This is taking glamping to a whole new level...😍

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@lynx1980luke Ай бұрын
Totally reminded me that I need to grab a tent at Walmart. They have a sale going on this week for $79. If I do a few hours of overtime I should be able to afford it.
@houseofsolomon2440 Ай бұрын
Do it!
@kingofkingz235 Ай бұрын
That's a better option if you ask me 😂🤣😭💀☠️
@wearetheremnants1615 Ай бұрын
@Voo_Doo_Blue Ай бұрын
@RockSteadyBro Ай бұрын
@BrunoDeMarques Ай бұрын
End-of-the-world certified.
@kri1ndawn440 Ай бұрын
It opens up a bit too slowly, but yeah
@ArtFreeman Ай бұрын
This truck reminds me of the movie Damnation Alley
@joshuajohnson313 Ай бұрын
​@@kri1ndawn440that is plenty fast enough. They make things move a certain way for a reason.
@chasugc3740 Ай бұрын
A Zombie Apocalypse vehicle.
@raynman6466 Ай бұрын
​@@joshuajohnson313 he means in an end of the world scenario
@pricebusters1966 25 күн бұрын
"why are you sleeping outside?", "the hydraulics for the stairs are broken"
@user-sm7zy1rh9r 23 күн бұрын
😳 😔😔😔 😂🤣😂🤣😂👍
@stumpgrinder13 22 күн бұрын
@user-so1he1ms6l 22 күн бұрын
Аварийный вход и выход - через кабину 😂
@alexferreira2160 21 күн бұрын
@kirkfranklinboy1986 21 күн бұрын
Beat me to it
@davidlemaire6272 19 күн бұрын
These are the most expensive, but coolest RV's on KZbin
@sallymay3643 11 күн бұрын
The in didn't look like it had much to offer.
@edgar6628 Ай бұрын
The ideal vehicle for your zombie apocalypse scenario
@angelsordemons Ай бұрын
Too slow perhaps.
@Hmmmst Ай бұрын
The next problem is figuring out how to fuel this thing during a zombie apocalypse
@makeachaininthecommentsect7953 29 күн бұрын
​@Hmmmst Get it to a gas station or using a fuel canister?
@edgar6628 29 күн бұрын
You’d have a secure location. And this would be used to man up a crew and go on the loot
@eyeLie 29 күн бұрын
It’s like a bigger and luxury version of that MRAP thing from Fear the Walking Dead
@cremil1285 28 күн бұрын
As a mechanic i thank you for the job security. Not a single one of those moving parts will work after a month of offroad use.
@jayjones9051 28 күн бұрын
As a mechanic living in Europe for decades, that’s not true, these are expedition vehicles build by Germans. They will outlast everything and that’s with the hydraulics!!!
@user-jq8cm5rw3u 28 күн бұрын
Still engineer or no it’s ment for luxury time spent on a camping ground rich fuckers don’t care for terrains
@woodybrennan 28 күн бұрын
My thoughts exactly after watching that ridiculous "unfolding staircase". Any wildlife has left the area. They can park it a Walmart lot. That way, the 20 mechanics can access the money pit.
@Vmaster005 28 күн бұрын
Especially the blonde
@hb237scl 28 күн бұрын
저 캠핑카 가격엔 관심은 없고요.. 그냥 1박에 얼마나 할까요??😅
@tireballastserviceofflorid7771 24 күн бұрын
Wife and I use a tent. All our gear fits in the back seat and bed of my truck. Can be setup in 45 minutes. Even cook inside with ac lighting. The whole setup cost less than the tax on the fuel for that thing. We also stay in free campgrounds offered by the state. Have a blast. And it is so cheap that we bring $100 worth of steak for dinner.
@user-bu2vc1ni6l 24 күн бұрын
Молодцы! Самое правильное решение.😊🤝
@tireballastserviceofflorid7771 24 күн бұрын
@@user-bu2vc1ni6l Say what?
@markmonaghan2309 21 күн бұрын
100% , I used dream about a campervan .not any more , good quality tent , far better.
@tireballastserviceofflorid7771 20 күн бұрын
@@markmonaghan2309 Loads more versatile. When I retire and rv might be nice.
