New York Giants vs. New England Patriots | NFL 2022 Preseason Week 1

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New York Giants vs. New England Patriots - Highlights | 2022 PreSeason Week 1, 08/11/2022

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1990Thunderbolt Сағат бұрын
Whether it's a preseason, regular season or in the Super Bowl. The Patriots Giants game will always end in a thriller!
1990Thunderbolt 22 минут бұрын
@TheAireaidLord again, Its preseason. Why would we risk an injury for some meaningless game?
TheAireaidLord 31 минут бұрын
@1990Thunderbolt Pats literally let the clock run down with 3 timeouts they didn't care lol
1990Thunderbolt 40 минут бұрын
@Jack Eng Goff that's not a blowout nor it's a close game. blowout to me is when you win/lose by 30pts or more.
Jack Eng Goff
Jack Eng Goff 43 минут бұрын
As another Pats fan, does 2019 ring a bell? 35-14 on Thursday night I think lol
Max79 🥇
Max79 🥇 44 минут бұрын
@Jackson Pope 🤣🤣🤣 that’s funny my guy. I didn’t even know that until now
Jack Marchese
Jack Marchese 56 минут бұрын
Would be cool to see the Giants do this a few times this season when it counts 😂
Amazing Guy
Amazing Guy 58 минут бұрын
Davis Webb had a game winning drive against the Patriots in the preseason in 2017 and now Webb has done it again in 2022 against the Patriots!
Derrick Jones
Derrick Jones 51 минут бұрын
I don’t care that it’s preseason, it’s just great to watch competitive football again. It was a loonnnnnggg off-season lol
ChubyDukSkruber 3 минут бұрын
Dude same here. I’m a Browns fan and this off-season has been so long bro. I just need to watch non-Browns games this preseason so I can relax and just vibe
Right Foot Up Left Foot Slide
Right Foot Up Left Foot Slide 4 минут бұрын
Most over said comment for generations
Verified Pluto
Verified Pluto 11 минут бұрын
feel the same here. missed watching these
Da’mani The GOAT
Da’mani The GOAT 27 минут бұрын
@LaMelo Ball Yeah cause it’s preseason
LaMelo Ball
LaMelo Ball 38 минут бұрын
Usfl was more compeptitive than pre season bruh.
Lepperex Сағат бұрын
I really like the way they designed the score board at the bottom for this game
Mike L
Mike L 52 минут бұрын
@The Rabbit cause it's the patriots network broadcastof it, since they were the home team. I agree, it looks dumb.
The Rabbit
The Rabbit Сағат бұрын
I agree, it’s sleek and kinda old school. I like it. I don’t know why they have the Patriots name beside NY’s score box though. Maybe because it’s their home game.
Grace Nealon
Grace Nealon Сағат бұрын
Let’s hope they can actually do good this year
Max79 🥇
Max79 🥇 19 минут бұрын
@Deondre Perkins but you’re an eagles fan. Come on now
Max79 🥇
Max79 🥇 24 минут бұрын
@Daniel pestle’s hot mom we finna be saints daddy this year too
Deondre Perkins
Deondre Perkins 25 минут бұрын
@Daniel pestle’s hot mom Time is ticking😉😉
Deondre Perkins
Deondre Perkins 25 минут бұрын
@Max79 🥇 we dont believe u!! 🤷🏾‍♂🤷🏾‍♂
Daniel pestle’s hot mom
Daniel pestle’s hot mom 35 минут бұрын
Bucs are the cowboys and eagles daddy!!!!!!!
SlurpeeTV Сағат бұрын
I enjoyed this game a lot, Bailey Zappe looking decent
SlurpeeTV 4 минут бұрын
@Noah Cleverly awful is an overstatement. As a rookie playing with backups I thought he played well
Mystic Owl As
Mystic Owl As 6 минут бұрын
@Daniel Jones same here bro
Noah Cleverly
Noah Cleverly 8 минут бұрын
I don’t know what game u were watching but zappe looks awful from what I’ve seen
Rory Tribbet
Rory Tribbet 11 минут бұрын
More than decent, Atleast playing with backups vs backups. Really nice things from him here and he got a ton of reps.
SlurpeeTV 42 минут бұрын
@Daniel Jones that’s awesome, I loved Bailey Zappe’s draft reaction. I also really hope he gets an opportunity. Who knows, he may pull a Tom Brady 👀
AceToEarth 50 минут бұрын
Zappe has truly beautiful ball placement at times.
