The sharpshooter uses the dead body to find out the location of the Japanese sniper!

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Chill Pill
Chill Pill Ай бұрын
For those wondering why Japanese soldiers spoke Chinese, it is for the very same reason why aliens spoke English in Hollywood movies
Greg DeSanto
Greg DeSanto Ай бұрын
romaine smith
romaine smith Ай бұрын
Lola pearson
Lola pearson Ай бұрын
lol Crazy comment
Big Galaxy
Big Galaxy Ай бұрын
Yeah I thought the Chinese were smart enough to figure that out!
Midwestrebel 2
Midwestrebel 2 Ай бұрын
What language are they post to speak ? Alien ? 🤣🤣 Acting like English is only America 🤦 Ain't Chinese studying it too ?
Нариман Абишев
Нариман Абишев Ай бұрын
Снайперы от природы! В чистой форме,не в камуфляже и конечно же в белы перчатках
Вот Так
Вот Так Ай бұрын
Если ты не знал? Японцы, китайцы, корейцы любили чистоту, перчатки белые тоскали офицеры, снайпера носили чтоб руки необгорели от солнца, потамушта они седели часами искали цель
Devvada ・ 100 years ago
Devvada ・ 100 years ago Ай бұрын
when Japanese snipers speak Chinese, I hope Chinese snipers also speak Japanese. so they can understand each other.
S vT
S vT 2 ай бұрын
I didn't know Japanese snipers spoke Chinese to each other.
Renato Dela Cruz
Renato Dela Cruz 2 ай бұрын
Ashu Mishra
Ashu Mishra 2 ай бұрын
@Renato Dela Cruz pp ppppppppppp
Jack Denial
Jack Denial Ай бұрын
ลิต ลิต
ลิต ลิต Ай бұрын
topspeed250k Ай бұрын
Clothing department: " Don't dirty these uniforms. we need them for the next movie"
SgtMclupus Ай бұрын
Gotto love how they used their parade uniform out in the field 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Southron Jr
Southron Jr Ай бұрын
Those are some awfully modern scopes being used
John Player
John Player Ай бұрын
Lesson: Never ever consider a woman's advice !!
James Robinson
James Robinson Ай бұрын
Ww2 bolt action rifles with modern scopes 100% historically accurate
molo414 Ай бұрын
Man look at how clean those uniforms are!!😂
Jose Gregorio Navas Sanchez
Jose Gregorio Navas Sanchez Ай бұрын
Tremenda extrategia muy buena habilidad para cazar al enemigo exitosamente
Joshua O'Bryan
Joshua O'Bryan Ай бұрын
For all those wondering why the Japanese snipers speak Chinese, watch Enemy at the Gates and tell me why Vasily Zietsev and Major Konig speak english... what I want to know is why the japanese snipers are using mauser's and not Type 38 Arisaka's
Steve Williams
Steve Williams Ай бұрын
The snipers were so well hidden I can see why he couldn’t find them.
Dan the Vintage RV'er
Dan the Vintage RV'er Ай бұрын
Female Japanese sniper to male partner..."you should take the first shot"....get's 'em everytime.
Boris Potosme
Boris Potosme Ай бұрын
Those snipers are so elegant and clean, but they forgot their tuxedos.
신정호 Ай бұрын
저격수와 저격수가 대치하는 상황에선 발포 안합니다. 퇴각하여 위치를 보정하거나 상대 저격수가 저격수가 없다고 느낄때까지 기다립니다. 그리고 가장중요한 포병 지원을 요청합니다.
Tristin Sperry
Tristin Sperry Ай бұрын
So the one without any form of flash/dust control fires instead of the one with a FUCKING SUPPRESSOR. Makes about as much sense as everything else in this scene😂
Caleb Allada
Caleb Allada Ай бұрын
I never knew silencers were created at 1940s
Michael Nail
Michael Nail 2 ай бұрын
Yes, white gloves would be my first choice while being a sniper😂
Mike Sperko
Mike Sperko 2 ай бұрын
Exactly what I was just getting ready to say
HS87 2 ай бұрын
Haha lmao
Motrhead69 2 ай бұрын
Those are Tatical white sniper gloves,made by the best forced labor chinese can provide
Raisatul MA09
Raisatul MA09 2 ай бұрын
@Motrhead69 ke BB
Raisatul MA09
Raisatul MA09 2 ай бұрын
Ini oh b pada biaya;;;;;;po bhujuk
AGhilliedBishop Ай бұрын
I didn't know Japanese snipers used US. M14s oh and it looks so 21st century modeled
ProAmericana Ай бұрын
4 snipers, all in the same area, in clean uniforms, with rifle wraps that had no added camouflage on them.