@user-tu8lt1ke3h 18 күн бұрын
much better plan😊
@kardo4life 10 күн бұрын
That's A Monster On Wheels Damnnn
@dcss89 Ай бұрын
The irony is that the type of people who have the money to build a motorhome like this are the type of people who are not willing to use a motorhome, they don't like the woods, nor simplicity, nor being far from shopping malls or clubs.
@NotRbot Ай бұрын
the primary reason is because those axel are like 100k kept running And the two driver seats 150k And the cab bed cost, 400k plus 50k of this too base On the out side solar panels might throw bikes in Might not To make this 700k And no 6x6 that drives this well With weight
@grishagribov9878 Ай бұрын
Все так и есть. Кому он нужен, тем не хватит денег. Кому хватает денег, он не нужен
@spacecitySuperSolid Ай бұрын
Cost too much, rich people don’t waste money when they can get it cheaper
@bratpit.8237 Ай бұрын
Bon c'est pas (a)le elle a des trous dans son pantalon elle a pas les moyens😅😅😅
@shemarvinesstar7395 Ай бұрын
Wealthy person spend money on ppl is miser with money​@@spacecitySuperSolid
@jeremye5714 Ай бұрын
I added two extra cup holders to my 05 Tahoe this weekend so I’m good
@rayballestero8872 29 күн бұрын
That's all it takes be basic it is better no one plots to steal cup holders, enjoy life.
@megataurus7779 28 күн бұрын
You snob! 😅
@jbischmann 28 күн бұрын
Hell yeah
@glenfowler4279 28 күн бұрын
I chucked an esky in the back of my honda crv..💰👍
@jonathanreed4165 28 күн бұрын
@Claudia-SeeProfile 26 күн бұрын
They have got to call that the road warrior definitely add that to your collection of RVs 🖤🖤🖤
@soul1989 25 күн бұрын
Гениально,5-ти звёздная роскошь на колёсах👍👌👏
@user-ss3yo9fm4l 23 сағат бұрын
Ну уж не гениально. Прикольно, это да.
@ahilkhilkingen6061 Ай бұрын
And for only five billion dollars one of these screaming beauties can be yours 💀
@haulinheavy540 Ай бұрын
@SAMOAN_JUICE685 Ай бұрын
😂😂😂😂😂😂got me fkd up yo
@madmike4 Ай бұрын
😆😆so true
@august88837 Ай бұрын
Dammit iam sticking to my Honda
@mrebholz Ай бұрын
And like all screaming 😱🤯 beauties, it's a liability not an asset
@BabyJesus66 Ай бұрын
"I think ill go inside now" whirrrrrrrrrrr....45 mins later... Inside! 😂😂
@squibbelsmcjohnson Ай бұрын
@RockSteadyBro Ай бұрын
@joshuaanderson-bryant57 Ай бұрын
@guesswhat-chickenbutt Ай бұрын
@CHans-mk8sp 29 күн бұрын
No shit. Hopefully never have to make a quick escape... Hahaha 🤣
@robertcopes1185 10 күн бұрын
I need this so bad. I spend most of my earnings staying in hotels and it sucks..great job Mercedes this is awesome.
@Greendot319 23 күн бұрын
Beauty in Engineering does not come from complication, it comes from simplicity.
@kelvinkunene4615 Ай бұрын
Nothing better than going camping and watching some TV on a comfy bed
@NicESpurling Ай бұрын
I can do that in my $8k van 🤷🏼‍♀️
@YazidGrenoble Ай бұрын
@pablom2706 Ай бұрын
Oh yeah let’s go camping so we can watch TV 🙄
@kelvinkunene4615 Ай бұрын
I should have been a tad more sarcastic... It seems to have gone over people's head🫠
@lukasadamson6091 Ай бұрын
@NicESpurling stop flexing my dude 😎
@Aaron-og2wx Ай бұрын
Looks like "Megatron" in retirement
@ekojacharles8077 Ай бұрын
@ABhd84 Ай бұрын
Next up Optimus primes version 2.0
@scottyochum8908 24 күн бұрын
That's some Mad Max stuff there!!!!!😊😊😊😊
@svetlanafedorova8602 10 күн бұрын
Сказка ... не машина , а сказка.. красавица... такая огромная и такая изящная...