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith 59 минут бұрын
Zappe making some decent throws.
BigBird98 56 минут бұрын
I believe if tyrod stay healthy for a full season he’d have a good chance to have a good season just saying if the giants decided to bench jones mid season If he’s not play well
Jagsfan08 16 минут бұрын
A preseason game that didn't suck there's a shocker right there
Ashton G
Ashton G 24 минут бұрын
Man I’m excited NFL Football is Back even though it’s preseason. Thank y’all for uploading highlights. Cannot wait to watch Niners and Bucs preseason games. Whether it’s on TV or here the highlights.
Stuffposter 7 минут бұрын
There were quite a few interesting plays from both teams in this game. Gotta love Preseason.
SAP 900
SAP 900 24 минут бұрын
Love to see Richie James doing good
Michael Dauria
Michael Dauria 35 минут бұрын
Regardless of who you're a fan of. One thing is for sure football is back.
chinabuzz 34 минут бұрын
Graham Gano continues to be the key to the Giants' success.
Camrin Scott
Camrin Scott 2 минут бұрын
What success?
FfC - T_Hawk
FfC - T_Hawk 14 минут бұрын
ironically the key to even more success would to see him less.
davidfrmvb Сағат бұрын
football is finally back for good
Ezra Walton
Ezra Walton 45 минут бұрын
So glad football is back!!
KUTLESS SINCE 2004 Сағат бұрын
glad the giants and ravens won today
Teshawn Lewis
Teshawn Lewis 27 минут бұрын
Can’t believe I’m watching NFL highlights rn this season couldn’t come fast enough 🔥
Young Drama
Young Drama 28 минут бұрын
Jp Santos
Jp Santos 10 минут бұрын
Zappe was good! It’s game 1 of pre season so he is adjusting honestly I know Bill wouldn’t do it but be cool to see him do what Saints did with Brees and Hill. But improving overall. Enjoyed it even if it wasn’t a win just glad football is back lol
Ashton G
Ashton G 21 минут бұрын
I thought This play right here 2:29 was going to end very badly with the way they collided.
kaioken 38 минут бұрын
1:55 - Dude picked up the fumble and ran the wrong way with it lol
Naim Reed
Naim Reed 7 минут бұрын
JJ Taylor looked good on all of his snaps in the first quarter. The running backs not getting alot of attention.
Amazing Guy
Amazing Guy 58 минут бұрын
We went winless in the preseason last year
Jett’s fishing outdoors
Jett’s fishing outdoors 15 минут бұрын
I surprised that New England lost
Jonathan Watson
Jonathan Watson 35 минут бұрын
Williams going to get cut. Gave up a TD and knocked a sure INT away from his teammate.
PenguinREA008 Сағат бұрын
God bless you guys Always keep God first
Sonda 47 минут бұрын
Datboi JRT
Datboi JRT Сағат бұрын
Pats Nation LFG!!!
No Thanks Bro
No Thanks Bro Сағат бұрын
belichick looks happy about winning a superbowl in the preseason.
Griffin&Cars 46 минут бұрын
Footballs Back BABY!
Marcos Сағат бұрын
let’s go giants!!! #bigblue
Micah Williams
Micah Williams 37 минут бұрын
🐄 🐮 🤠
A.J. King
A.J. King 14 минут бұрын
I can see Zappe winning the QB2 for the Patriots
Dakota Huddle
Dakota Huddle 30 минут бұрын
Zappe looked great!
shykia embry
shykia embry 49 минут бұрын
Bailey can make some throws, he just gotta work on his arm strength. You can fix that.
Dope Сағат бұрын
Giants reaaaaally desperate to win a preseason game eh? 😂 #MacIsTheBetterJones
Daniel pestle’s hot mom
Daniel pestle’s hot mom 37 минут бұрын
Tom Brady is Mac Jones and bill belichicks daddy!!!!!!!!!!Tom Brady is the king of football!!!!!!
Roperdope 42 минут бұрын
Don't say a MJ10 is the better Jones; that's insulting to the baby goat
Devin stallworth
Devin stallworth 47 минут бұрын
number 82 for new england is showing out
tripout babyloc crip
tripout babyloc crip 11 минут бұрын
Pats we did good it's only pre season we got a lot of talent
MOONBEAR Сағат бұрын
Football be back baby!
