looks like it’s not going past 5 games.
Joseph Liston
Joseph Liston Ай бұрын
I want both Conference Final Series to be competitive and go to 6-7 games to give us more ball to watch. However, I was thinking ahead last night and realized that a Warriors/Celtics Finals would be THE BEST MATCHUP ALL AROUND out of the possible matchups. Superstars, Storylines, historic franchises,etc. It would be the most exciting
Luka scoring 40, Brunson scoring 30, Bullock scoring 21, mavs shooting 57% from 3 and they still lost. This team is something different than the Suns. The Warriors can smell that championship, and they’re turning up even more each game. Don't underestimate the heart of a champion!
Young90sbornBaby Ай бұрын
@MZ 🤣I was just talking trash all in fun dude, people really took me seriously. But mavs shouldn't of got pass Phoenix maybe that would of been more of a competive series with warrior's. No way should the western conference finals be done in a sweep 😴 absolutely boring.
MZ Ай бұрын
@Young90sbornBaby What happened to Mavs in 6?
Young90sbornBaby Ай бұрын
@Pat McGroin Lol 🤨I'm saying that's why they lost by 30 points the 1st game that's not an argument, just facts. And I do know that; Warriors trash 🗑 bro Denver would of destroyed the warriors fully loaded with Murray and porter Jr, on top of nobody being able to stop Jokic 2 time Mvp. You delusional if you think otherwise 🤣, they got blew out by 55 points against Grizzles without Ja. Now imagine if Ja would of played in game 6, it's over for the warriors in 7 dude. This title run is all cap by the warriors they won't get this far after this year that ship has sailed.
Ant Westen
Ant Westen Ай бұрын
Luka overrated No show in the 4th 😂🤣😅🤣😂😅
Pat McGroin
Pat McGroin Ай бұрын
@Young90sbornBaby We don't know that because that's your opinion. Also, since when is the Mavs missing shots a good argument as to why they lost. It's called a make or miss league for a reason. Duh teams are going to win if they make shots, that's common sense 🤦🤣
Ant Don J
Ant Don J Ай бұрын
The Warriors Are A Very Good Team That Knows How To Get Back In A Game When Down.....I See Excellent Decision Making All Around Which Is Key To Winning A Championship!!!
Vanessa JazP
Vanessa JazP Ай бұрын
Great, exciting comeback win! Congrats to the Warriors.
Check my about page link
Check my about page link Ай бұрын
Lets all appreciate the amount of effort this man puts in his videos, amazing. Keep grinding bro, I love the videos ❤
Ty Mr.T
Ty Mr.T Ай бұрын
Love how these guys break the game down Excellent. A teachable moment and they add humor.
RunningxRiott Ай бұрын
“You don’t want to see us next year.” Boy was not cappin.
Judy Clarkson
Judy Clarkson Ай бұрын
@The one Above all Don't forget the old Iggy. Crazy how many ppl said all these two yrs that they're done and their window is already closed. Hope they win it all this yr just to shut those mouths lol
Maple Bear
Maple Bear Ай бұрын
@The one Above all Great point! This team isn't even full strength. Scary
The one Above all
The one Above all Ай бұрын
@RunningxRiott still not healthy missing wiseman , Gary …
RunningxRiott Ай бұрын
@RebornKingz Yeah nobody wanted this team to be back healthy.
RebornKingz Ай бұрын
Everyone really wrote the Warriors off. This is exactly what they are afraid of.
R L Ай бұрын
The commentators mentioned it during the game, and I noticed it on that tangle with Lee and Bertans. Why are all those Dallas players near or almost on the court? They said the team was already fined for that, and it does hinder the players that go to that side of the floor.
Joe K
Joe K Ай бұрын
They said Bertans and Lee didn't know what they were doing. Both of them knew exactly what they were doing. Lee intentionally stepped over Bertans, Bertans didn't like it so he stood up and lifted him off the ground. I've played enough ball to know that you would realize what you're doing. It's weird that Chuck and Kenny would be confused by this - they just played in a time when nobody would think twice about it.
Kim Love
Kim Love Ай бұрын
The difference between these two teams is Warriors is a team with the constant movements with floor spacing. A play where the flow & rhythm is in synced & with chemistry/efficiency/continuity. Warriors can be far behind 15-25 points at half time, all they need is 4 minutes to come back in third quarter as it shown tonight👍👍👍 Mavs team on the other hand is an ISO team where Luca can shoot himself out 40-50 points/game the team still lost. Luca is a brilliant player, but he can't do it alone, he really needs NO,2 help which he doesn't has.
3:14 this low key made me smile 😂😂😂💯 when Dray is hitting 3s you know the other team finna lose the game 😂💯
Transcend the Matrix
Transcend the Matrix Ай бұрын
The officiating was awful all around 🤦🏼‍♀️ Refs can really make or break you sometimes. Thankful the Warriors pulled through 💪🏾💪🏽💪🏿
Bandito Ай бұрын
The refs were favoring the Warriors all night. Watchu talking about.