Samxal Aliyev
Samxal Aliyev Ай бұрын
"Drawing Sword" movies name
Ryan Hutchison
Ryan Hutchison Ай бұрын
Thank you! it looks like a good one, to miss
Sebastien Danis
Sebastien Danis Ай бұрын
Drawing sword
Hhh Hhh
Hhh Hhh Ай бұрын
drawing swored
elie najem
elie najem Ай бұрын
I mean those snipers look pretty clean laying on jungle floor
DINGO 113 Ай бұрын
Clothing so clean n look at dem white gloves ☠️
Master K
Master K Ай бұрын
Calm down it just a Movie scene😂
Mud Hardigree
Mud Hardigree Ай бұрын
They just spawned in
F McDirmid
F McDirmid Ай бұрын
@Master K This is propaganda my guy. That’s kind of rule number one; “no bearing any resemblance to real life whatsoever”
Maximus Ай бұрын
Have any of y'all seen an American movie taking place in any country besides the United States? It's quite common to have all actors speak the language of the audience it's intended for. Doesn't mean it's right, just is.
么भगवान् GAMING
么भगवान् GAMING Ай бұрын
Imagine your homie died in the battlefield and you see next soldier using his body as a puppet😂
The_MonkeyPox _Commander
The_MonkeyPox _Commander Ай бұрын
Gotta love the good ole sturdy elbow rest
Papaya Lord
Papaya Lord Ай бұрын
they always win in their movie
Jimmy Ай бұрын
They had suppressors back then for rifles? Either those Japanese uniforms were crisp and clean for being snipers.
Ideas As Opiates
Ideas As Opiates Ай бұрын
Apparently Japanese soldiers speak perfect Chinese to each other.
Noah Im
Noah Im Ай бұрын
those soldiers were chinese, look at the uniforms. The japanese soldier was probably the girl who shot at the 2 chinese snipers. I have no idea who the guy is tho, from what i guess, he looks like a farmer or a villager
Jonah Palmer
Jonah Palmer Ай бұрын
And according to Anime every person that isn't Japanese somehow still speaks perfect Japanese 😂
nana priatna
nana priatna Ай бұрын
​@Noah Im7😅 0
Brian Ale
Brian Ale Ай бұрын
Like in the US movies making any foreigner speak English
Kevin Chacon
Kevin Chacon Ай бұрын
​@Brian Ale they dont
Neo Smith
Neo Smith Ай бұрын
johnny martinez
johnny martinez Ай бұрын
If there military is anything like their movies we don't have nothing to worry about
Urban Vendetta
Urban Vendetta Ай бұрын
I like how they’re using their regular uniforms in the jungle😊
Darkseid Ай бұрын
Clean af too.
Дмитрий Анатольевич
Дмитрий Анатольевич Ай бұрын
И такие чистенькие , как будто их туда на вертолёте закинули , час назад )))
ZeroTabi🛡️ Ай бұрын
Never take your eyes off the scope unless you feel your balls fall off.
Rooster Boy
Rooster Boy Ай бұрын
His head was higher than the head of the dead body. They must have had a very narrow field of view and he got lucky and I don’t even want to start on the two rifles but one is supposed to be the spotter and the spotter is suppressed but the shooter isn’t
John Donnellan
John Donnellan Ай бұрын
Love the camo wraps on the rifle
Reflektionz007 Ай бұрын
While they are wearing their dress uniforms. 🤣
PHANI Ай бұрын
Chinese shows themselves as hero’s, but the irony is whole world sees them as villains 😂
IamWAHID Ай бұрын
the sniper's own head is higher than the dead person hes handling.
Sebastian Trif
Sebastian Trif Ай бұрын
Drawing Sword (2005) is the name of the movie for those who are wondering.
BIGJUSH Drummer KAYUMBA Ай бұрын
My global games
My global games Ай бұрын
Ильдар Ибрагимов
Ильдар Ибрагимов Ай бұрын
Место в раю тебе обеспечено человечеще🤝
Den Den
Den Den Ай бұрын
Спасибо добрый человек
H. A. R. D.
H. A. R. D. Ай бұрын
I'm almost certain those are not Japanese uniforms.
Brice Ай бұрын
I like the suppressor on the WW2 rifle. Oh, and the dress uniform is a must for any sniper.😂
joshua Almalvez
joshua Almalvez Ай бұрын
The sniper is so modern
carapo66 Ай бұрын
Commanding officer to sniper, "Here put these white gloves on, they will help with your camouflage".
Dylan V
Dylan V Ай бұрын
Love the use of the k98 by literary every person. And a suppressor even better.