S-MSniper 4 минут бұрын
Zappe is making some really incredible throws. Just the ball placement is so pin point.
Phillip Daughtry
Phillip Daughtry Сағат бұрын
Let's go patriots
Twhoyoutrynabe 6 минут бұрын
Jack Jones. #34 cornerback on the patriots. He’s the real deal. Un-drafted former 5 star that went to USC and got kicked for academics, but he’s a 1st round talent, always been.
Nico Green
Nico Green 54 минут бұрын
I can't wate to watch my Bengals Nation
Marcus Bryant
Marcus Bryant Сағат бұрын
Giant nation all day babbyyyyyy
jay 1988
jay 1988 28 минут бұрын
Why are people praising zappi did we watch the same game? At best he's a career backup
Da’mani The GOAT
Da’mani The GOAT 19 минут бұрын
Fr lol
Hugh Jasole
Hugh Jasole 10 минут бұрын
Pats sure do love themselves a good ole white quarterback dont they
Lites Минут бұрын
Davis Webb is still on the Giants? seems like this dude has been here forever 😂
Grant Flood
Grant Flood Сағат бұрын
Bailey Z looking nice 🔥
MrShibaLiba 48 минут бұрын
Tyrod Taylor 🔥🔥
greer barnes
greer barnes 18 минут бұрын
Brilliant 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿!!!!!
Fernando Jordan
Fernando Jordan 6 минут бұрын
I know it’s a preseason game but at 8:44 that is clearly delay of game Wtf!
Yeshua Melchizedek
Yeshua Melchizedek 28 минут бұрын
Giants are calling John Brown tomorrow.
Goku 43 минут бұрын
Zappe looks good. Tbh
PrinceCastro 52 минут бұрын
Aaron Robinson gettin beat like a tribal ceremony drum!!
Tudo Sobre Day Trade
Tudo Sobre Day Trade 53 минут бұрын
Cadê os brasileiros? 🇧🇷🇧🇷
david zellow
david zellow 8 минут бұрын
Giants will always own the Patriots. Bill is secretly still a diehard Giants fan.
Larrysgdz Thebest
Larrysgdz Thebest Сағат бұрын
*giants fan after the first drive: Danny dimes gonna throw over 30TD and take us to the playoff* *week 1: jones throw 5int*
Easy Rider
Easy Rider 3 минут бұрын
I'd rather see Taylor thrown in
William Davila
William Davila 52 минут бұрын
Pretty sure DJ has more fumbles than picks😂
Elian Hernandez
Elian Hernandez Сағат бұрын
U do realize the most ints jones has thrown in a season was 12 right?? Hes never thrown near 5 picks in a game
RG3 #smokinthat3 #10hunnit #H3!5M4N #dawgpound
RG3 #smokinthat3 #10hunnit #H3!5M4N #dawgpound Сағат бұрын
daniel jones > tom shady
Fadi Hage
Fadi Hage Сағат бұрын
love how you guys make fun of jones' picks, when he honestly doesn't even throw a lot of them. It's just the lack of TD's and yards that have been the problem with him and the fact that he throws picks at the most inopportune times is all it really is.
Jonathan Watson
Jonathan Watson 26 минут бұрын
Wilkerson, Nixon, and Thornton looking good.
Renegade LK
Renegade LK 41 минут бұрын
Giants own the pats so sad.
Berg 22 минут бұрын
I thought Butler retired? Still wish he was with Tennessee lol
Drsamw Pepper
Drsamw Pepper 20 минут бұрын
"This makes the patriots frauds,bellicheck finished"🤓
JaysWorld 19 минут бұрын
Doss 💪🏽🔥
Freznc 10 минут бұрын
feels weird seein 11 bein worn by some one else
Azumiiiiii Сағат бұрын
Patriots woohooooo
C-THA TRUTH 42 минут бұрын
I didn't know you can have two players on the same team wear the same number (36)?
Titan Master Race
Titan Master Race Сағат бұрын
How long has Danny dimes been on the giants feels like six years an nothing hasn’t been going right. 😭
fuego wavy
fuego wavy 26 минут бұрын
he was thrown on a mess of a team. shouldve took him later in the draft and picked up more pieces first.