Max Fequiere
Max Fequiere Ай бұрын
The Warriors showed championship experience by adapting. The 3 point shot were not falling so they went to the paint. Mavs were hitting 3s, so they doubled the point at the top of the key and shifted ahead of time to contest shots. All around a excellent adjustment by the Warriors for the win
Max Fequiere
Max Fequiere Ай бұрын
@warren hymes the warriors shot 14-28 the entire game from 3! Steph only made one 3 in the second half. the mavs made 15 3s in the first half alone! So yes, the 3s were not falling and the warriors brought the game to the paint
C. Brown
C. Brown Ай бұрын
@Morgan 🧂 🧂😂
Nate Tinner-Williams
Nate Tinner-Williams Ай бұрын
@warren hymes People just be repeating clichés to sound like analysts. Lol
Morgan Ай бұрын
@warren hymes The Warriors ruined basketball.
Morgan Ай бұрын
Their fans are terrible
Just Arkon
Just Arkon Ай бұрын
Appreciate them. They are in the stage now where the 90’s bulls could’ve been after ‘98. They have their older core, surrounded by younger talent and a lethal fan base. Appreciate how they did it bc they changed the NBA forever.
Wealthy Wolf
Wealthy Wolf Ай бұрын
Both teams got my respect cause that was a very thought game w lot of efforts from both sides, super entertaining to watch. Hands down one of the best games this season!!
Angel Garcia
Angel Garcia Ай бұрын
I went to the game and Barkley tried to talk to the crowd during one of the breaks and they still kept on chanting 💀
LaWanda Stacy
LaWanda Stacy Ай бұрын
The Mavs should have been up by 25 at halftime but toward the end of the 2nd quarter started to get tired and came out tired in the 3rd. They weren't able to continue making those shots. I do believe Dallas will win one at home, but I think this will be a gentleman's sweep.
Benaiah Knox
Benaiah Knox Ай бұрын
The Warriors proved to people who forgot they are still the masters of the 3rd quarter comebacks
Gee P
Gee P Ай бұрын
In-game adjustments, something Steve has always been good at. Whether they're up by 20 or down by 20, Steve makes the adjustments to fix the gaps. Up to the opposing team to react to it
Diplo Hamming
Diplo Hamming Ай бұрын
Man, warriors 3rd quarters are really deadly crazy
Keddo Lyrics
Keddo Lyrics Ай бұрын
One thing is for sure warriors is not the same as suns..#keddolyrics
Mason Ай бұрын
@Mr Jade I hope so. Celtics Warriors would be a TREAT
formeyousee Ай бұрын
A team playing with four all-stars vs a team playing with one all-star. This is a total mismatch. Charles is right on this one. Dallas didn't do anything in the first half that Golden State couldn't do in the second half, especially on their own home court. Credit Dallas for being in the WCF and even having this level of fight in themselves. Credit the Warriors for never giving up and showing Dallas and everyone else who the superior team is. There's no stopping this Warriors team. The 🏆 is waiting for them and there's nothing anyone can do about unless something bizarre happens like multiple injuries.
Respect  Begets Respect
Respect Begets Respect Ай бұрын
An experienced team always knows how to claw itself out of a hole especially a team like GSW. Good win tonight by GSW. Now, let's see if they will win any on the road. Aspiring champions should be able to do so. Nonetheless, I still see them winning this series.
No Game
No Game Ай бұрын
Whenever chuck said “banging banging and banging” Kenny was about to die out laughing 😂💀
Zig Ай бұрын
Looney stepped up big this game. We need him to play like this through the rest of the playoffs.
hans dampf
hans dampf Ай бұрын
Golden state have been in this position many times before, they know what to do. Mavs are going to lose this, but the experience they will gain by playing such a series against a champion team will make them a legit contender for next season.
Jonathan Reyes
Jonathan Reyes Ай бұрын
Just give the warriors the trophy already, they're too good in too many ways. As long as no one gets injured none of the teams left can deal with the firepower
Willy Ай бұрын
@Michael Najera I definitely thought the same thing about Suns and Warriors match up. I’m gonna have to agree with you.
Michael Najera
Michael Najera Ай бұрын
@Willy I think it’s the best series match up series left. I was looking for a Suns vs Warriors WCF, that would be a god epic match up. I think golden state has too many offensive weapons to throw at the Celtics. If they play in finals I got Warriors in 5 or 6
Willy Ай бұрын
@Michael Najera you think so? Even with Tatum, Williams, Williams III, and the others?
Michael Najera
Michael Najera Ай бұрын
@Willy Celtics have 0 chance against the warriors
Willy Ай бұрын
@Umair rashdan me too!🤣
Mo Morning
Mo Morning Ай бұрын
GSW 62 pts in the paint!!! Luka and Brunson played a great game. Obviously not enough. Close games with the Warriors… Warriors will pull it out. When they click, watch out. Kudos to the coaching staff. Attacking the basket was huge for them tonight. Dallas has to have more players engaged.
