Water sound of healing "Sound of shaking on the water surface" Sleep, Relax, Work ASMR for 3 hours

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Dream Echoes -Music & ASMR-

Dream Echoes -Music & ASMR-

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It is healing BGM which adopted the sound that the water surface shakes.
A little wind noise is included.
In the second half of the movie, the sun goes down and the water surface shakes slightly.
Since the sound quality seems to go up if it is HD (720p) setting, please try that setting if you like.
Use image source URL
Natural sounds are said to have the effect of relaxing brain waves by making brain waves into alpha waves.
By relaxing the brain, there is a healing effect of stress and anxiety reduction before sleeping, and you can improve your concentration during study and work.
In addition, natural music that is not artificial produces different effects (binaural beats) with subtle frequencies on the left and right ears, thus providing various effects to the brain.
"1 / f fluctuation", which is said to give a feeling of comfort and healing effects, is also often seen in natural phenomena.
By recording it with high-quality sound and three-dimensional sound, more reliable effects can be expected.
Many celebrities are said to have 1 / f fluctuating voices.
Those who can not sleep at night are recommended as healing music that invites sleep, and those who want to concentrate on studying etc. should use BGM for work.
Sound of water that is kind to your ears, but be careful with the volume.
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☕silver lojain☕
☕silver lojain☕
Bruh I was sleeping to a tingly ASMR and then woke up to this I am not mad or sad I am happy literally
Never knew this kind of high quality even without headphones exists.
omg these are the most soothing water sounds I've ever heard >.<
De niña me acostaba en un pequeño río que estaba cerca de casa, es el mismo sonido tan calmo. Justo ahorita cerré mis ojos y esos recuerdos vinieron a mi. Este video es oro para mi y que agradable sonido.
Chabelli Ortiz
Chabelli Ortiz
Me encanta 😍🧘🏻‍♀️
itz ducky
itz ducky
i couldn't sleep sp i put this on, and i fell asleep 5 minutes after, im gonna use these all the time now!
Tanisha Watson
Tanisha Watson
Best water sounds ever so soothing keep it coming.
I really like water sounds!
Sandra Margarita Martínez Saenz
Sandra Margarita Martínez Saenz
Gracias que linda imagen y el sonido del agua súper relajante
Ethan Small
Ethan Small
I swear if you’re tired enough this hits right
こうき koki
こうき koki 2 жыл бұрын
Keila Benítez
Keila Benítez
Así suena mi estomago cuando tomo mucha agüita 😴
小狐 Жыл бұрын
This is sooo relaxing💗
Relaxing Music - Meditation Music
Relaxing Music - Meditation Music Жыл бұрын
Amazing video.Relaxing and Calm.Thanks for sharing.Big like ❤️🌹🎶
ろろれ 2 жыл бұрын
The sounds are so soothing and the image is so beautiful, thank you so much for creating this video, this might be one of my favorite videos ever
Art Birb 🇺🇦
Art Birb 🇺🇦
This is the first time I’ve ever gotten tingles, and it’s just water bro.
Frank Woods
Frank Woods
Literalmente está este es el audio que más me gusta
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