@Full_Spectrum_Threat_solutions 29 күн бұрын
Every time I see something like this, it reminds me that there are a lot more super rich people in the world than I previously believed
@dtllcmotorsportwa 28 күн бұрын
And they look like the rest of us
@gaymer42069 28 күн бұрын
@@dtllcmotorsportwathey absolutely do not most of the time they look and act like lizard people. Absolutely bereft of social skills and the ability to self reflect.
@gaymer42069 28 күн бұрын
@@dtllcmotorsportwaIncorrect, most ultra wealthy people act and look bizarre, fake, and are incapable of self reflection.
@proxbimcginley5085 27 күн бұрын
Millions and millions of them just in us. I’ve heard 4 million just in Florida.
@tabitharoberts260 10 күн бұрын
yes i agree
@dtsMQG Ай бұрын
sounds like factory.
@wharris123184 Ай бұрын
Best comment
@contentdeleted4978 Ай бұрын
"We dont need men"
@bambamn8019 Ай бұрын
Yea it’s way too noisy. Haven’t they seen “A Quiet Place”?
@devilslayerthesaintofkille1317 Ай бұрын
​@@contentdeleted4978who do you think built it?
@destituteanddecadent9106 29 күн бұрын
​@@contentdeleted4978no one is saying that, stop trying to stir shit up.
@user-zl3ml8tb7k 25 күн бұрын
When the rear hydraulics started to coming down, I thought it's gonna unload the garbage 😅 It looked very familiar.
@almarch-jw9lk 22 күн бұрын
Everyone thinks about what is close to them
@user-zl3ml8tb7k 21 күн бұрын
@@almarch-jw9lk Looks like you dump your garbage on your own. No service available 🤣
@LALUNA-oz2ul Күн бұрын
@BobbyDaniels-ck7jv 28 күн бұрын
I hope that’s bullet proof because a whole lot of people are going to want it.
@bommdandimite4596 27 күн бұрын
That is exactly what I was saying
@nildakovacs-colon5892 27 күн бұрын
Hell yeah
@jakemccoy 27 күн бұрын
Lots of people want a Lamborghini too.
@josephtobin3347 27 күн бұрын
@@jakemccoy. Not in SHTF.
@BobbyDaniels-ck7jv 27 күн бұрын
Not during the apocalypse they don’t.
@user-qo5en2ic2i Ай бұрын
It costs more than a home... while 99% people can't afford a home... Mercedes is beyond common people needs....99.999% population can't buy it....😅
@camdelaforce1230 Ай бұрын
Amen to that, funny world eh?
@remokit 29 күн бұрын
So my only comment is why did you change your pants at least once?
@bestself2438 29 күн бұрын
This is exactly why I keep telling everyone to become the top .001% of wealth. It’s life is so much easier when you can buy things like this as gifts for friends. Trust me. Do not be poor, it sucks.
@bitteng13 29 күн бұрын
Да он им и не нужен,а домик 70 кв.м. был бы кстати! И землицы 30×30....😅😅😅❤
@user-qo5en2ic2i 29 күн бұрын
@@bestself2438 work hard for Mercedes... without customer Mercedes will be many Mercedes do you have... LoL 🤬
@jamespainter3184 7 күн бұрын
I like seeing the different type of vehicles and i happy that folks get to experience not one of those folk but i love my family and doing everything i can for them... stay strong 💪🏿 good folks GOD bless you all
@user-be6kl1cp4y 29 күн бұрын
Отличная техника тем более по цене доступной каждому владельцу палатки.
@user-mt4xo9qt7t 27 күн бұрын
... или шалаша...
@iFarted. 25 күн бұрын
@user-ku9lr5sj5j 25 күн бұрын
Палатки? Шалашика.
