30 Animals That Asked People For Help & Kindness !

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Animals That Asked People For Help And Kindness! Best animal rescues caught on camera.
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Humans are often described as the virus of the planet, which constantly destroys nature and creates disastrous problems for its beautiful animals. So therefore we have a special duty to help them when they need us, especially when only humans are capable of helping. But the way these animals asked for help will break your heart…
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Lucia Beatriz D. Panlilio
Lucia Beatriz D. Panlilio
“we need more people like this”
Marie Quigley
Marie Quigley 21 күн бұрын
This brings me great joy that there are people willing to risk their lives to save our beautiful animals.
Norma B
Norma B Күн бұрын
Thank God there are people with good hearts!! Bless them and all these animals ❤️
LBG Rescue
LBG Rescue 28 күн бұрын
This had me crying, but it was because I was very happy to know that there are still humans who really care about the animals, thank all of you for helping them.
The elephant at the end actually waited for an acknowledgement to his thank you before leaving! They are incredibly intelligent creatures.
♡chonkzilla arts♡
♡chonkzilla arts♡ Күн бұрын
It makes me really happy that people are risking their lives to save these animals, and I'm pretty sure I have shedded a tear.
Erin Fink
Erin Fink
We have taken over what used to be the home of so much wildlife. We owe it to them to care and help when we can.
Titan Tanic
Titan Tanic
I loved how you showed the shark one, sharks are usually seen as monsters but truly are creatures that have to be preserved for as long we can as their population is depleting rapidly, those lifeguards knew what they were doing and knew how every shark counts
helen charman
helen charman 21 күн бұрын
The kind man who gave the thirsty squirrel some water was amazing. No wonder the poor creature didn't want to leave him! These people have earned a place in heaven. They are all angels.
Art G
Art G
I saved a mama street dog who got stuck in an abandoned house. I used to feed the puppies and the mama daily. This day when I called them none of them came and then I saw the babies standing on the top of a sand mountain as there was some construction going on. And then I heard this cry and I went and checked the mama standing there on the other side of the wall struggling to go back to her puppies. Then immediately I went inside my house and grabbed a chair so that I can jump into the compound and pick her up... Thank God i used to feed her so she was ok with me touching her... I also grabbed a bedsheet and picked up the dog and helped her cross the wall.... I was so relieved after seeing her with her puppies
Caroline Vogel
Caroline Vogel 14 күн бұрын
I truly love these videos
Rocío Miranda
Rocío Miranda
It's wonderful to see humans helping animals. Years ago, in the early 2000s, in my country, Costa Rica, a fisherman found a crocodile who had been shot in the head but was still alive. The compassionate and, in many people's opinion, foolish man, nursed the crocodile back to health and fed him until he was strong enough to fend for himself. Then the man took the animal back to the river and released him. The next day the crocodile was back at his house, waiting for him on the porch. The man named him Pocho and they were friends for many years. The story made headlines. You can even see videos of the two playing in the river. Pocho died in 2011 and the town gave him a real funeral. It was a miraculous friendship. A priviliged man.
Susana Mabel Lopez Lestrade
Susana Mabel Lopez Lestrade
Que gente maravillosa mi Alma se regocija
Priyanka Silaniya
Priyanka Silaniya 14 күн бұрын
Really appreciate all of them, but a little extra to the people who helped out the wild wolf and the leopard risking their own lives, real heroes ❤ 👏 💖 💗
Shiloh Wyatt
Shiloh Wyatt Күн бұрын
The first clip made me cry! People are so afraid of stray dogs, but it was just a baby! That man was so kind to take the puppy in, and gave him a wonderful life with the man! Thank you for rescuing the puppy!
Филатов ТВ
Филатов ТВ
Люди, не бойтесь быть Добрыми!!!
Brutal Planet
Brutal Planet 14 күн бұрын
As a child, I watched my grandmother give a cat mouth to mouth and saved its life. Wasnt a month later, I watched her save a young ferret by giving it chest compressions with her thumb. She was one ABSOLUTELY incredible woman...
"Saving 30 animals wont change the world, But it will change the world for the 30 animals that were saved"
Linda Marchiony Francis
Linda Marchiony Francis
They all brought tears to my eyes at the selflessness and compassion of the humans who helped ❤️
The elephant looking back and waving gave me chills!
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