Can You Complete the Pokedex Only Using Surprise Trade?

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How much of the Scarlet and Violet Pokedex can you complete ONLY by using Surprise Trade?
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Dinostar Ай бұрын
It honestly feels like people now are being a lot more generous in surprise trades. It might be because it’s becoming easier to get shinies, which is in no way a bad thing, but I’ve noticed more non hacked shiny Pokémon, and just really good late game Pokémon being traded in this generation than in previous generations. It’s really nice to see people helping strangers out with filling out the Pokédex, even if it’s just because they have extras. I remember when people would just release the extra Pokémon and it always made younger me feel a little sad.
hearts4nati 3 күн бұрын
though the shiny sellers played in pokemon sword and shield,your not wrong
Anime Editz and TabbyKatEditz
Anime Editz and TabbyKatEditz 15 күн бұрын
@tobiasplayz thx
tobiasplayz 15 күн бұрын
Bro that's insane
Anime Editz and TabbyKatEditz
Anime Editz and TabbyKatEditz 15 күн бұрын
Bro back in gen three somebody surprise traded me a leve 73 yveltal and I gave them a common Pokémon
EmCeeChupi the Undying
EmCeeChupi the Undying 17 күн бұрын
I've also noticed a distinct lack of level 1 pokemon
Travis Angerman
Travis Angerman Ай бұрын
Have to say, as an older viewer, I am absolutely here for Mikey’s slow descent into a Markiplier-style madness. 10/10, keep it up dude.
Martin O'Donnell
Martin O'Donnell 14 күн бұрын
This is getting out of hand. Now there are two of them!
Alexandra Clinton
Alexandra Clinton 14 күн бұрын
Same thing here
FiusionMaster Ай бұрын
TizzyRose Ай бұрын
Me too
Hunter Daniels
Hunter Daniels Ай бұрын
I am a older viewer to being there since the beginning of the pokemon news and then not really watching after like a year of there not being any pokemon news and I definitely like new Mikey more, no offense old Mikey.
Calook 13
Calook 13 Ай бұрын
I like how people are being nice in surprise trades now. Especially after the greninja raid, legit non-hacked 6 IV hidden ability Froakies are flying all over the place.
Smudged 14 күн бұрын
@Henry Drozda Simply owning them? From what I've gathered, no. But if you decide to use them in competitive, then there's a problem. If you ever feel like your account will be threatened by owning one though, then you can always simply release the pokemon.
Henry Drozda
Henry Drozda 14 күн бұрын
@Smudged Can you get banned for having hacked pokemon because I got surprised traded a 6IV shiny greninja, hisuian zoroark, and charizard all with website names
FiusionMaster Ай бұрын
@Smudged Interesting. Thanks for the info m8.
Smudged Ай бұрын
@H D Usually hacks are pretty obvious. 6IV shiny hidden ability rare pokemon with a website name are commonplace with hacked pokemon. There are some more subtle ones, but generally hacked pokemon look too good to be true. As for "invalid" I've actually been capitalizing off of a hacked Ditto that was surprise traded to me. All of the offspring have been legitimate with my name and ID on it, so you should be fine.
H D Ай бұрын
@Smudged how do you tell if a Pokémon is hacked? And if you breed with them does it make ur Pokémon "invalid"?
Yuki Kitsune
Yuki Kitsune Ай бұрын
I enjoyed this video. I saw the title and was like "Well Obviously the answer is yes." And then Mikey said that he didn't want to waste hours upon hours of his life randomly trading and I just laughed because yeah, that is EXACTLY how I wasted a summer when I got OmegaRuby to complete the dex. I can imagine completing the paldean dex is going to be time consuming this way.
Damien Earl
Damien Earl Ай бұрын
@Yuki Kitsune For some reason, I can't connect to the internet with my DS, so...sad, but that's pretty cool to know!
Yuki Kitsune
Yuki Kitsune Ай бұрын
@Damien Earl some minor differences. like you can't do anything while waiting for your trade which is why it took me a whole summer to complete the dex. However because I do not care about whether or not the pokemon I get are hacked or not, I just found a twitch account that trades out hacks and you can try and match up with them to get what you want.