@nationaluniverse9899 25 күн бұрын
7 millones de euros y te lo llevas
@pupkin5102 25 күн бұрын
Только, для фригидок-одиночек
@Aleksey_Fedorov 27 күн бұрын
На такой Мерседес нужно 300 лет работать , всем добра и мира 🤣🖖👍😃 и позитива ❤
@VitaTarm 27 күн бұрын
... и главное, потом пульт не потерять 😁☝ ))))
@1984newspeak 27 күн бұрын
Пульт в целлофане 😂
@user-uh8dy2jh6f 27 күн бұрын
На таком мерседесе работают уже на хозяина сея мобиля, а он отдыхает)
@elaineprice7870 26 күн бұрын
@_kto_me_47 26 күн бұрын
@yolandamitchell857 18 күн бұрын
I like that the truck sit up high and can only be accessed if the stairs are lowered. Better safety measures 🙌💯🔥
@WildnUnruly 10 күн бұрын
Perspective matter. I see that gap as a vulnerability. Marauders can lie in wait under there. Also bears. Too many ways to disable from underneath and that’s a massive loss of heat if used in cold temperatures.
@keinlieb3818 15 күн бұрын
I would love one of these, but I couldn't even afford one of the lugnuts for the wheel. Can't imagine how much an oil change would cost.
@Torsee Ай бұрын
Yeah! I’ll take two. One in black. One in yellow! Mood’s ya know..
@Voo_Doo_Blue Ай бұрын
Under rated comment. 😂
@nordinebensaad942 26 күн бұрын
Ton pilote t attend pour la conduite ok.
@fuadjafarov8514 27 күн бұрын
Страшно даже подумать сколько может стоить такой грузовик 😮
@benmason9058 26 күн бұрын
The only document I could find says the SOD Peak 8x6 starts at $1.8 million (1.7 Million Euros) For that kind of money, I could by a really nice RV, customize it, and still have plenty of money left over...
@fuadjafarov8514 26 күн бұрын
@@benmason9058 exactly 👍🏻
@toxasmirnov6506 26 күн бұрын
​@@benmason9058170 000 000 рублей
@user-ic1hl2kg3p 26 күн бұрын
Да уж ай я тоже такой хочу жить в нем, но думаю бюрократия налоги и на него придумает.
@juancarlosesquivel7876 26 күн бұрын
Y el combustible
@stevenallan5822 2 сағат бұрын
20 MPG and insurance to make a grown man cry!!
@jessicashinclaer_SeeMyAboutMee 28 күн бұрын
MILEAGE SPECIFICATIONS: 10 BPG city. 14 BPG highway. *BPG ~ blocks per gallon
@user-ds2ej3wn8p 28 күн бұрын
They don't care they are upper class well heeled folks 🤗
@user-ig2vb1rt6f 28 күн бұрын
@MikeBarbarossa 28 күн бұрын
Carbon footprint so big, geologist will discover them millions of years from now
@rogerlynn3800 28 күн бұрын
Battery not included
@dawn_of_Artificial_Intellect 27 күн бұрын
@takeum123 29 күн бұрын
At the dealership: “You got your CDL right?” 😂
@artsteadman2230 28 күн бұрын
@takeum123 not required unless you're hauling commercial
@DrivenA111 28 күн бұрын
@@artsteadman2230? Talking out your rear cheeks?
@bizzyizzy9526 28 күн бұрын
CDL is not required for personal use vehicles even if they're gcvr is over 26000 pounds.
@doughesson 28 күн бұрын
My grandniece could drive that thing on her learner's permit.She got that in 3 hours of waiting the day after she turned 15. Meanwhile,I'm driving 78,000 lbs of batteries on a Class A CDL that took me a month & a half of driving training to get.
@lovegod1steverythingelse2n47 28 күн бұрын
@@doughessonthis comment went over peoples head
@Dee-mw9tk 25 күн бұрын
Alright, where can i purchase this "mechanical beast"...!!! i gotta' have this today. 💜
@rachmadkusniawan7602 23 күн бұрын
Mobil idamanku🎉
@user-vs1hs2dp5f Ай бұрын
For only 5 million dollars you can survive the zombie apocalypse 💀
@josephtobin3347 27 күн бұрын
Can a check suffice?
@JuniorMazzon Ай бұрын
People passing by and asking themselves: why the hell is there a special government unit here?
@user-nz9sz3yl8q 22 күн бұрын
Никогда не было своего ДОМА, а о таком даже и мечтать страшно! . Мечте моей, видать.. Не сбыться.
