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Mila and Morphle

Mila and Morphle

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My Magic Pet Morphle is the worldwide hit animated show for kids!
Mila's Magic Pet Morphle can morph into anything she can dream up: from cars to dinosaurs, from construction vehicles to cute puppies.
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'My Magic Pet Morphle' is an animated hit tv show for toddlers and older kids. But because of it's fun colors and sounds it is even popular with babies. Morphle can morph into anything his human companion Mila wants. From dinosaurs to cars, construction vehicles like diggers, dump trucks and cranes to pets like cats dogs and lions! All our episodes have an educational core to them so that your kids can learn about things like shapes, numbers and colors.
Morphle ABCs, 123s, Colors and Shapes - • My Magic Letters ...
0:00 Peter Freeze in jail
4:31 Robo-Freeze
8:39 Time Travel Trouble
15:01 Picnic In The Clouds
17:25 Morphle and Orphle Icecream Race
21:56 Morphle is Sick
25:56 The Animal Mixer
30:07 Club House
33:58 Morphle And The Mirror World
37:19 Scared Biker
39:36 Morphle Is Alone And Cries
42:48 Feline Fireman
47:22 Scary Animal House
51:35 My Red Submarine
57:05 My Magic Train & Sarah's Treasure

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