Damien Earl
Damien Earl Ай бұрын
@Yuki Kitsune Welp, if it has the same mechanics, I know what I'm doing next summer!
Yuki Kitsune
Yuki Kitsune Ай бұрын
@Damien Earl yes. Although I think it was called wonder trade
Damien Earl
Damien Earl Ай бұрын
...Omega Ruby has surprise trades?
Who am I
Who am I Ай бұрын
This has propably been said before, but Traumato is actually just german for Drowzee. "Traum" is german for "dream", so thats probably why it is namend that way.
Supreme_King_Obama Ай бұрын
The word for dream is part of the English word for trauma. There seems like there’s a connection there but maybe I’m tripping.
Michael Job
Michael Job Ай бұрын
When referring to the "johtoian" Wooper or any Pokemon form that isn't the regional variant, we should be saying the "National Form" Cause if you catch one in SInnoh, its not exactly Johtonian - it has nothing to do with Johto, but it is in that form nationally except for specific regions, which have the other form
Chonflis 15 күн бұрын
@Gengarzilla look i just want an official thing to call these og forms
Gengarzilla 15 күн бұрын
Nobody says that. The idea of "National" lost all weight when this series moved beyond Japanese regions. That's the whole reason why it was called the National Pokédex, you know.
Chonflis 23 күн бұрын
Noted If I hear "kantonian tauros" one more time Imma be mad
Fyrix Ай бұрын
Why do I feel like that haunter was from a person who thought they would get it back as a gengar but didn’t realise they were on surprise trade not a link trade.
AVeryTallMidget Ай бұрын
@Smudged back in Gen 6, a pair of friends of mine, who happen to be cousins btw, made a Wonder Trade with each other THEY WERE IN THE SAME ROOM TOGETHER
Smudged Ай бұрын
Meanwhile I traded a Froakie away in Surprise trades and she somehow got traded back to me just a few trades later
J Murray
J Murray Ай бұрын
@AVeryTallMidget I lost a slowking to one of them so it’s the luck of the draw
AVeryTallMidget Ай бұрын
@J Murray they do. i helped someone with dex completion by trading back and forth my Gholdengo, which btw, i managed to get like ~800 Coins by the time i did all 3 paths and was about to jump into Area Zero and i wasn't even trying
James Griebler
James Griebler Ай бұрын
Or they just hate shiny gengar which is same
TheUltimaWerewolf Ай бұрын
Man I really wish Shiny Gengar and the rest of its evo line looked like it's mega. The white looks great on it
JessieTheAnt Ай бұрын
Dimension 20 is a definite win, Mikey seems like he’d definitely be a Brennan fan
Cheeto_Quartz Ай бұрын
For levelling up, use a high pevel mon (if someone sends a paradox, it'll be around 60) for 3 and 4 star raids for candies.
midcatwmn Ай бұрын
Great video! This brought back a lot of memories. I did something similar to this back in Pokemon X, where I traded away my breeding leftovers to try and get a living dex of unique trainer numbers (minus legendaries of course). I forget how far I got, maybe a little over halfway, before I got bored with it (and frustrated from getting a bajillion Zubats and Bunnebys).
Golde Green
Golde Green Ай бұрын
Did you ever get a galarian Meowth from OT Phoenix? I got a Lechonk with OT Mikey a few days ago, but it's a very common name so I didn't consider the possibility until this video came up.
AmberAstro Ай бұрын
this is a prime example of mikey's creativity and managiing to suprise us
Seamanlol Ай бұрын
@Julia Taunton-Clark 🤓
Julia Taunton-Clark
Julia Taunton-Clark Ай бұрын
Clay the Ace Trainer
Clay the Ace Trainer Ай бұрын
The eeveeloution squad
The eeveeloution squad Ай бұрын
Yea dang this must take a while tho
Jurian Dijkstra
Jurian Dijkstra Ай бұрын
Your right
Dragonfyre91 Ай бұрын
Funnily enough I was debating on trying to make as much of a living dex through Wonder Trade as possible. Makes sense that it would take a LONG time and a LOT of trades, especially as you complete more of it
Sweetly Dark Art
Sweetly Dark Art Ай бұрын
I've been able to fill most of my Violet Pokedex by trades including the few that are Scarlet exclusives. There's still a bit more I need for completion but I'll continue to trade including a bunch of late stage pokemon to help others out.
