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@AlphaCentauri24 3 жыл бұрын
"He is not the heir. Just a spare." Lol! Sick burn for every younger royal sibling.
@iamacatperson7226 3 жыл бұрын
But then, HE WASNT
@SomewhatSummarized 3 жыл бұрын
It’s the opposite for normal families :(
@leawa 3 жыл бұрын
@@iamacatperson7226 CHAN CHAN plot twist
@Detahramet 3 жыл бұрын
Thats not even an innaccurate description either. Its the rule of two: One is None. Two is one.
@Kolchak_Enjoyer 3 жыл бұрын
@John Boudreaux insult to ferdinand of Aragón his dad
@rice.jpg2 3 жыл бұрын
“The church will decide your fate” Henry: “I am the church”
@redzonerants 3 жыл бұрын
The Pope: "Not y e t."
@elevenseven2354 3 жыл бұрын
It’s treason then...
@sheevpalpatine9487 3 жыл бұрын
@@elevenseven2354 AAAAUUUUUOOOOOHHHHHAAAA!!!!!!!!!
@sarahfang3662 3 жыл бұрын
I am the 100th Like!
@riskyy2657 3 жыл бұрын
some people don't believe me but over simplified commented on my new video. im so happy
@renfredsulit7614 8 ай бұрын
1) Divorced: Catherine of Aragon 2) Beheaded: Anne Boleyn 3) Died: Jane Seymour 4) Divorced: Anne of Cleves 5) Beheaded: Catherine Howard 6) Survived: Catherine Parr
@theidioticghost 7 ай бұрын
Sorry to correct you but it's Katherine with a K and not C sometimes spelled Katheryn
@user-ck4ii5dc4b 6 ай бұрын
Sorry but it's Katherine Howard
@derlesende 6 ай бұрын
⁠@@ALLMETAL1970 Catherine of Aragon was one She failed to give me a son.
@ALLMETAL1970 6 ай бұрын
@@derlesende I had to ask her for a divorce, that broke her poor heart of course
@Glockas 6 ай бұрын
And tonight, we are liiiiivvvveeeee
@ritam8767 10 ай бұрын
Henry standing in front of the dead Arthur and going 'Oh my alliance with Spain, my poor poor alliance with Spain' like a grieving father has me in stitches
@KeithMcormack895 6 ай бұрын
Same bro
@beckywhosthis 12 күн бұрын
ur gay
@onlinegladiator5888 3 жыл бұрын
*Gives birth to a girl* Henry: *So you have chosen death*
@wallzerVEVO 3 жыл бұрын
Online Gladiator everyone gangsta til female toddler
@longwlenguyen4214 3 жыл бұрын
Online Gladiator Then nearly forced his infant daughter to marry an inbred which ironically the British royal family are also inbred no offense to the British but your royal marriage are awkward.
@catzrule100 3 жыл бұрын
*give birth to someone assigned female at birth
@rick-wh3ev 3 жыл бұрын
I would like this but it has 420 likes
@justanormalspearton9490 3 жыл бұрын
@@rick-wh3ev Same
@fishyana1333 3 жыл бұрын
“Eww he looks inbreed...” “Mary, we’re all inbreed...” lmao 😂 i- can’t anymore 😂
@missimperfectlyfine7 3 жыл бұрын
i hate to be that person...*inbred is past tense, which is the what makes in that situation.
@basketball5789 3 жыл бұрын
He was distantly related to all of his wives lol
@niceirishlad9466 3 жыл бұрын
Inbreeding there's a tax for that.
@weluvmia 3 жыл бұрын
@@niceirishlad9466 this enraged his father who punished him severely
@lxdy_jinxx 3 жыл бұрын
@oleggeraschenko4932 6 ай бұрын
The irony is: Henry VIII was so obsessed with having a male heir, he disregarded the fact that his daughter became one of the most famous Queens of England
@nooby2fficial502 2 ай бұрын
I mean he was probably proud but his only son died early so he never got a chance to
@miliket4tom 2 ай бұрын
What do you mean by "he disregarded the fact"? By the time she made onto the throne he had been long dead, how tf would he know?
@superbolt-fr6nr 2 ай бұрын
​@@miliket4tomHe saw from hell
@carlotta4th 2 ай бұрын
... Because he was dead. That's kind of how heirs become rulers, remember?