Лав Рус
Лав Рус Ай бұрын
Белые перчатки у снайперов, это нечто !😂
Marksman91 Ай бұрын
He has to use a body to find the clean brightly colored snipers that aren't even trying to stay hidden. Okay 👍
Kamal-deen Adetona
Kamal-deen Adetona Ай бұрын
Wow... War is definitely gonna be so crazy nowadays
蘇冠華 2 ай бұрын
maxamed tays
maxamed tays Ай бұрын
OH MY GOD Ай бұрын
Sergio Bocanegra
Sergio Bocanegra Ай бұрын
I'm so America I didn't notice they were speaking Chinese I thought they were speaking Japanese😅
Hugh Lee
Hugh Lee Ай бұрын
Teriyaki Ай бұрын
What movie is this
Armando ruiz
Armando ruiz Ай бұрын
Subhendu Saha
Subhendu Saha Ай бұрын
Apparently the twins were chinese soldiers dressed as Japanese
LeTzy Ай бұрын
cool, the sniper clothes are clean. And in a wide area
Сергей Берсенев
Сергей Берсенев Ай бұрын
Сразу с парада отправили на задание😂
Capt Jordan
Capt Jordan Ай бұрын
don't forget, they have suppressor.
roro ve&
roro ve& Ай бұрын
Todo les molesta
newkingd0m Ай бұрын
chinese propagnda lol
Виталий Жуковский
Виталий Жуковский Ай бұрын
И белые перчатки
DeviousDeven *
DeviousDeven * Ай бұрын
So shoot the gun without the suppressor first?...Write that down!
SAM RUHIL Ай бұрын
Japanese from Ohio can only speak Chinese. Like how Aliens from Area 51 speak English. 😂
Роман Роман
Роман Роман 2 ай бұрын
Вот это правильно! Снайпер должен следить за собой! Белые перчатки и чистая форма . Даже лёжа в траве. И блестящая звёздочка на лбу-- это ваще обязательный атрибут снайпера на работе
That's prove it's a propaganda movie 😂
~*G•O•D*~ Ай бұрын
hwh foe
hwh foe Ай бұрын
звёздочка для того чтобы знать куда стрелять😂
Vanya Seven
Vanya Seven Ай бұрын
я чуть не задохнулся от смеха
Игорь Церф
Игорь Церф Ай бұрын
норм пацан написал крассава лайк
Alceid Channel
Alceid Channel Ай бұрын
Too clean for soldiers
wenlung Ай бұрын
Alfred Galan
Alfred Galan 2 ай бұрын
Nice white sniper gloves👍
Brian Landers
Brian Landers 2 ай бұрын
That's so true and it's funny.
lproth Ай бұрын
This is not what a sniper team looks like or behaves.
Josh k
Josh k Ай бұрын
Every Chinese film ever:
Krgm Hntr
Krgm Hntr Ай бұрын
Cleanest looking snipers ever
P C Ай бұрын
Its so they can hide among the not snipers
YeeJay Ай бұрын
​@P C I love that word play lmfao
Kahn Ай бұрын
You should improve your sense of abstraction and imagination! This is not a movie -- this is a propaganda.
YeeJay Ай бұрын
@Kahn propaganda/entertainment.;)
Just speaking facts IDGAF!
Just speaking facts IDGAF! Ай бұрын
He waited for him to shoot so he can see the red dot appear of his location on the uav 😅🤷🏻‍♂️💯😂
Bob Doom
Bob Doom Ай бұрын
very clean uniforms
コウセイコウ Ай бұрын
adult videos009
adult videos009 Ай бұрын
You are from
Mohsen Alizadeh
Mohsen Alizadeh Ай бұрын
@adult videos009. EARTH
Wilsonlucasda Costaq1980
Wilsonlucasda Costaq1980 Ай бұрын
Bela jogada
Diego Lopez
Diego Lopez Ай бұрын
Fun Movie fact: (Movie title) "Gun King-Legend" - directed by none other than Liu Chia-Liang, famous for having directed LEGENDARY WEAPONS OF CHINA. Liu insisted on authentic ambiance and special effects, therefore there were always live drummers playing the musical score as well as having a stunt double getting shot with real bullets, only they were rubber bullets.
Bobby Rowland
Bobby Rowland Ай бұрын
Thank you for posting the name, was beginning to think I was going to have to read all these arm chair snipers comments
Charles C
Charles C Ай бұрын
LOVE the white gloves!
Mondo Man
Mondo Man Ай бұрын
Can't get past the white sniper gloves
IndyGamerTag Ай бұрын
Dress uniforms and white gloves while countering an enemy sniper in the woods/jungle 😂😂
Claude Francis
Claude Francis Ай бұрын
Hey what's the name of this movie? That was a smart move using the dead body to locate the sniper
mookrage Ай бұрын
Superb acting
Shane Kielski
Shane Kielski Ай бұрын
Smart move
CheddarCheeseBandit 2 ай бұрын
I always have a hard time keeping my white gloves clean while I’m crawling around on the ground in the jungle.
lawrence o'leary
lawrence o'leary Ай бұрын
Buy Dreft the spray kind, keeps mine sparkling in the jungle
David Kirkland
David Kirkland Ай бұрын
I always carry the Clorox ready wipes. Gloves will gleaming in less than 3 minutes.
