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Russell Howard

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In this compilation from The Russell Howard Hour, we take a look at Rishi Sunak, Charles' first public appearance as King, and Beckham's deep connection to Qatar...
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Fin Miles
Fin Miles Ай бұрын
I do love how the kids gave Greta as much ribbing as they give Russell, that was a delightful segment for every one of them!
Nsa Google
Nsa Google 3 күн бұрын
​@Banana by people like that I'm assuming you mean people who can't form coherent sentences or use the brain they're gifted with for critical thinking? In other words, the most brainwashed people you can think of. Yeah it's a shame but we need to treat them with some respect, otherwise they'll keep voting for the people, keeping all of us poorer.
Banana Ай бұрын
@Fin Miles Well done for replying so politely that's what we need to be doing but god damn its hard with people like that. Yes the earth does naturally heat up and cool but down we have made it worse!
Fin Miles
Fin Miles Ай бұрын
@mcfcguvnors okay! I really hope you can recognise that there is evidence that global warming is in fact a thing and it’s supported by data collected present day, and the past includes some actual references to weather which has helped provide a timelines of this.I hope you can actually look at the actual data. Even in the past decades there’s data that was collected because there have been studies and records of such. I hope you get informed soon and accept there are climate scientists studying all this!
mcfcguvnors Ай бұрын
That kid is so annoying . No such thing as climate experts as no one has been around for 26 k years to document it - the time it takes earth to reset on its axis ,tilts one way = gets hotter tilts back gets colder ,it happens ,sooner we deal with it the better ,a simple system of crop rotation which was 1st postulated in the 14thj century
alex Ай бұрын
I’ve seen that video of Greta laughing many times, it still makes me smile.
tory teen
tory teen Ай бұрын
No wonder.
Dan A.J
Dan A.J Ай бұрын
It has been more than a decade since I started following the Russell Howard show . I find his satire very informative and educational !!
Sabersz Ай бұрын
Good News was the goat imo
Sir André LeFae de L'inoge
Sir André LeFae de L'inoge Ай бұрын
@ Dan A.J °▪︎My neighbour's appeared on his show several times... @harrybakerpoet
Anundesireduser Ай бұрын
i love the greta interview so much. its the best interview of her that ive seen and it does a really good job of humanising her. very epic russell
mcfcguvnors Ай бұрын
That kid " Cant get a plane" "STEAL ONE " cracked me up
Fin Miles
Fin Miles Ай бұрын
Agreed! Especially when the kids gave her as much as they gave Russell! Delightful segment :) she seems to genuinely have a good time when she hangs out with him as well
Þeim Ай бұрын
“I make frog hats” man I wish
Goliath_Red Ай бұрын
I’d love to see a best of playground politics. The way Russ interacts with children is great.
Crow Dewinter
Crow Dewinter 4 күн бұрын
@mcfcguvnors greta is an adult
mcfcguvnors Ай бұрын
yes especially that child next to him
Rachel England
Rachel England Ай бұрын
Russel I know you reupload clips but no matter how many times I watch the same clip I still laugh your talent is still underrated despite you being loved by millions of us.
zakdog141 Ай бұрын
Russell is such a great interviewer, all of his guests are so relaxed and comfortable with him
Jimmy Hopkins
Jimmy Hopkins Ай бұрын
Mr blobby would do a better job than any of the clowns we’ve had to put up with
Gerardus Poppel
Gerardus Poppel Ай бұрын
he is probably to smart for that job
Jimmy Hopkins
Jimmy Hopkins Ай бұрын
@Mark Brierley fair point 🤣🤣
Mark Brierley
Mark Brierley Ай бұрын
You didn't realise that Mr Blobby was the PM? He was bookended by May and Truss!
mojo Ай бұрын
Immi R
Immi R Ай бұрын
Larry the cat could do a better job.
Rosalie Carter-Kretz
Rosalie Carter-Kretz Ай бұрын
Love the relationship between Russell and Greta, my two favourite people at the moment😉
Betty Swallocks
Betty Swallocks Ай бұрын
I loved how the woman in uniform ducked behind Charlie when the eggs started flying over.
tricky Ай бұрын
Greta Thunberg is one of those rare people that has a laser focus and very clear view on her goals and on what's going on. I thank her for being a voice of reason calling all of us out on what we need to do. And though I'm not as focussed on environmental issues, she does inspire me to hold myself more accountable on my choices. Tricky ❤
Marie Kamerdula
Marie Kamerdula Ай бұрын
On the egg tossing segment I loved the way the officer next to him stepped way back to avoid getting hit!