@stefanielonn4164 24 күн бұрын
Elizabeth I: the daughter of Henry VIII and the “hoar” Anne Boleyn. But Anne was no hoar
@rosemagnus2006 12 күн бұрын
"Be mean. Love gluttony! *VIOLATE WIDOWS!"* I can't help but grin every time
@solidshiba3094 3 жыл бұрын
King Henry’s wife: Looks at another male King Henry: So it’s treason then.
@henryviii8918 3 жыл бұрын
It really do be like that
@kevinmendoza6386 3 жыл бұрын
@@henryviii8918 How could you.
@hahan081 3 жыл бұрын
Henry VIII lol
@liacskies7530 3 жыл бұрын
@@henryviii8918 Hey Henry, Who was your favorite wife?
@LaniOshunrinade 3 жыл бұрын
@cosmetanoia5018 3 жыл бұрын
Fun fact: anne of cleves wasnt even ugly. Henry was interested in french literature at the time, where the handsome prince dresses as a peasant and the princess still falls in love with him. He tried pulling this move, and anne being rightfully disturbed, pushed him away. His ego was so bruised he attempted to put the blame on her. Even then, henry admitted years later he should have married her.
@laureendila 3 жыл бұрын
Many don't know this about Henry VIII, but he's the original creator of r/niceguys
@squiddoodles1026 3 жыл бұрын
Well he did marry her but they were only married for 1 month
@Blokewood3 3 жыл бұрын
@@squiddoodles1026 6 months.
@EveRosell 3 жыл бұрын
She also divorced him willfully, and that move gave her his suppport in the court in the next years.
@pomegranate10017 3 жыл бұрын
i mean duhh anna would be disturbed she aint even from france
@claireparcell926 5 ай бұрын
There’s a book called the Dead Queens Club that’s about Henry VIII and his wives except it’s set in a modern day high school context. It’s fun to see how the author keeps the important historical events and translates them into complicated high school relationship dynamics.
@RW77777777 Ай бұрын
high school relationships are complicated? low stakes drama
@auramint 6 ай бұрын
Man these wives need more recognition. They ye should make a musical or something out of it and name it the amount of wives there were, and give them iconic clothes and hairstyles, then make green sleeves the main motif for the starting and ending songs
@prrrraWrrrrRR 4 ай бұрын
@user-nn5yp2ti3r 4 ай бұрын
Six the musical😁
@prrrraWrrrrRR 4 ай бұрын
@DumbledoreCrumble 2 ай бұрын
@jayjayarandz 2 ай бұрын
It might be crazy what I'm 'bout to say...
@heyimjoshnicetomeetya 3 жыл бұрын
"Ew, he looks inbred" "MARY! We're all inbred!" I lost it.
@deisk2707 2 жыл бұрын
Most of the world is inbred I think
@rafaelaveralugo7626 2 жыл бұрын
So did I
@_.ana._. 2 жыл бұрын
Mary, your mom's your aunt for god's sake
@PandytheFloralDemon 2 жыл бұрын
@@_.ana._. Mary:father, what the frick-
@godzillaskelli3081 2 жыл бұрын
HEy, Big papa, my boy Henry wants to divorce his wife, any Chance?? Everyone in shock
@pokechannelgx5819 3 жыл бұрын
Henry: “I hate my wife.” Advisor: “Lol which one.” Henry: “Off with his head.”
@mizuha-chan4145 3 жыл бұрын
Off with *her head.
@rews3873 3 жыл бұрын
@christerarnoldbordon9129 3 жыл бұрын
@@mizuha-chan4145 he meant the advisor maybe
@user-fx2vg6ks2k 3 жыл бұрын
Advisor : *Surprised* *pikachu* *Face*
@mh-tw4kx 3 жыл бұрын
@@mizuha-chan4145 Why not both?
@oiltheboil2839 Ай бұрын
The autism makes me rewatch this every year and I’ve never regretted it
@annamarie5014 8 ай бұрын
Anne Boleyn didn’t want Henry’s advances at first. You guys know those men who don’t give up or leave you alone? Yeah that was Henry. So how do you say no to someone who won’t give up and happens to be the king? …you don’t. But she did play it smart by demanding marriage rather than mistress which then ended VERY unfortunately for her.