Revan42142 Ай бұрын
I would love to see this as a challenge to see how many trade to actually complete it, or get down to just the version and maybe shrine legendaries left. It would probably take a ridiculous amount of time though.
Mama Zeta
Mama Zeta Ай бұрын
This was actually really fun and fascinating as I had a similar experience. I wanted to start my playthrough with a shiny Sprigatito and bred with a Lechonk, surprise trading the breedjects. I got so many new 'mons, including a foreign Ditto, and got ~100 dex entries in 162 trades. Also, with the special raid pokemon, if you're like me and suck at doing raids, just wait a few hours after the raid starts and do some trades. I got 5 Froakie the day the Greninja raid started!
Sky Zulu
Sky Zulu Ай бұрын
been doing a bit of surprise trading myself to help with my dex, and i do feel like people are a lot more generous with their trades than in previous gens. i know i've been trying to trade out version exclusives from my game, including paradox pokemon, the fire tauros, armarouge, and of course some starters! and i've only received one hacked shiny so far, which i promptly released lol
Ares Aurelius
Ares Aurelius Ай бұрын
The melodrama on this channel is what I keep coming back for.
Supreme_King_Obama Ай бұрын
Melodramatic Mikey gives me life.
Seeking Peace
Seeking Peace Ай бұрын
If Mikey got a penny for every shiny tarontulas he got... he'd only have 2 pennies but it's kind of weird that it happened twice
Pink Princess
Pink Princess Ай бұрын
Congrats on the ten shinies you're so lucky.
Emyra Ай бұрын
I'm glad people are trading more diverse and dificult to get pokemon. I usually catch a bunch of area zero mons to both train my mons and surprise trade the duplicate version exclusives. Hopefully it makes someone's day
Alida van Veen
Alida van Veen 10 күн бұрын
I once caught a box full of Iron Hands, picked out the best one to train, and sent out the rest to people. I hope it helped someone complete their dex. The only paradox I ever got, that I couldn't catch myself was Sandy Shocks. The rest, I all had to ask for, to complete my dex...
PhoenyxRysing 27 күн бұрын
I actually did a wonder trade bingo with a friend today, and to both our surprise neither of us ended up with a Paradox Mon, since they seem to be fairly common based on similar vids I've seen here. I did end up picking up a Website Shiny, though... And my friend and I ended up matching for a trade, which was hilarious given the odds of that happening.
Kirsten Forbes
Kirsten Forbes Ай бұрын
I have really been enjoy doing surprise trades and had decided to do this myself but I think that I will have to include trades in the end to get it done. I have done round 200 trades and have completed round 160. I'm trading out doubles and will have to do evolutions.
Seeker Ай бұрын
My first somewhat full odds shiny was a Fidough. I did kinda look for it, some would say hunt, but without any shiny charm or outbreak or sandwich to raise the odds. Just... intensely checking a zone where it spawned.
ArTaG57 Ай бұрын
I feel like only using Wonder/Surprise Trade would take an eternity in pretty much any game. I tried this in ORAS and I still haven't completed it to this day.
blaze Prime
blaze Prime Ай бұрын
@Sheridan Wolf nice
Sheridan Wolf
Sheridan Wolf Ай бұрын
I got a lot of them in my first Sword play through just by surprise trade. Managed to get quite a few Shield exclusives with that
blaze Prime
blaze Prime Ай бұрын
@Dragon 5Accent me either i only did it for quaixly
blaze Prime
blaze Prime Ай бұрын
@Dragon 5Accent i completed it without wondetrades my last pokemon was slowking
DragonGirl 489
DragonGirl 489 Ай бұрын
While I was wonder trading some leftover starters I had from breeding them all for their shinies I had come across a hacked shiny 6iv shiny ditto. That is the only hacked shiny I have gotten compared to swsh
Tricia Davison - Woolcock
Tricia Davison - Woolcock Ай бұрын
I've been doing alot of surprise trades lately, but the pokemon I seem to get the Most are Froakie, Sprigatito & Charmander.... I received 2 paradox pokemon and 1 shiny Amoongus, but I did get alot of pokemon I already had, on the bright side I have all 3 starters on both Scarlet & Violet, plus a Graninja and 2 Haunters that evolved into Gengar... not too bad considering I traded less than you did in this video.... I wish you good luck with your future surprise trades and I hope i get some more good pokemon amongst the
Alex Dayz
Alex Dayz Ай бұрын
“Without evolving” how does that work for Gangar/regular trade evolutions (don’t need a specific item, be traded with a certain Pokémon, etc.)? From what we see in the video you got two Haunters that evolved after being traded. Would that count as two entries or one?