Jeff Wong
Jeff Wong Ай бұрын
Way to go Russell! If you find joy in any situation, you will rock the world!
CGA Ай бұрын
"If you didn't laugh, you'd cry" - thanks Russell, you de-stress me when it comes to the tories
Jamie Ashton
Jamie Ashton Ай бұрын
When things are so shite it's nice to have a laugh thanks Russell
Ally Todd
Ally Todd Ай бұрын
In fairness Russell is old enough to be Greta's father.
eclectica1 Ай бұрын
@ProjectFlashlight612 Humour. And understanding it. Not your thing, right?
michaelccozens Ай бұрын
@neil simpson Because it demonstrates that the observation was accurate? Bit of an odd thing to get so defensive over. Even Russell didn't seem to be disputing the idea; he was just depressed by it, as all us aging meat-sacks tend to be when reminded of our progress on the inescapable march to oblivion. I think it's particularly noteworthy exactly because it's accurate. Kids that age tend to see everyone over 21 and under 65 as more or less the same level of ancient.
ProjectFlashlight612 Ай бұрын
@neil simpson Someone is. Her Dad, for one.
neil simpson
neil simpson Ай бұрын
And what's that gotta do with anything? You're probably old enough to be her dad as well
ProjectFlashlight612 Ай бұрын
Greta is old enough to be her own self.
Elizabeth Robinson
Elizabeth Robinson Ай бұрын
Such brilliant comedian !!! Always my go to after a stressful day ❤
Dominic Smalley
Dominic Smalley Ай бұрын
That whole Allison skit was AMAZING god I love Allison
Kim Bouchard
Kim Bouchard Ай бұрын
Great show! Thanks Russell ❤️
Paul Daly
Paul Daly Ай бұрын
Liz Truss' laugh sounds like the creation of a horcrux!
Jessie B
Jessie B 13 күн бұрын
A BD Ай бұрын
Lol 🤣😂🤣
DameDench's kerchief
DameDench's kerchief Ай бұрын
That's just perfectly stated, mate! 💯
Francesco V
Francesco V Ай бұрын
Russel moves his hands so much I am thinking of signing him up for Italian citizenship
damen whelan
damen whelan Ай бұрын
"... and not in a good way." That's a man who knows how to have fun.
A Beautiful Mind is Poetry Defined
A Beautiful Mind is Poetry Defined Ай бұрын
Absolutely Brilliant! Haven't belly-laughed in ages....
Cathy Dando
Cathy Dando Ай бұрын
That's the first interview with Greta that I've enjoyed, thanks, and well done.
Lying Maga 💩💩
Lying Maga 💩💩 Ай бұрын
Loved this entire skit 👍😆👍
Omelette Ай бұрын
"They're trying to turn the king into an omelette!" Omelette's been trying to do that for years.
Bo Rountree
Bo Rountree Ай бұрын
With the cost of eggs these days that was more like a tribute to the King. 🤣😂🤣
Lake Lake
Lake Lake Ай бұрын
Freakin' genius comedy. 👏
William Jones
William Jones Ай бұрын
Rishy has the perfect wave. Elbow, elbow, wrist, wrist, wrist.
Jessie B
Jessie B 13 күн бұрын
Rishi’s alien brain: must look human, try waving!
Fajar Adi
Fajar Adi Ай бұрын
Palm, palm, palm
Duncan Bryson
Duncan Bryson Ай бұрын
In America they've got automatic weapons with huge magazines . In Britain we've got six packs of free range 🥚 😂
Jessie B
Jessie B 13 күн бұрын
I saw an old video a while back and he didn’t flinch when someone tried to shoot him back in the day, so eggs are nothing, when you’ve had bullets fly at you.
Tiff 28 күн бұрын
@Duncan Bryson well done? Not sure if you’ve seen the news but there shortest across the country (since oct/nov 2022) due to bird flu… please understand your privileges before making such generalised sweeping statements
Duncan Bryson
Duncan Bryson Ай бұрын
@Tiff I got a dozen yesterday. Couldn't tell you the price but there were plenty on the shelves.
Tiff Ай бұрын
Good luck getting eggs in Britain right now, gu ns probably cheaper at this point
MJ G Ай бұрын
Anericans have guns because we cant afford eggs!