@justspittingsomefacts6425 3 ай бұрын
Yeah demanding marriage that cause Catherine of Aragon to be cast aside
@chuetiger1704 12 күн бұрын
It actually took him 7 years
@greenmachine8257 3 жыл бұрын
How did I get here “Divorce” “off with her head” “screw the pope”
@theworldoverheavan560 3 жыл бұрын
@Chucho lol
@sloatch5361 3 жыл бұрын
Phak the pope
@ComradeHellas 3 жыл бұрын
Nothing wrong there
@alolanzygarde23 3 жыл бұрын
Hooooooow did this happen?
@blxckrxses4630 3 жыл бұрын
"Mummy says it a strong chin for a strong boy!" You had me dead
@valenciagoh 3 жыл бұрын
He is mama 's boy
@weldonwin 3 жыл бұрын
@Dank Eagle Also, most of the Hapsburg family looked that way, what with the rampant incest and generations of inbreeding
@anyelohilario4583 3 жыл бұрын
Charles and big chin
@sunmiswashingmachine2753 3 жыл бұрын
@Dank Eagle it was called the hapsburg chin
@ocean.wxvess 3 жыл бұрын
blxckrxses OMG lol 😂😂😂😂 I died too at that part
@nikkatante3641 10 ай бұрын
Learning King Henry VIII's backstory was a whirlwind experience. I am glad as well as impressed that OverSimplified had summarized his life's events like a piece of cake. I applaud Catherine of Aragon who was leading armies into victory while pregnant. Truly, an icon!
@Meiaiscool 8 ай бұрын
Fun fact: Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard were close relatives. They were cousins. Also after Henry VIII died, Catherine Parr married Jane Seymour's brother. Also Anne of Cleves stayed friends with Henry after their divorce, and Henry had been sending her more money than she could possibly ever spend. The only women in court that were before her were his daughters and his wife. Gurl was living her life in a palace in Richmond.
@RetroGameDays36 7 ай бұрын
Not only that, Henry VIII was related to all of his wives, all of them were his cousins.
@TheRedGhost_ 7 ай бұрын
The way the 2 that got beheaded were cousins 💀
@Quinn856 6 ай бұрын
​@@RetroGameDays36I don't think that's true but ok💀
@RetroGameDays36 6 ай бұрын
@@Quinn856 It is true, all of Henry VIII's wives had a common ancestor with him, that being King Edward I (which three of his wives, Anne Boleyn, Anne of Cleaves, Catherine Howard had in common with him) Jane Seymour was 5th cousins (Closest ancestor being Philippa of Clarence, being Edward I's great-great-granddaughter) with him, Catherine of Aragon and Catherine Parr were both 3rd and 4th cousins (Closest ancestor being John of Gaunt, being great-grandson of Edward I and Philippa of Clarence's uncle) Catherine Howard and Anne Boleyn were also first cousins to one another like the op said.
@Quinn856 6 ай бұрын
@@RetroGameDays36 well I got that horribly wrong, sorry Im not too good with family trees🥲
@gizmo_gadgets6482 3 жыл бұрын
Why is no one to talking about king Henry’s poems? “I love you dad You are so pleasant I’m so glad I’m not a peasant” Lmaoooo
@radjadawamindra697 3 жыл бұрын
Nice thumbnail
@nataliaaiken7551 3 жыл бұрын
@deerhat7875 3 жыл бұрын
then the other one is just "you son is dead but it's ok Im also your son Hip-Hip Hooray!" 😂😂
@afonsomaiadeloureiro8826 3 жыл бұрын
King Henry was a savage😂
@bobjoe1865 3 жыл бұрын
@@PeanutWithWiFiAccess really
@AnimaRandom 3 жыл бұрын
Queen: I'm pregnant henry Henry: is that a boy or execution?
@onepumpman6209 3 жыл бұрын
in the dictator aladeen basically said that: “are you getting a boy or an abortion”
@rainbowragetv8684 3 жыл бұрын
@@onepumpman6209 I bet that is where he got the idea from
@ohtych1004 3 жыл бұрын
Did you get that from the Dictator
@grodo3024 3 жыл бұрын
Anima Cool “The dictator” reference.
