Learn What 5S is All About And Why It's So Much More Than A Housekeeping Initiative

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GembaAcademy.com -- In this refreshed 5S Workplace Productivity Course, which now focuses on both manufacturing and office applications, you, and your entire organization, will learn exactly what 5S is, where it originated from, and why it’s far more than a housekeeping initiative. And most importantly, you’ll learn, step by step, how to start or possibly enhance your own corporate wide 5S program. Finally, in order to drive the concepts home we’re excited to share a real life 5S case study from our good friends over at FedEx Office who were gracious enough to welcome our film crew in during a 5S kaizen event.
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@tambisnhs3286 8 жыл бұрын
Big Thanks! I'm going to use this in my class.
@leanlibraries1107 7 жыл бұрын
Excellent overview. Thanks!
@sazzy7899 7 жыл бұрын
Great helpful video 👍
@HypnoPantsOnline 7 жыл бұрын
8:51 Cameraman notices puppy, can't help himself.
@gembaacademy 8 жыл бұрын
More info on the full course can be found at www.gembaacademy.com/products/school_of_lean.html#5s_workplace_productivity.
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