Hith2re Ай бұрын
11:53 I like how Russell is surprised. I guess he doesn't know that in Scotland they pay you to study as well
Alexander Orr
Alexander Orr Ай бұрын
The more I think about it, the less sure I am that I've ever seen Russell even mention Scotland. Very happy to harp on about "Bri'en" though
MackAttack Ай бұрын
Honestly looking at the first 5 seconds I can explain your answer Russel in 4 words! “They’re all feckin shite”
klaproos Ай бұрын
Greta is such a lovely person, sparkling and joyess! And humor too with the 'how dare you'
Barry Proudman
Barry Proudman Ай бұрын
David is always in the middle of nowhere on his own planet 🌎 🤣🤣🤣
Charlotte Innocent
Charlotte Innocent Ай бұрын
Can I just point out that Americans would never throw eggs. Eggs might just be worth more money than the guns at the moment over there...
Autum Breeze
Autum Breeze Ай бұрын
Crocodiles are actually really fast. People think they're really slow on land, but, if you have a croc coming after you, book it like your feet are on fire, because they're faster on land than a horse
Jessie B
Jessie B 13 күн бұрын
Oldest animals on earth apparently! There was an ancient crocodile and an ancient water snake and the crocodile eventually killed off the snake…they used to be the size of at least one football field. Saw it once in an Attenborough documentary. On a tv show I once saw a crocodile split a man in half. Wonder if that can happen, but it’s interesting.
Eclipse Ай бұрын
@emordnilaP So which would win, the human or the cheetah (I could Google it, but would like to know the outcome from the Brain Games show)
emordnilaP Ай бұрын
Do lots of people really believe that? Maybe it's because they prefer attacking in water? They just can't go fast for long, like all reptiles, they have short bursts of energy. Could be why people think of mostly mammals as faster land animals. Most don't consider stamina. I remember watching an episode of a show called Brain Games, and the host asked a bunch of people if a human could beat a cheetah in a marathon, they all said no. It's interesting what misconceptions we often have about animals. Interesting, and dangerous.
Mark A
Mark A Ай бұрын
As always, brilliantly delivered
H Ahmed
H Ahmed Ай бұрын
"I thought sister atleast" we did too Russell 😂roasted.
Child of the Universe
Child of the Universe Ай бұрын
I love your videos. You're brilliant!
licensetodrive Ай бұрын
Rishi Sunak is an Aardman Animations character, isn't he?
Jessie B
Jessie B 13 күн бұрын
Yes! Was just thinking that! And the media used to say that about Ed Milliband.
Jase Ай бұрын
Solace & Vomit
Deco Dolly
Deco Dolly Ай бұрын
If only! Aardman would have given him a much more engaging personality.!! 14 күн бұрын
I think we should put Russel Brand in charge and see what happens. 😂😂😂
Chloe Ай бұрын
What a time to be alive, eh 😂
Aaron Jordan
Aaron Jordan Күн бұрын
Rishi Sunak. 'Fixing' the mistakes he helped cause with predictable results.
Annika Ай бұрын
I love the kid thinking the issue with planes is the physical procurement, and the immediate solution is stealing. That is genuinely a very smart kid. Maybe not great morals, but very smart. He’s going places.
Stray Ай бұрын
I do enjoy Russell Howard
ahmad saleh
ahmad saleh Ай бұрын
Well , david was so right about qatar , it was the best world cup ever so far according to fifa and the people 😏
Jessie B
Jessie B 13 күн бұрын
“I love sitting in the middle of no where, thinking and eating”…. 😂
Usually2AM Ай бұрын
Personally, we should have Daz Black as PM.
callmesky 7 күн бұрын
Omg yes
Thunder-Hedge 24 күн бұрын
I totally agree
Lexi Phillips
Lexi Phillips Ай бұрын
@nathan Stephen fry? I don’t know awt about that I’m afraid I’d have to check, I’d be very disappointed in him if ur right tho😓😅
cally_ Ай бұрын
nathan Ай бұрын
didn’t he message a 15yr old though?🤣🤣
Susan Aldred
Susan Aldred Ай бұрын
Funny thing about it was the woman behind him in some kind of uniform tried to hide behind him.
nik Ай бұрын
I think she was the lord lieutenant of that county.
Robin Heyt
Robin Heyt Ай бұрын
The Baywatch bit always gets me
Stephan Ай бұрын
Russell always toeing the line.
