Just insert the CHARGER into your TV and all the channels in the world will be unlocked FullHD

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This man is a Genius! Just insert the CHARGER into your TV and all the channels in the world will be unlocked FullHD !
In this video you will learn how to recycle phone sim cards into antennas and watch all TV channels in the world in HD quality.
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Hello everyone. If you watch the video, please leave your comments so I can improve the quality of the next videos!! Thanks a lot. Good luck everyone !!
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Чем дольше тем качественнее так считаешь крутишь уже пол часа фуфло такое
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Дитя убаюкиваеш и это всё брехня
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Only TV channels from another galaxy are received. It should be specified.
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You know paperclips still work as they always have even back in the 80s.
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Sạc vẫn còn hoạt động hay sạc hỏng cũng được
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Really good idea. I will try it right away.
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Thanks bro ! 💞💞💞 Have a nice day !
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На видео конечно работает. Но посмотрю когда сам сделаю тоже самое.
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Nao ouvi sua voz descrevendoos detalles da montagens, pleas answer my questions.
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Tenho legendas para você! Você pode me seguir!
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Гораздо лучше работает обычная многократно использованная туалетная Бумага
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Có được vãi đấy
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Thanks for your opinion! Have a nice day! Good luck ! 💞💞💞
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Не чего у меня не показывает,зарядный провод черный правда
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تصليح الريموت لو سمحت
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Yes. Thanks bro 💞💞💞
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Can you do more serious things? No nonsense!
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I'm serious. Thank you for watching my video. Have a nice day !
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У, меня, четыре, провода, от, зарядного,
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