Joshua Rangel
Joshua Rangel Сағат бұрын
When the Patriots back ups do better then the Giants starts ooof
Joshua Rangel
Joshua Rangel 45 минут бұрын
@Elian Hernandez uch was the only starter playing so no you are wrong
Joshua Rangel
Joshua Rangel 45 минут бұрын
@The Rabbit the starts didn't even play lol
Joshua Rangel
Joshua Rangel 46 минут бұрын
Hoyar did better then Daniel Jones and Barkley was playing to so chill
The Rabbit
The Rabbit Сағат бұрын
Patriots backups did better than the patriots starters. That’s an oof.
Elian Hernandez
Elian Hernandez Сағат бұрын
my guy they’re playing different ppl… giants had mainly backups on defense meanwhile patriots had a lot of starters on defense. Not a fair comparision
Ber L.
Ber L. 44 минут бұрын
Zappe looks good man. Mac Jones better watch out!
Ber L.
Ber L. 12 минут бұрын
@Da’mani The GOAT You’re right to a certain extend but the ball was still there to make a play on it. You could get a PI or the Wr made a play on it and that’s what happen on both occasions on Tre Nixon.
Da’mani The GOAT
Da’mani The GOAT 16 минут бұрын
@Ber L. lol no he made UNDERTHROWS. The receivers were good tho
Ber L.
Ber L. 37 минут бұрын
@Howling Fox Sports Are you blind? Once he got going. He was unstoppable. And he made the right reads. And the right throws.
Howling Fox Sports
Howling Fox Sports 40 минут бұрын
Are you kidding me? HE WAS AWFUL!
bob bib
bob bib 9 минут бұрын
giants fans come on if taylor dont start regular season its over book it , he seem clueless on progression nfl couldnt even give him one highlight smh
Mark Anthony
Mark Anthony Сағат бұрын
The Giants own the Patriots
Jagsfan08 6 минут бұрын
@1990Thunderboltha if I remember correctly last season in the wild card game the bills kicked the ever living heck out of you also wasn't at the game where the bills scored a touchdown on every single drive I might be remembering that wrong but I know it happened so
internal 12 минут бұрын
@Mark Anthony And the patriots have a better all time record vs the giants so not sure how they exactly own the patriots in all the categories you named…
internal 17 минут бұрын
@Mark Anthony Owning the patriots won’t matter when you can’t make the playoffs. I mean the patriots just made the playoffs with a rookie qb, what’s the giants excuse?
1990Thunderbolt 23 минут бұрын
@Daniel pestle’s hot mom come to me if the bills can even 1 super bowl let alone 6. They’ll always be the clippers of football and become the shadow of the Patriots! Lol
Daniel pestle’s hot mom
Daniel pestle’s hot mom 27 минут бұрын
@1990Thunderbolt watch out for daddy Allen!!!!!!!! And daddy diggs!!!!!!
FineTuning 2105
FineTuning 2105 30 минут бұрын
I’m pretty sure those are just underthrows by Zappe… not back shoulder lol
Da’mani The GOAT
Da’mani The GOAT 23 минут бұрын
Fr lol
Zach Addington
Zach Addington 35 минут бұрын
Patriots will go 10 7
Avery GM
Avery GM 30 минут бұрын
Man watching the giants is like watching the circus? Good lord
Amasterclasher Минут бұрын
bro they literally won + you’re watching like their third string players.. you sound silly right now
Max79 🥇
Max79 🥇 57 минут бұрын
Giants starters couldn’t beat a Patriots back up players. Giants going 3-14 at best
Non_Serviam_11:34 2 минут бұрын
@Max79 🥇 bucs suck dummy. Don’t rent a QB and then come back 😂😂😂
Willie Gilbert
Willie Gilbert 30 минут бұрын
3-14 your crazy I'm going to come back to this comment mid-season.
Real life Lebowski
Real life Lebowski 8 минут бұрын
Belichick now looks like that old man who lives across the street and watches people mow they're lawn
Nate Saracino
Nate Saracino 58 минут бұрын
For the love of God Daboll, please start Tyrod Taylor. Daniel is not the guy. I know the gm and em want him to be the guy but he ain’t. Taylor is seasoned and knows the game. I trust him.
Christopher Pettit
Christopher Pettit 37 минут бұрын
Bro the Giants won't be better either way. The Giants need a total rebuild.
Paul Fuentes
Paul Fuentes 26 минут бұрын
Tre Nixon's was 👍
Jayden Kielty
Jayden Kielty Сағат бұрын
Was good game
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