Ben Escalera
Ben Escalera Ай бұрын
So I recently decided to try and beat scarlet only using surprise trade and as soon as I do, pm7 makes a video on that. Now Im half way through and Im wondering "I wonder how long it would take me to complete the pokedex this way" and then heres this video😂
Thesupertoffeebros Ай бұрын
I'm glad to see you get a full odds shiny, since I also got one, a Venonat that I found after getting demolished by the Grass gym leader.
Madhumita Chatterjee
Madhumita Chatterjee Ай бұрын
Bidoof dod has blessed you. Hail yeah.
Woopie Ай бұрын
If I had a nickel for every shiny tarountula mandjtv found, I'd have two nickels wich isn't alot but it's weird that it happened twice.
Katie Rishel
Katie Rishel Ай бұрын
Came here to comment this lol
Woopie Ай бұрын
@Awesome Yes it is I. Hello brother!
Woopie Ай бұрын
@DukeDarkshadow Omg you got 3 of them! Atleast they have a good shiny.
DukeDarkshadow Ай бұрын
The first three full odds shinies I found during my playthrough all happened to be Maschiffs. The next two after that were back to back Litleos within barely ten minutes of each other.
SpiritDragon Ай бұрын
I tend to surprise trade away my extra shiny Pokémon that i already have so pretty cool that it seems like you got a legit one from somebody else during this process!
tegan g
tegan g Ай бұрын
Dimension 20 while surprise trading has literally been my entire vibe these past few weeks
Doge Ай бұрын
keep up the great work!
Kaelan McAlpine
Kaelan McAlpine Ай бұрын
Man my first and only shiny was an Impidimp at least in this game. I didn't use it on my team since I already planned it out before then, and would've had three dark types and potentially two fairy types anyway, but since I basically never used my main team for any of the Team Star bases, I used him for the fighting base. I also got that without a shiny charm, though since I don't have NSO, or friends, getting that is never gonna happen anyway.
MsVilecat Ай бұрын
I might have been the lv4 Deino? I breed a lot for the hubby to be able to raid with me, and used to for competitive (for friends mostly). That deino might have been the one I brought to picnick with a while back 💕
ThatPr3ppydude Ай бұрын
I love how he caught a lechonk and turned that into a tinkaton
Danjurus_ Ай бұрын
My first full-odds was a spidops in tagtree thicket. Funny because its my only shiny.
Moonlapse Nightwind
Moonlapse Nightwind Ай бұрын
I'm going to try this in my copy of Scarlet that I haven't started yet. Will update this with the results.
Bulba Paul
Bulba Paul Ай бұрын
I've had to ST for the last few I need to finish my Dex and I've been stuck on one away for weeks. 😅🙃 Who'd have thought getting a Slither Wing would be so impossible.
jolina salazar
jolina salazar Ай бұрын
How can you tell whether or not a surprise traded Pokémon is hacked? I recently received a shiny froakie named “happynewyear” and was elated, but now I’m worried about it being hacked. Is there anything that gives it away?
Peter Sileo
Peter Sileo Ай бұрын
Hey Mikey, older viewer here. Just wanted to say I love your content. Was doing a bit of surprise trading today and got a magikarp named Sub2MandJTV and wanted to say I was pleasantly surprised. Not sure if you will notice, I am sure you get a ton of them but I was a player named Pete and I was emptying a box of Fuecoco, wish it was a shiny but it was cool to run into one of your surprise trades
Peter Sileo
Peter Sileo Ай бұрын
Just to clarify I wished the pokemon I was sending out was a shiny, I didn't wish for a shiny, just wished I could have given you something cooler than a normal Feucoco
Agent Omega
Agent Omega Ай бұрын
I’m actually surprised that the website trades have already been started. I didn’t think it would happen for a while. At least the Haunter/Gengar seems legit. Also congrats on the two shiny full odds tarountula.