Prodigal Son
Prodigal Son Ай бұрын
Newsflash. White gloves are worn by South Korean and Japanese soldiers, and I believe even Chinese, as part of their military discipline. And yes they have to keep those gloves White. I know this because I attended Team Spirit and Orient Shield military exercises while serving with the 25th Infantry Division in 1986
lawrence o'leary
lawrence o'leary Ай бұрын
@Prodigal Son Newsflash!!! We understand ceremonial gloves
Burrdmizzle Ай бұрын
@lawrence o'leary hilarious thread😂
LIANG XU Ай бұрын
The actors don't know what a sniper is.
kariuki james
kariuki james Ай бұрын
It's like martial arts..but for snipers 😂
Critzie l
Critzie l 2 ай бұрын
This rifle scopes are pure comedy
KARNA- Son of SURYA 💪😎
KARNA- Son of SURYA 💪😎 Ай бұрын
Nocturnal Specialties
Nocturnal Specialties Ай бұрын
Atleast they don't have them on backwards...
tim mendel
tim mendel Ай бұрын
@Nocturnal Specialties 😂😂 Man, the enemy is really far away!!!
D L Ай бұрын
the only thing that was Japanese was "Baka" people can learn other languages too, how well they can speak it, will be up to them.
Ocker Ай бұрын
Why is the gun up and only supported by their arms that they're leaning on? Ig sway doesn't matter
jokso22 Ай бұрын
I also didn't know Japanese soldiers had star on cap
Serafin Jr. Labadia
Serafin Jr. Labadia Ай бұрын
Double murder
Rengiporengipo Ай бұрын
What movie is this?
Rafael Felipe silva Silva
Rafael Felipe silva Silva Ай бұрын
O melhor é a limpeza do uniforme dos combatentes parece guerra kkk
Dawn Raider
Dawn Raider Ай бұрын
It’s a budget production, so everyone speaks Chinese. 😂
Frost Ай бұрын
What movie is this ?
Ishan Shahi
Ishan Shahi Ай бұрын
Did someone noticed that she closed the wrong eye while scoping in 😂😂 (In the second time)
Bilal Zubair Zubair
Bilal Zubair Zubair Ай бұрын
Daryn Weir
Daryn Weir 2 ай бұрын
what movie is this
Mouldy CPU
Mouldy CPU Ай бұрын
A Chinese movie.
Tarun Ай бұрын
Siddharth Ай бұрын
China always wins war in movies 😂
Kenneth Miller
Kenneth Miller Ай бұрын
Lol from the dress uniforms to the suppressor on the Type 99 in WWII, this Chinese movie must have been produced by Wish
Gabriel Noel Boyll
Gabriel Noel Boyll Ай бұрын
Ariska rifle for best sniper
達郎 大石
達郎 大石 2 ай бұрын
Yurij Alekseev
Yurij Alekseev 2 ай бұрын
Не только 2,были и по 10
M Y 2 ай бұрын
руслан скляров
руслан скляров Ай бұрын
1 снайпер это профи , работали и работают группами
Roberto Pinheiro
Roberto Pinheiro Ай бұрын
Silenciador nem existia nesse tempo kkkkkkk
Doug Lei
Doug Lei Ай бұрын
One is the spotter.
Влад Провиденский
Влад Провиденский Ай бұрын
подобные ошибки режиссера которые все уже обсудили в комментариях говорят о том, что он не сильно в курсе ужасов войны, её правил и порядков. Он думает о том, что в кадре все должны выглядеть красиво и чисто.
Dukenukem Ай бұрын
No ghillie suits then. They wore contrasting uniforms to make combat more fair.
Ortdgomx Ай бұрын
Name of the movie?
Codeless Unlimited
Codeless Unlimited Ай бұрын
Two players scoping on the same person. I call them noobs.
Gilang Baruna
Gilang Baruna Ай бұрын
their clothes were too clean for wartime
Bill Franks
Bill Franks 2 ай бұрын
I love it when snipers dress snazzy for the occasion with white gloves and white rifle wrap....soooooo realistic....
Mysterious Stranger
Mysterious Stranger 2 ай бұрын
Well, there is also that super cute target star for easy pickin's
Jesus Diodoro
Jesus Diodoro 2 ай бұрын
Hillary Chidera stanley
Hillary Chidera stanley 2 ай бұрын
Siouxperion Ай бұрын
Why does it gotta be a headshot snipers go for
Political Viewer
Political Viewer Ай бұрын
It's just a movie. Real snipers don't look like they don't know what they're doing, as in this picture.
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