@user-dx4wb1dy6f 19 күн бұрын
اكو ناس عدنه بالعراق مايستوعبون هذه التقنيه والتطور 😂
@KenBlock43173 Ай бұрын
Bro for a sec I thought this thing was a Terrorbyte from GTA Online 💀
@Robert507PTY Ай бұрын
That's bc it is 😅
@user-zy4em5eg4d Ай бұрын
Nah dude the Brickade
@sasuke6626 Ай бұрын
@felabanks626 29 күн бұрын
lol Acid lab 😅😅
@wjthehomebuilder 27 күн бұрын
"No generators after dark😡" "Oh no, that's just my hydraulics!" 😆 🤣 😂
@relentlezz 25 күн бұрын
I was just about to say: The perfect vehicle to arrive at a campsite at 1am. WEEEE!!! WUUUUU!!! WAAAA!!! 😂
@H.Najafabadi.P.369 25 күн бұрын
تکنولوژی، تفکر و ثروت در خدمت رفاه و آسایش
@alexanderwright3290 4 күн бұрын
Now this is a real RV😊😊😊😊😊😊
@uptone12111 Ай бұрын
-5 miles per gallon hehe
@wax2640 Ай бұрын
That would mean fuel would be added to tank.
@puhoota Ай бұрын
If you can afford that monster, the price of fuel doesn’t matter.
@uptone12111 Ай бұрын
@@wax2640 u got a point there .hehe
@pauljastrzebiec-milewski4410 Ай бұрын
It runs on hydrogen. Need to carry the top water hose.😂😂😂😂😂
@chasugc3740 Ай бұрын
Nope. A European Diesel can get 25-35 mpg. This is a Mercedes, a European Diesel manufacturer. Mercedes are know to be diesel engines. Most cars have 20 gallon gas tanks. If this one has a 40 gallon tank then you can expect 1200 miles to a tank of gas(40x30). If it has a 30 gallon tank, then 900 miles to a tank. That's probably $120-180, to drive 1200 miles. It's better mileage than my TJ Wrangler, that's for sure.
@cinimatics 28 күн бұрын
Looks like a military vehicle on the outside. Can you imagine rolling up to a battle in that? "I brought yall a house!".
@rafaeltn1147 14 сағат бұрын
Ready for armageddon
@michaelwebster8968 25 күн бұрын
Fabulous truck. Must be custom made. I assume it cost $900,000.00
@Chrish1981 Ай бұрын
I thought the terminator was going to walk out of that lol
@georgemallory797 29 күн бұрын
In an EMP, unless it's shielded, it's gonna be less mobile than my tent.
@minekush1138 29 күн бұрын
thought id be the only one to think of that i can tell you the richies that own this ugly thing would not most look to be lines.but i bey thosr lines are controlled with wires n pcbs so.yeah 😂 useless for any real reason to own it
@signalearth 28 күн бұрын
def has emp shielding
@MondoChow777 28 күн бұрын
​@@minekush1138 Most off road RVs have farraday protection systems. The kinds of folks who get these are a special breed of explorers, they aren't your average person who gets the class A coach bus RVs with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.
@minekush1138 28 күн бұрын
@@MondoChow777 you would think.but then i heard air force one dosent even get one so rhe plane meant for the president dosent get one but you think they install them in motorhomes lmao have you ever seen how thin a wall is on a rv theres not even room in mosst to have active one n i can tell you theres no way there putting non active magnetic force protection like mylar if there is some its for heat lmao not for stopping magnetics feilds lol its not gonna stop a meneticw feild its meant to keep in heat n keep out thr cold theres a hole in it everytime say a pipe goes past those radio waves will find those holes n get in n fry everything
@pattiannepascual 26 күн бұрын
@brianhiles8164 19 күн бұрын
Powered by _Allspark,_ the greenest energy there is. So green.
