BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL? Unique covers on The Voice Kids

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WOW! Covering a classic is far from easy, but these kids made it look effortless. Which Blind Audition is your favorite? 👇
00:00 1. Flori sings 'Stone cold' (The Voice Kids Spain):
• Flori: "Stone cold" - ...
01:47 2. Sasha Zazarashvili sings 'All By Myself' (The Voice Kids Ukraine):
• Александр Зазарашвили ...
03:13 3. Adelways Lay sings 'The Magic Flute' (The Voice Kids Indonesia):
• Adelways Lay - The Mag...
05:16 4. Eryk Waszczuk sings 'When a Man Loves a Woman' (The Voice Kids Poland);
• Eryk Waszczuk - „When ...
07:04 5. Lil Shan Shan sings ‘Supersonic’ (The Voice Kids UK);
• Lil Shan Shan Performs...
08:03 6. Laura sings 'I Will Always Love You' (The Voice Kids Germany):
• Whitney Houston - I wi...
09:54 7. Matthew sings 'Boyfriend' (La Voz Kids Colombia):
• Matthew cantó ‘Boyfrie...
11:28 8. Giedie sings 'Power of Love' (The Voice Kids Philippines):
• The Voice Kids Philipp...
13:04 9. Justine sings 'Never Enough' (The Voice Kids UK):
• Justine Performs 'Neve...
14:46 10. Moses sings 'Welcome To The Jungle' (The Voice Kids Indonesia):
• Moses - Welcome To The...
17:10 11. Grace sings ‘When The Party’s Over’ (The Voice Kids Vlaanderen);
• Grace - ‘When The Part...
18:45 12. Irene Gil sings 'Mamma Knows Best' (The Voice Kids Spain):
• Irene Gil canta 'Mamma...
20:23 13. Roksana Węgiel sings 'Halo' (The Voice Kids Poland):
• Roksana Węgiel - „Halo...
21:59 14. Jessica R sings ‘Somebody To Love’ (The Voice Kids UK):
• Jessica R performs ‘So...
23:35 15. Antonio y Paco sing 'Te Quiero, Te Quiero' (The Voice Kids Spain):
• Antonio y Paco: "Te Qu...
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