BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL? Unique covers on The Voice Kids

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WOW! Covering a classic is far from easy, but these kids made it look effortless. Which Blind Audition is your favorite? 👇
00:00 1. Mimi & Josefin sing 'Creep' (The Voice Kids Germany):
• Radiohead - Creep (Mim...
02:15 2. Justin sings 'Lovely' (The Voice Kids Vlaanderen):
• Justin - 'Lovely' | Bl...
04:03 3.Daneliya Tulyeshova sings 'Stone Cold' (The Voice Kids Ukraine):
• Данэлия Тулешова "Ston...
05:44 4. Courtney sings ‘Nutbush City Limits’ (The Voice Kids UK):
• Courtney performs ‘Nut...
07:16 5. Solomia sings 'Time To Say Goodbye' (The Voice Kids Germany):
• Andrea Bocelli - Time...
09:03 6. Juanse Laverde sings 'Cómo Mirarte' (La Voz Kids Colombia):
• Juanse Laverde canta C...
11:09 7. Emma sings 'Je suis malade' (The Voice Kids France):
• Serge Lama - Je suis m...
13:05 8. Yaroslav Karpuk sings 'Can’t Help Falling In Love' (The Voice Kids Ukraine):
• Ярослав Карпук - "Can’...
15:00 9. Jade sings 'Homesick' (The Voice Kids Vlaanderen):
• Jade - 'Homesick' | Bl...
16:44 10. Tilman sings 'Great Balls On Fire' (The Voice Kids Germany):
• Jerry Lee Lewis - Grea...
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