mirage Ай бұрын
@Agent Omega thank you for helping me :)
Agent Omega
Agent Omega Ай бұрын
@mirage I don’t know much about them myself, but I’ll do my best to explain. “Website or hacked shinies” to my understanding are Pokémon that come from websites that place them into the games through outside means such as modded consoles or computers. They often have perfect IV’s and natures and tend to be named a specific nickname after the website. Although they may not always be nicknamed that. Sometimes they’re easy to spot. Other times, they’re a lot better hidden. The reason these are bad are they were put into the game illegitimately and can sometimes be considered illegal. (Not like breaking the law illegal, but illegal in terms of competitive battling.) They are also considered illegal if they are shinies that cannot be normally obtained like the GEN 9 legends since those are shiny-locked in-game.
mirage Ай бұрын
You seem knowledgeable on the subject. What is so bad about a "website" shiny. And what is a "hacked shiny"?
oscar ferrer
oscar ferrer Ай бұрын
This guy's not only a poketuber but a pokescientist, a realistic one
wintergirl 157
wintergirl 157 Ай бұрын
My first shiny in the game was a psyduck
Knoblin Ай бұрын
I did a ton of surprise trades recently trying to get the starters, it was easier to get almost all the scarlet version exclusives than to use the link codes.
Amelia Driscoll
Amelia Driscoll Ай бұрын
Ive always wondered how well doing this would work myself, getting hacked mons isnt so great but at least you only got a handfull.
Brendan Gabel
Brendan Gabel Ай бұрын
Mikey. I love your Team Sky videos. How would you like it if I did a Sw/Sh Team Sky Admin playthrough using only flying types as a Nuzlocke?
Invegeroth Ай бұрын
The “if you think you do, you don’t” is hilarious
Hamid Mahdi
Hamid Mahdi Ай бұрын
Wait, why do you think the shiny Charmander and Flutter Mane aren't legit? You can hatch one and catch the other using sandwiches, or just being incredibly lucky (I've got nearly all the shiny variants of the Scarlet Paradox Pokemon)
sgordon24 Ай бұрын
i did something similar to that in pokemon sword.... caught pokemon in game or surprised traded as much as i could and then for those that we're versions exclusive did some trade with my brother who had pokemon shield. in the end.... as i also did the whole story line of the game..... i took me 150 hours approx. to complete all of it. could have done it in much less if i would have done less raids, but i needed xp candy to evolve a lot of pokemon
NewzieNeighbor420 Ай бұрын
Question- Should you get rid of the website shinies or is it okay to keep them??
Miika Roos
Miika Roos Ай бұрын
Get rid of them.
WrightFam Ай бұрын
My first EVER shiny was a Tarantula!
Luke Ай бұрын
Wow. My first full odds shiny was at the start of the game when I just started and it was a shiny tarountula.
Silver_the_duck Ай бұрын
i love how mikey can make up something ridiculous and still succeed
King ChunkymilkYT
King ChunkymilkYT Ай бұрын
Correction it’s usually random like how many charmanders he got
Raptor Ай бұрын
Cryptic Ай бұрын
My first shiny in Pokémon Scarlet was Lechonk.
TheSaiyanGamer Ай бұрын
My first shiny in Pokemon Scarlet was a Shiny Tropius and it was full odds
NaterGreater Ай бұрын
My first shiny was right before I completed the dex, and it was a tarountuala!
Akacyclonus Ай бұрын
I tried this last night after watching this video for fun and honestly I was quite surprised on what I actually got
Sana’s Shy Language
Sana’s Shy Language Ай бұрын
I traded away a shiny Toedscruel that I named Toedscruel but it was like with a bunch of accent marks and stuff cause it spawned while I was in battle with a shiny Toedscool. Wonder how it’s doin.
JJ Braswell
JJ Braswell Ай бұрын
The fact that I was watching dimension 20 right before this video and I’m pretty sure the exact campaign to being fantasy high is hilarious
grand-r lastname
grand-r lastname Ай бұрын
It’s Gorgug! Keep going! It would be sick to see Mikey do a video about Dimension 20.