Barry Wassel
Barry Wassel 13 күн бұрын
Russell, it's been a month, a very cold month here in Canada, and I have been patiently waiting for your next video ! Hurry up before I freeze !!!
New Message
New Message Ай бұрын
You gotta run two series a year, mate.
Barbi Incognito
Barbi Incognito Ай бұрын
"He's a taco boy til he dies" 🤣🤭
EdinMike Ай бұрын
And in Scotland we don’t charge people to study either…
Tony's burgers
Tony's burgers Ай бұрын
TV Dinner
TV Dinner Ай бұрын
I wish they'd drop Beckham in the middle of nowhere, WITHOUT food and water.
Tony's burgers
Tony's burgers Ай бұрын
paulgoodwin81 Ай бұрын
RAW POTS had me howling.
Nicholas Buckley-Jubb
Nicholas Buckley-Jubb Ай бұрын
King Charles must have had an eggselent time
Nicholas Buckley-Jubb
Nicholas Buckley-Jubb Ай бұрын
It is eggsiting enough for me
Isaac Eagles
Isaac Eagles Ай бұрын
This is cracking me up
Nicholas Buckley-Jubb
Nicholas Buckley-Jubb Ай бұрын
Though I prefer to have my eggs the way James bond has them scrambled not Stirred
Isaac Eagles
Isaac Eagles Ай бұрын
Bro, no time for yolks, it serious!
Perry Hunt
Perry Hunt Ай бұрын
Someone buy the Romanian football team a mirror.
Chris Rattray
Chris Rattray Ай бұрын
I’d love to see him turning his eyes together. He would suddenly appear like he had one eye in the centre of his face!
groundshakerbulls Ай бұрын
get this man as PM 😂
Emma-Jane Adamson
Emma-Jane Adamson Ай бұрын
Props to His Majesty for not reacting to the eggs at all.
Emma-Jane Adamson
Emma-Jane Adamson Ай бұрын
@MAXIMUM CHANNEL PLEASE it would probably have been quite entertaining, but a world of trouble for the thrower.
nik Ай бұрын
He got shot at once and didn't react,it was a blank firing replica but he didn't know that.
damen whelan
damen whelan Ай бұрын
"Raw pots stop war" has become a prtest chant.
Odette Pross
Odette Pross Ай бұрын
love the vomit analogy
Maria Helena Correia
Maria Helena Correia Ай бұрын
😂 !!! 😍 I can't stop laughing!!! God bless you! Allways been my number 1!!!
A BD Ай бұрын
Rishi the robot 🤖 he is scarily inhuman in this clip.
Wizard Of OZ
Wizard Of OZ Ай бұрын
Love Greta Thumberg💚🌏 Awesome human being ✨✨✨
Jerome Sullivan
Jerome Sullivan Ай бұрын
Qatar was great for the Fans! Thanks Dave!
Jerome Sullivan
Jerome Sullivan Ай бұрын
Or, can’t have an omelet without breaking a few EGGS? 😅
Oliver Sherman 2
Oliver Sherman 2 Ай бұрын
I loved the interview with Greta Thunberg
Lumberjack Frog
Lumberjack Frog Ай бұрын
Man Dodges those eggs like he dodges bullets
SoItGoesCAL34 Ай бұрын
Loved it
jeremy lydiard
jeremy lydiard Ай бұрын
I wasn't a full greta fan, but wow ! I am now! A different side of her, hilarious! Was always on her side though. Act now! Hindsight is too late!
Shelly Desormier
Shelly Desormier Ай бұрын
I love how the egg throwing didn’t faze Charles at all. Way to go Charles! Thanks Russell, from Nevada, USA 🇺🇸 ☮️
Pamela Cass
Pamela Cass 13 күн бұрын
Just how much are eggs in the UK?
Mark N
Mark N Ай бұрын
Totallly agree!! Alison Hammond would be awesome!!
Benjamin Behan
Benjamin Behan Ай бұрын
I reckon David Beckham would represent Lovehoney if they paid him 250k and named a lubricant after him
Dave Wraptastic
Dave Wraptastic Ай бұрын
Ah yes Becks, those famous Qatari tacos you eat daily
Andrea Dingbatt
Andrea Dingbatt Ай бұрын
I Think that my Friend and Support/Assist dog, Jasper is the Best Candidate for P.M. He Genuinely Cares about people, he's Honest and Bites Politicians!!
Andrea Dingbatt
Andrea Dingbatt Ай бұрын
(Tony Blair!!)
