Put On Your Shoes & More | Kids Songs and Nursery Rhymes

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The Mik Maks

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Our Put On Your Shoes video collection features some of our latest youtube releases. Included in this collection are the nursery rhymes Boo Boo Song and Finger Family Emoji as well as our original kids songs 5 Billy Karts and Kerplunk. We hope you enjoy! Subscribe to our channel 🎶 👉🏻bit.ly/2UzWHAO

0:00 Put On Your Shoes
2:31 Whose That At The Door Game Characters
4:25 Finger Family Emoji Song
6:30 Boo Boo Song
8:56 5 Billy Karts
10:18 Kerplunk

The Mik Maks write and produce kids songs and nursery rhymes perform live shows that engage children through movement, music and colour.

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