Novemberian Ай бұрын
"Spring Break! I believe in you!"
Hypnotics OCs
Hypnotics OCs Ай бұрын
I haven't played a whole lot lot of scarlet and I've already found two full odds shinies. The first being croagunk and the second marill
Eric Garard
Eric Garard Ай бұрын
Thank you for your patronage. Now I am going to go surprise trade for a bit to get some of the Scarlett Pokemon that I cannot get. Plus the starters!
supergluehotty Ай бұрын
Skrelp took me 4 days by surprise trade. I was going off like I found a shiny Milotic full odds.
Kayle MacKenzie
Kayle MacKenzie Ай бұрын
Getting a shiny haunter that evolves into gengar is ultimate luck. I'd actually cry.
Brock Hartley
Brock Hartley Ай бұрын
Good job Mikey, you got into watching dimension 20 and I love pretty much all there seasons. Your in for a trip with them.
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi Ай бұрын
Dimension 20 is incredible, glad to see more people talking about it!
Isabella Mlodecki
Isabella Mlodecki Ай бұрын
@Sean A. And hyper Christian!
Jetplane2608- antifurry
Jetplane2608- antifurry Ай бұрын
Hello there
Little Leon
Little Leon Ай бұрын
I agree
Sean A.
Sean A. Ай бұрын
D20 is data driven
Kassidy Ай бұрын
my first full odds was also tarountula!
Myth Ай бұрын
Question, if you get a hacked shiny, will is negatively affect your account? Can you get banned?
Alissa Tome
Alissa Tome Ай бұрын
The second you mentioned Dimension 20 I got like so excited! Always have that on in the background, it's a great show.
kingbruce20 Ай бұрын
my first shiny in pokemon violet was tarountula and it was the 3rd pokemon i caught (first was fuecoco and then the lechonk as tutorial)
~Syndere~ Ай бұрын
Want to share that there is a setup now for trading for exclusives, using the Dex numbers for the room code.
Novemberian Ай бұрын
One cannot describe the excitement I felt at learning you're getting into Dimension 20 as someone who's been watching it for years. I hope you enjoy it!
kanevivi Ай бұрын
What is that? And are there other groups?
OwensTheBomb92 Ай бұрын
Never more has been so entertaining, happy everyone else is liking it.
N T Ай бұрын
Literally the best show on the internet. Newest season is so good.
Joseph Mao
Joseph Mao Ай бұрын
On the topic of shinies, if it helps, I've yet to find a single one in Paldea 😅
1Gameaddict1 Ай бұрын
My first playthrough starting from launch day was a surprise trade nuzlocke that i further limited to just gen 9 pokemon, re-trading each catch till i got something new. By the end of the first box it took like 45 min of repeat re-trading for each catch, so lessened the limit to any non-repeat at that point. Still ended up in the repeat loop like a box and a half later, but by that point i had caught something in just about every location and about finished the story so nuzlocke was basically over anyway. Following that stricter ruleset, though factoring in the varied catches along the way for trade fodder, i also ended up with about 70-ish percent dex completion after evolution/breeding, it just took longer lol.
MetaKirby Ай бұрын
Depending on my mood I will either surprise trade a hoppip or an iron Valliant
Xay Ай бұрын
Mikey saying he got into Dimension 20 made me ridiculously happy, not gonna lie 😂
danybel Ай бұрын
i got a lot of Violet Exclusives through the surprise trades, and then Iron Hands like 20 times lmao
Roderick Ragel
Roderick Ragel Ай бұрын
I feel like jack is gonna get so jealous bc you got the shiny ditto
Tallyn Nyntyg
Tallyn Nyntyg Ай бұрын
@Death 2519 He should just trade over the hacked Ditto without any context.
Death 2519
Death 2519 Ай бұрын
@Tallyn Nyntyg?
Tallyn Nyntyg
Tallyn Nyntyg Ай бұрын
@Death 2519 Then trade it over.
Kai Havertz
Kai Havertz Ай бұрын
@Munchlax fan#1 you’re the one reading the comments 😂
Munchlax fan#1
Munchlax fan#1 Ай бұрын
Spoiler alert
Ashterial Ай бұрын
I must be unlucky lol I have only gotten 1 happynewyear pokemon and I wondertrade a ton for my breedjects when breeding for shiny mons.