SurfDog Ай бұрын
4:57 Chuck knew what he was doing 😂 even Kenny looked at Shaq to see if he heard.
Dubneeche_DabboTV Ай бұрын
I've always respected Kenny's logic and analysis on basketball ,,he's definitely the highest basketball IQ on the panel since day 1. Shaq and Chuck are legends but also bias opinions and the comic relief. Erie is the glue and the buffer
Kenny Chao
Kenny Chao Ай бұрын
The mavs played a great game and still lost … this warriors team is scary. I think the only team that has a legit chance are the Celtics
Rohan rhoden
Rohan rhoden 8 күн бұрын
@EvilZeroSc lol you guy's act like ya'll beat the 96 bulls or something relax my and enjoy the championship lol I don't like Celtics or warriors!! Just hate you guy's more!! Lose lose situation for!! See u next year, keep that same energy lol
EvilZeroSc 8 күн бұрын
@Rohan rhoden I came back to finish you off... Warriors finished you off in 6. That vaunted defense looked like pop warner basketball 🏀 😝. Other hand it was the warriors who had the defense 💪 y’all must have forgot
EvilZeroSc 8 күн бұрын
@S Y Came back to finish off... That cohesion leads to championships 😝
S Y 8 күн бұрын
@Kuaybeatz congrats warrior fans. I was wrong. Steph definitely deserves that chip and mvp.
Sheldon Darryl Johnson
Sheldon Darryl Johnson 29 күн бұрын
@Ray Strong 🤣🤣🤣.......I'll admit I was wrong with my prediction but I believe the Warriors were being generous.
D Brown
D Brown Ай бұрын
How many times have we seen this in's not how you start, it's how you finish. Now can the Warriors win 2 out of the next 5.
Dick Hitswater
Dick Hitswater Ай бұрын
@Sheha Nagaraj that’s because Durant thought he had what it takes to be the leader of a championship team but he doesn’t. He needed the Warriors more than they needed him.
Sheha Nagaraj
Sheha Nagaraj Ай бұрын
And if Durant would've stayed instead of going to that dumpster fire in New Jersey, they'd be looking at about 7 of 9 titles. Kevin Durant has to be one of the dumbest dudes of all time for leaving this absolute dynasty.
Marty Emmons
Marty Emmons Ай бұрын
This one really feels good! After game 1, Chuck and Kenny as much as said the Warriors win didn't count. I remember them saying after the intense, emotional game 7 win against the Suns, the real Mavs didn't show up. I don't know why folks don't call 'em on those comments!?!
Uchawi Beatz
Uchawi Beatz Ай бұрын
It's funny people just realize now how heat Looney is. I've been saying this for years. This guy has always been poised. He was amazing in the 2018 and 2019 runs. He's great defensively. The real unsung hero of this Warriors dynasty.
Abdullah Hardy
Abdullah Hardy Ай бұрын
First the first time, I all the way AGREE WITH KENNY SMITH!.. Golden State used the 2PT to come back! Dallas thought let’s have a 3pt Contest with Golden State!, and it backfired on them
Jonathan Lambert
Jonathan Lambert Ай бұрын
Watching the highlights you knew at 2:15 that the Mavs were done... They looked absolutely defeated. It's as if the whole team said, at the same time, We were up by 19 but of course they are gonna come back and beat us.....
So Animated
So Animated Ай бұрын
1:42 Cleveland ? 🤔 I guess it do have that kind of vibe though . One of the greatest matchups of All Time in the Finals!
Kevin Ай бұрын
Man love Looney, I've liked him for a few years now, really happy to see him steadily get better and become such an important player on the team. Super humble too. Chuck though, I don't remember another occasion where he's this off mentally in front of a camera!
idunnodoyou Ай бұрын
For Chuck, it was far louder at that stage than normal. I was talking to my friend next to me in the crowd and I could barely hear him. I'm surprised Chuck heard any of the TNT crew at all.
bronZkitty Ай бұрын
Perfectly stated...
Devon Ledgister
Devon Ledgister Ай бұрын
@Devin Osland he saved warriors last night .Green was way to emotional to focus on the game properly so the 3rd quarter was where warriors won the game 4quater the painting and polishing of the finished product.
The Basketball Historian
The Basketball Historian Ай бұрын
@swe3t23 Definitely! Warriors is perfect for developing players. Literally turned Wiggins career also.
Balo Ай бұрын
Jason Kidd was at fault here. Never seen so bad coaching in my life before. He didnt call a single timeout in that 3Q when things were getting out of hand. He just stood there with his hands in his pockets and watch his team miss every single shot while Golden State were having the time of their lifes. This goes on him not the players.
Agaton Colango
Agaton Colango Ай бұрын
From 19 points down, with the Mavs playing well, and the warriors still won. This is warrior s team in unbelievable.
Jake Carter
Jake Carter Ай бұрын
Dallas just needs to keep this up even if it's a comeback it's quite impressive considering its a road game..
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