Morphle and Orphle Find Candy Corn! Morphle's Halloween Special |

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Morphle's Family

Morphle's Family

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Join Mila and Morphle on a mystery-filled Halloween adventure! Jam packed with morphs, costumes, twists turns and spooky morphing fun. This 22-minute Halloween Special will be a kooky, spooky ride! We meet new Magic Pet Candyray who can turn anything or anyone into candy! We also meet Felipe at the farm, who joins our heroes on their crazy adventure in his corn maze. There's a race against time to decorate the Magic Pet Center in time for the Halloweenist House Contest, but with Orphle and the Bandits getting in their won't be easy. Perhaps Candyray holds the key!
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Mila and Morphle work together to help others and protect their City from the misbehaving Bandits and mischievous Orphle. Through courage, imagination and most of all, teamwork, they are able to solve any problem and save the day.
Loved by kids aged 3 to 6, and available in 12 languages, “My Magic Pet Morphle” teaches fundamental, fun lessons about friendship, problem-solving and creativity.
00:00 Halloween Special - Halloween Candy Magic Pet
21:09 Spookler
25:30 Orphle Steals Halloween Candy
29:45 The bats of Halloween
34:20 Morphle the Ghost
38:23 Monster
42:19 Scary Halloween Monsters' Candy Game
46:29 Tiny Halloween Monster
49:57 Decorations come to life
54:08 Halloween
59:30 Morphle is Scared of Mila - Halloween
01:03:08 Morphle the Vampire
01:07:00 Multiple Mila Mayhem
01:10:58 The Masked Super Heroes
01:13:28 Morphle Family III
01:17:38 The Vehicle Bandits
01:21:28 Jungle In The House
01:24:26 Scary Trucks
01:28:34 The Dinosaur Bandits
01:31:15 Orphle's Story Time
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