KT Was Here
KT Was Here Ай бұрын
while we are here laughing at Beckham, he's still laughing all the way to the bank. Do you think if gives a toss that Russell made fun of him? I doubt it somehow.
Abi Eggleton
Abi Eggleton Ай бұрын
Is there going to be a new series soon?
Susan Jones
Susan Jones Ай бұрын
There should be a general election. We've had three unelected prime ministers. It's disgraceful.
Mista Fozz
Mista Fozz Ай бұрын
@Stan Torren Oh yeah, I forgot about that, but at least he did call an election though...Whereas Sunak won't call an election, because they'll be wiped out
Owen Spear
Owen Spear Ай бұрын
Big man Russell
Alba Ай бұрын
Go on Russell, You should give it a bash!!
RIXRADvidz Ай бұрын
The World is so laughable right now, at least Russell can find the funny
Curiosity Juice
Curiosity Juice Ай бұрын
Finally some wise observation!
The Buffed Novelist
The Buffed Novelist Ай бұрын
I loved how King Charles wasn't even phased by the egg tosser. He took a quick glance, thought, "Right you are, then," and carried on.
Jeanne Lowe
Jeanne Lowe Ай бұрын
🙋‍♀️🇨🇦Russell greetings from Canada !! We love your Humour !!🫶🏻
JayJay5244 Ай бұрын
For the life of me, I cannot understand how you Brits didn’t protest to have an election after Truss resigned…?
DoYouEvenThink Ай бұрын
@Bugzeez Yes, don't want them to eat you
Rachel England
Rachel England Ай бұрын
@Isabella Angeline I often do and get ridiculed or ignored for my trouble. However I will continue to voice My opinions and advocate for a complete system overhaul .... hopefully one day people will listen and come forth to help me set up My own political party I need 10 backers I believe to be legitimate :)
Sparx632 Ай бұрын
We should probably do something before they outlaw protesting all together.
Mark C
Mark C Ай бұрын
Martyn Lewis for Chancellor. Caroline Lucas for Minister for the Environment, with David Attenborough as special adviser (I think that he's too old to stand the stress of the 24/7 govt). Stephen Fry as Ambassador to the UN. Nigel Farage as Ambassador to Pluto. 😁
Miss Moth
Miss Moth Ай бұрын
Russel turned to Holly from Red Dwarf for a second there.
Nev Quinn
Nev Quinn Ай бұрын
I love that the Kings guard dodged the eggs rather than blocking them, even the guards don't want to work for him 🤣
gav woodruff
gav woodruff Ай бұрын
I want Russell Howard as pm
Hey Russell here's some material for you. Did you hear a radio active canister the size of a pea fell off the back of a truck and they can't find it. As if a dangerous tiny pea size thing would be unsecured, not in a box, not attached to a Ying, just rolling about in the back of a huge truck. Sure!
Miss Anne Thrope
Miss Anne Thrope Ай бұрын
Stephen Fry would be an awesome prime minister! 😁
𝔖𝔞𝔪𝔲𝔢𝔩 𝔅𝔩𝔞𝔠𝔨
𝔖𝔞𝔪𝔲𝔢𝔩 𝔅𝔩𝔞𝔠𝔨 Ай бұрын
Martin Erskine
Martin Erskine Ай бұрын
Rishi "Roland Rat" Sunak The billionaire helper of people WTAF?
Voula Fisentzidis
Voula Fisentzidis Ай бұрын
The UK (along with other Commonwealth countries) used to have free education through to tertiary level, until it wrongly decided to adopt the American model.
Lita Ай бұрын
LOL funny Russell I liked this video yes!!!!👍😅
wild weasel
wild weasel Ай бұрын
Russel and Greta are the best
Andrew Ай бұрын
Greta seems like a decent chap.
Klaire Brown
Klaire Brown Ай бұрын
Russell Howard for PM ☺️ i said this for years 😂
John Mccann
John Mccann Ай бұрын
@Klaire Brown He is bloody funny though Klaire.....much funnier than PMQ's😂
Klaire Brown
Klaire Brown Ай бұрын
@John Mccann too true ☺️ x
John Mccann
John Mccann Ай бұрын
He isn't engulfed by sleaze and corruption so has no chance unfortunately 😉🇬🇧
F F Ай бұрын
Russell can we have you leading the country instead, honestly you'll be the best
Scott Ай бұрын
2:47 he moves like a photograph from Harry potter
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