@tysonmandela9265 23 күн бұрын
I love wild camping and not really into the whole camper van thing but my oh my that looks gorgeous inside and out
@R6Siege_Addict 28 күн бұрын
Bro got the acid lab from GTA online 💀
@Festivex1 28 күн бұрын
gotta get an MOC
@R6Siege_Addict 27 күн бұрын
@@Festivex1 nope the lab can take more rockets 💯
@Festivex1 27 күн бұрын
@@R6Siege_Addict crap I forgot about the oppressors
@R6Siege_Addict 27 күн бұрын
@@Festivex1 gta took crotch rocket to literally
@grand-georgeproductions3857 Ай бұрын
That's not camping. That's going on a wild life adventure 🦍🐆🦧🐅🦬🦒🐘🦏🚙🚛💨😂🤣👌💯
@chasugc3740 Ай бұрын
I would love to take this on a safari across Africa. The only problem would be the violent human nations. This sort of vehicle would be better suited to the peaceful U.S. A track from Yellowstone to the Grand Canyon, maybe stop somewhere in Big Bear, and just have a good ole time. Montana, Utah and the Florida Everglades would be awesome stops. You would probably have to save your money for 20 years and then quit your job for a year. Or, just retire at 55, and find a beautiful young blonde to enjoy it all with.
@Voo_Doo_Blue Ай бұрын
Ya had me up until you brought in the gold digger. 😢
@marymetzgerlis2176 19 күн бұрын
That’s all good until there’s a gas shortage. ❤❤❤
@beataw4216 17 күн бұрын
Wszystko świetne, gorzej tylko jak się automat zatnie😂
@solfrazao5614 16 күн бұрын
@user-uj1go9wq9u 27 күн бұрын
Молодцы инженеры лет через сто и простые люди оценят правда здорово
@Winner6984 25 күн бұрын
I need this truck badly!!
@anibalantunez6954 25 күн бұрын
Me encanta es hermoso!!!!
@goflying1929 29 күн бұрын
Oh would I love to have this beauty!!! Stunning.
@user-dx8vv7yi4e 28 күн бұрын
Иметь красоту в красоте! Блонда ,надеюсь, в комплекте!?
@annabellesnightmares 28 күн бұрын
I just picked up my new Mercedes, I want that instead.
@user-ke3wb2gj7v 28 күн бұрын
Now that's what I call a badass home away from home
@privyhood-of5oq 23 күн бұрын
Yea rite so nice are u doin
@temualbasu2559 4 күн бұрын
We getting the nightclub missions done with this one
@nicholasmorrison4047 16 күн бұрын
Badass on the outside and beautiful on the inside!
@wayneyu6104 28 күн бұрын
At this price, the vehicle should be driving itself while you take a nap
@Trytostopmeh 27 күн бұрын
Wat the price
@user-hn6ur2fz5u 27 күн бұрын
How Much it cost?
@user-ub3hh6tn5o Ай бұрын
Слов нет, слюни только от зависти белой👌💯
@user-wi8qc5gr4o 29 күн бұрын
Загнивающий запад.
@rusta3210 28 күн бұрын
​@@user-wi8qc5gr4oЭто тот же КАМаЗ российский вообще то! У нас на предприятии тоже есть, для охоты купили. Так что не ныть про запад.
@user-en3mm1ok8l 28 күн бұрын
Конечно загнивающий, они уже сами станут скоро железными роботами без мозгов не живыми! Без радости от жизни и природы​@@user-wi8qc5gr4o
@TimothyBrown-wm3cx 17 күн бұрын
Now this is what I need. I don't go camping. 😂🤣😂
@maharajshrinathji6066 22 күн бұрын
Looking very pretty and kind 😊
@PDC4Life Ай бұрын
Sounds like how Terminator would sound when he's 90
@tibchy144 28 күн бұрын
in today's world, this only needs a mount on top for a light machine gun for defense and decent 360 degrees thermal and night vision surveillance
@FamilleRametteBrusset-py6rv 25 күн бұрын
C'est magnifique j'aime trop
@user-pl2uv7bi2t Күн бұрын
@black1411hole Ай бұрын
قلبي الصغير لا يتحمل هذا الجمال😢
@horizonberg Ай бұрын
thank you super rich! the planet and the future are looking amazing! you deserve this!