Catsaur999 Ай бұрын
I’m curious if he got the once in a lifetime mark from all this trading
miss ice queen 2
miss ice queen 2 19 күн бұрын
My first shiny was also a tarontula
Jedi the Hedgehog
Jedi the Hedgehog Ай бұрын
I managed to complete a third of the Dex at the start of the game via surprise trade alone when I was trying to get a Charmander
Pierson Kainz
Pierson Kainz Ай бұрын
My first shiny ever was a full odds shiny gogoat and I mediately thought of mikey’s pokemon y but everything is randomized
Maeve Burgess
Maeve Burgess Ай бұрын
It's like the CandyEvie videos where she surprise trades a thousand Magnemites! Now that you've had a taste, I'd love to see you react to one of those videos of hers
Oliver Cox
Oliver Cox Ай бұрын
Was not expecting a reference to Dimension 20 here- I’m a huge fan of it!
Steve Rinn
Steve Rinn Ай бұрын
Wow, never expected to end up on here. Thanks for the lechonk. Sorry the scorbunny didn't help, or if you ended up with a bunch of my starters. Just trying to help people who can't get them other ways. Great vid!
Stephanie Suralik
Stephanie Suralik Ай бұрын
I was trading out Slakoths! I wonder if you got it from me
KestrelDC Ай бұрын
I’m honestly amazed this is your first full odds shiny in SV. I’ve been just drowning in them without even looking for them. Is John draining your shiny luck or something? Because his shiny luck is insane!
Joel Ай бұрын
I've gotten 2 full odds shiny in scarlet. Lechonk and Mudsbray.
JDLong006 Ай бұрын
This makes me want to do a wonderlocke
Jess5_11 Ай бұрын
I can't even get just the Scarlet exclusives from many many attempts at surprise trade but I've sent a lot of amazing stat froakies out into the world after finally getting a Greninja and breeding it like mad so that's something 🤣. I appreciate having been traded charmanders and scorbunnys though I missed those raids. Plus the other starters. My best is probably the random spiritomb I got traded. Not come across one in game and no idea where to do so, so that was lucky 🤣
JyonaSenpai Ай бұрын
I was thinking about this the other day. I might give it a go when Pokemon Home can connect to Scarlet/Violet in case I get something good
Emmy Geers
Emmy Geers Ай бұрын
I just found and caught my first full odds shiny of gen 9, a bonsley, seconds before mikey found his, lol.
Evan Bonds
Evan Bonds Ай бұрын
I feel really bad about an experience- I was just surprised trading a little early game, expecting nothing as the previous generations hadn't been the most diverse in pokémon. I got iron jugulis, And it seems authentic- I don't know what to do I feel really bad hahahahaha because they received a flittle
Fawxo Ай бұрын
Tbh for me, I tend to trade the raid pokemon I get from 5 and 6 star raids
Cody Gurnick
Cody Gurnick Ай бұрын
My first 2 shinies were Lechonk. My third was me breeding charmanders with the Masuda method and it was like the 6th charmander I hatched and haven't had one since.
A Burst Finish
A Burst Finish Ай бұрын
my first 2 shinys in scarlet and violet were iron bundle and cetoddle, my third was a shiny slither wing that someone traded me and it seems to be legit (it doesn't have perfect ivs and it has a bad nature) and my fourth was a shiny frookie that I hatched
Parker Ай бұрын
I got Rotom and then skorupi 30 minutes later then 6 months later alpha chatot, all in PLA
Twinkle the Fox
Twinkle the Fox Ай бұрын
Unfortunately that was my 2nd shiny and my only new shiny. My other 3 are ones I already have
timotheninja Ай бұрын
Congrats on the shinies!
Souless Shadow
Souless Shadow 14 күн бұрын
Arboliva could have also been from a Tera Raid. I got my Arboliva with a fire tera type from a tera raid haha. That was after getting both it's previous evo's from surprise trade.
Jezrael Ernas
Jezrael Ernas Ай бұрын
Honestly, I love it when you present stats on your video. 😊
Brady Johnson
Brady Johnson Ай бұрын
So what did you get in exchange for the Tarountulas?
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