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Sheriff Labrador - Kids Cartoon

Sheriff Labrador - Kids Cartoon

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❤ Sheriff Labrador's Safety Talk ❤
Kids, throwing trash into the sea can destroy the marine ecosystem, and put many marine lives in danger. Protecting the environment starts with us!
Enjoy Sheriff Labrador Stories:
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------------------- Sheriff Labrador -------------------
Welcome to Sheriff Labrador’s world! Sheriff Labrador and his assistant, Officer Doberman, aim at protecting the safety of the residents of the Forest Town. They always try their best to solve problems whenever they arise, and bring cunning criminals to justice!
Sheriff Labrador is smart, witty, and knowledgeable, and there's no case that he can't solve!
Officer Doberman is brave and agile, and good at Kung Fu. No criminals can escape from him!
Our goal is to provide children aged 3-6 with knowledge of safety, common sense and science literacy. We hope that this will help them understand their surroundings, improve their safety awareness, and grow up healthily.
The Sheriff Labrador series helps children to:
★ Think Independently
★ Exercise Logical Thinking
★ Develop Teamwork
★ Explore the World
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