@terrellroyal221 23 күн бұрын
Damn 🚨☠🥸😇🤬💯👍
@kodaz94 12 күн бұрын
This totally reminds me of the camping RV scene in the old goofy movie 😂😂
@aakhilahmed1382 Ай бұрын
Fuel consumption ☠️
@TBonerton Ай бұрын
1 highway 0 city
@tortugab Ай бұрын
It is actually less then you think
@MhuieMmw Ай бұрын
@michaeljr8615 Ай бұрын
@@tortugab my dad has a advmobile. It’s 400 gallons idk what u talking bout unless this engineer is stupid
@Bigvgiant 29 күн бұрын
@Marienau666 Ай бұрын
Absolut genial. SOD. Die coolsten Fahrzeuge überhaupt. Mehr geht nicht. Mein Traum ❤
@user-kl7vh9oz1z 21 күн бұрын
Smooth ass truck 😂😂😂❤😂❤❤
@DailyWorkoutEnjoyer 18 күн бұрын
That thing probably got a 100 gallon diesel tank and will still only go 500 miles 😅
@Starchildkulu 21 күн бұрын
Someone give me this beast machine for few days will be amazing experience for a lifetime wow ❤
@jeffgagnon557 28 күн бұрын
It definitely looks like it could withstand heavy winds and NOT blow over on a highway 😂😂😂❤
@janet1744 27 күн бұрын
Might break the road.😂
@jackhackman7777 Ай бұрын
Damn its got a 1,000 gallon fuel tank but only gets 500 feet per gallon 😂😂😂😂 Good thing gas stations are close in side of city limits wouldn't want to get stranded anywhere should make ar least 1 trip around most cities 😂😂😂😂😂 But hey at least you can camp in your backyard and be the koolest guy on your block 😂😂😂😂😂 Forget about replacing a tire that would be at least 2 mortgage's 😂😂😂😂
@victorreneleon4807 26 күн бұрын
Por cualquier lugar que transite la dueña de ese vehículo es una mentada de madre para la gente que vive en las calles.
@paulshanahan135 25 күн бұрын
That’s a serious piece of machinery! I think it would break the bank for the average RVer.
@yasenalzaye2768 29 күн бұрын
جميل جدا وذوق رفيع للتنقل والعيش في أي مكان جمي
@user-pr8op7px7f Ай бұрын
I thought this was some kind of military vehicle at first.😂
@minekush1138 29 күн бұрын
The axles are n cost more the house i live in
@andiashadisalam583 23 күн бұрын
First I thought this RV is military facility for nuclear launch, and then.. This is a first class moving hotel 😱😱😱
@koby8251 23 күн бұрын
I totally need one of those!
@redquit_nm Ай бұрын
nah what I saw first time I thought it had a nuke inside of it
@brendonfleetwood6069 Ай бұрын
Hang on, this thing isn't nuclear powered?
@H360ru 28 күн бұрын
Ох уже эти немцы) При экстренных случаях так и вижу как они там ждут эти лестницы)
@SMP_95 28 күн бұрын
Почему из крайности в крайности… неужели нельзя жить мирно?
@H360ru 27 күн бұрын
@@SMP_95 Можно) Просто такая штука как вход\выход, не должны так делаться)
@user-mt4xo9qt7t 27 күн бұрын
@@SMP_95 тогда накуя такой броневик..?
@SMP_95 27 күн бұрын
@@user-mt4xo9qt7t это не броневик !
@anubhavyadav46 25 күн бұрын
We have develop so much that our vehicles would be our home .
@willbritt9994 4 күн бұрын
Looks like the one off a goofy movie lmao ole Pete drove 😂
@jossbeaumont3976 29 күн бұрын
Magnifique ce camion il est super bien élaboré.🙏👍
@user-ne2hi9ym3i Ай бұрын
Magnifique le prix doit être très joli aussi mais vraiment très beau futur cadeau pour faire un beau voyage
@craigwilliams1073 25 күн бұрын
I love this unit!
@emilioargarin7087 25 күн бұрын
This reminds me of the Truck who hit the car on kdrama "Queen of Tears😅
@hectorcastillo2996 28 күн бұрын
never surprises me the level of criticism and hate people spit when they see something they can't afford or assume as being impractical. the fact is there are people who would spend more on a 2 seater sports car because it drives extremely fast at speeds that aren't legal in the US. German engineering is world renowned and I would prefer to own a vehicle that I could live in being safely protected from wild animals especially the 2 legged variety
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