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Kyle Allen Music

Kyle Allen Music

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Gregory has gone into the Mega Pizzaplex daycare! He makes a grave mistake though, he trips the security system by grabbing a badge from the security desk, turning the lights off, freeing the moon daycare attendant. Will he survive, getting back to freddy?

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All artwork and 3D models by Steel Wool Studios

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Kyle Allen Music
Kyle Allen Music
Warning: This song is annoyingly catchy!
Corey Wilder
Corey Wilder
Hey guys Voice of Moon here! I got to listen to this early and got it stuck in my head for weeks! But now that I'm seeing it with lively and smooth animations, wonderful vocal performance by Kyle (Give him HUGE APPLAUSE), and the catchy lyrics that really meld into your head this is definitely gonna get stuck in my head for a very very very long time hahahaha! Thank you so much Kyle for bringing me on as Moon and for always putting so much effort and love into your videos for the fans!! Keep it up my guy 💗💗
Alexis Munnoch
Alexis Munnoch
Oddly enough, it wasn't until this song that I realized Sun's motivations to ban Gregory from the Daycare could be more complex than just being pissed. Sun could also be worried about Gregory's safety. After all, if Gregory turned the lights off once; who's to say Gregory wouldn't do it again? Perhaps Sun is aware enough to realize that, if he can't control Gregory, then he can't protect Gregory. At least if Gregory is in the Pizza Plex proper he can run away from Moon. Btw this isnt my idea. I saw somone else say this and thought it was really smart. P.S It was
lemon zest
lemon zest
I actually like the contrast of the happy chorus as Moon hunts for you. It highlights that Sun was trying to protect you from Moon. Plus staying where he can get to you is probably further insurance that you don't get hurt in the Daycare. I like the implications that he knew something was wrong in the pizza plex saying: 'Escape the trouble you're into' and 'There's danger in the halls that should be addressed'. He clearly was aware there was a threat outside his daycare. But when you broke the rule, you left him no choice. He had to get you out before you got yourself killed by Moon. He took a chance and hoped the others would protect you from the threat without putting it together that they were the problem. He probably thought that he was the most unsafe animatronic to be around because of Moon. Plus, youre trapped in the daycare. Theres no where to go that Moon cant reach there. If Moon was going to be a danger, he needed to make sure you coukd avoid him. It's unlikely that Sun ever left the daycare during the day or night. Might explain why he wasn't hacked. He was never in the pizza plex proper so they never got a crack at him. Moon wandered at night, so he was easy. But Sun was always surrounded by kids in a closed off area from the rest of the pizza plex. [Seperate because of safety] The lights probably went out in the daycare at night before. After Moon got hacked, they quick rigged something up to keep the lights on. Which explains the generators. After all, normally you wouldn't want to leave those around kids. But they needed a guarantee that the lights would always be on to keep it separate from the main power if there was a problem. If there was an issue with the generators, they still had the main power. At least that's my take on Sun and Moon.
Youtu Fan Reincarnation
Youtu Fan Reincarnation 28 күн бұрын
Music: 10/10
Stxrlight Gxcha
Stxrlight Gxcha
My favorite part of this is most likely how you can hear the stress and emotion in sun's voice. He sounds so worried and extremely concentrated on keeping Gregory out of trouble. And how incredibly ,accurate moon's va is- This is gonna be stuck in my head now-
Soupy’s Ultimate YouTube Channel
Soupy’s Ultimate YouTube Channel
I like how this isn’t a song about the sun trying to convince him that the moon is danger when in reality the moon is actually the escape but instead a song about the sun trying to keep Gregory safe because he is completely aware of the fact that if the moon catches him, it will be the end of Gregory.
Roxanne Wolf
Roxanne Wolf
Yep, love how Sun's voice gets more and more anxious throughout the song, really fits him and makes the song even more...boppy. I think that fits too.
Lauren C
Lauren C
No one is talking about how the background changes to the daycare attendant's room when he sings "There's so many secrets we'll discover". Well played, sir.
I love how this song starts happy and peppy and slowly devolves into madness. It captures Sun perfectly, as the other comments have said. I also really like Gregory in this. He's pretty much my reaction to all this. Surprised at the appearance of a new and
Galaxy Flight
Galaxy Flight 21 күн бұрын
I love the tiny details in this music video that makes this video so much more perfect, like how suns room is accurate to the last detail even though it’s in the background and how moon swims through the air instead of floating around.
I really like how sun seems to get more panicked as the song goes on, imagine having to spend your whole life taking care of annoying kids with practically no break
kittycutie 123
kittycutie 123
I really like how much character you gave to everyone including sun and moon(in Wich the song is mainly about)! You really helped highlight the fact that sun is trying to keep Gregory from turning the lights off to protect him from moon, fearing what will happen to Gregory when he comes out, giving sun a BIG reason why he became even more clingy and annoyed with Gregory throughout the song when Gregory came closer and closer to the front desk. And I also really like the transition to moon when the lights finally went out, and how creepy you made him too! Making his eyes from Black and lifeless, to those glowing, red, soul Piercing eyes, and just chasing Gregory around the daycare, trying to catch him. So I'm really glad you decided you trashed the song physics all together to give our favorite celestial daycare attendances some character! (Wich made the song even better and more like the two in the long run!)
Can't wait to see this! Daycare Attendent was a really neat character and I'm sad he didn't get much screentime in Security Breach. Hopefully he has a bigger role in the DLC!
I love this song so much, personally I dont find it catchy really, but it portrays Sun EXACTLY how he should be and exactly how he is, I’ve been looking for something that portrays him as perfectly as this, it is amazing, amazing. The goofy voice with the passive aggressiveness is just,,, yes. The production aswell, the instruments and the singing, the lyrics, everything is great. It’s all brought together perfectly.
Star Soul
Star Soul
Both voices fit so well and the lyrics are on point to their characters! Well done all who worked so hard on this!
Rita Davis
Rita Davis Күн бұрын
@Kyle Allen Music Definitely the work of a professional! You did an amazing job, and so did Mr. (Corey) Wilder! You both are incredible at singing while basically voice acting! It’s amazing and I love the detail! Again, incredible job making this! I’d love singing with you sometime, if you’d give me the chance. I’m not as professional as you, but I work hard trying to become a voice actress, and I feel it’s good to start big, even if others don’t agree!
Cats4Eveh 21 күн бұрын
Love this so much. I remember when the game first came out and my friend was obsessed with Sun and moon. I was mad because the original Fnaf went out the window. Then I discovered Sun and Moon like a year later. I FELL IN LOVE.
⭐Elijah Small⭐
⭐Elijah Small⭐ 21 күн бұрын
All I have to say is this was an excellent song and I loved the that you made Sun sound as if he really really doesn't want Moon to come out and harm Gregory and I loved Corey's voice for Moon which really fit his personality. I honestly thought you actually got Kellen to do the voice because it sounds so similar! Also, I cannot forget the stunning animation that looks so different to the many other Fnaf animations I've seen and that's a good thing. Mlspence did a fantastic job with the animation and visuals.
Did not realize how addicting a song could be! I can't stop playing this on repeat!
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