@knighttoon9993 3 жыл бұрын
Nervous queen sweating
@josephrichardson5186 7 ай бұрын
Despite Henry VII’s tyranny and political maneuvering, he was an extremely loving husband to Elizabeth of York. Between the shock of Arthur’s sudden death and Elizabeth’s sudden death within a year of each other, he became extremely paranoid. Henry VIII’s desire for a loving marriage was inspired by his parents’ relationship.
@user-wy8ex6sm2c 3 ай бұрын
Actually, it is believed that Anne of Cleves was NEVER ugly. Its actually said that when she was on her way to meet the king who sent her a portrait of himself (in the portrait henry was MUCH MUCH younger), so when she was on her way and staying somewhere for rest HENRY out of nowhere came and kissed her. He wasnt dressed in royal clothing and was surely older, not the henry anne had saw in the portrait. SO henry despised her for that fact ANNE WAS NEVER UGLY
@Neoqueenchaoswastaken 15 күн бұрын
Yeah, Henry is also the only account we have of Anne being “ugly” and Henry is history’s most unreliable narrator
@raka4682 6 күн бұрын
I think you have never dated via social media when on screen are very beautiful but when you meet the difference is 180 degrees
@MatijaCG 3 жыл бұрын
Henry's wife: **accidentally do something wrong** *This enraged Henry VIII who punished her severly*
@Noone-ue6xo 3 жыл бұрын
Oh my days 😂😂😂
@anuragagrawal831 3 жыл бұрын
I knew this comment will be here
@henryviii8918 3 жыл бұрын
@cadehelms5337 3 жыл бұрын
Oh my god it’s not fucking funny any more
@StiggusRattus 3 жыл бұрын
To the guillotine
@navalcroissant6111 3 жыл бұрын
Henry: I want to divorce my wife. Also Henry: you could make a religion out of this.
@ACFTheNerd 3 жыл бұрын
No don't.
@ainampmav 3 жыл бұрын
lol wrong channel but good meme, i love bill wurtz
@christianhicks8078 3 жыл бұрын
@@ACFTheNerd Henry: How bout I do anyway
@greenoranges9156 3 жыл бұрын
Oversimplified was inspired by bill wurtz. It is in the WWI Oversimplifed description
@greenoranges9156 3 жыл бұрын
The Sun is a deadly laser
@grasstoucher-hv3ju Ай бұрын
"Thomas not now can't you see i'm in mourning" 1 second later "That one" 🤣🤣
@elizabethtaylor6306 6 ай бұрын
I just want to applaud the attention to detail in this video especially the great hall scene where anne boleyn and henry partied! It was designed by both Henry and Anne and this is an incredibly accurate representation of how it looked and still looks today!!
@Revan-ed5gu 6 ай бұрын
@@tristanolton-uk7rd haha thank you, it’s very much the truth too xx
@themegaminds5868 2 жыл бұрын
@mirandanavarro7585 2 жыл бұрын
@anvakathazit1102 2 жыл бұрын
@gavinl1565 2 жыл бұрын
@jezikerr3720 2 жыл бұрын
Thus comment I'd pure gold.
@sdnotessanthosh1535 2 жыл бұрын
@LaFemmeFictionale 3 жыл бұрын
"Mary, we're all inbred!" He's not kidding, Henry was literally related to every single one of his wives. Not kidding. Look it up.
@hellothere-dv5me 3 жыл бұрын
Holy s*it,you're right.
@brolythelegendarysupersaiy3124 3 жыл бұрын
@gdw3112 3 жыл бұрын
Yeah through their common ancestor King Edward 1st or Edward Longshanks, so not as bad as the Hapsburgs.
@joshuafrimpong244 3 жыл бұрын
@xbluest0flag00nsx2 3 жыл бұрын
So I looked it up and...... *WHAT THE HELL*
@granite_4576 3 ай бұрын
Elizabeth literally took England from a European backwater to a global power... it's actually kind nuts how in school so much time devoted to Henry.
@ajbasslerrrrr 10 күн бұрын
no body gives a shit stop trying to be special
@catoctober8005 9 ай бұрын
6:05 Please stop rickrolling us Oversimplified. If you do not know what King Henry VIII is singing,he is singing 'Never Gonna Give You Up'
@bigheadfromroblox9385 3 жыл бұрын
Germany: go attack Africa Italy: i can’t my gout is acting up
@DISTurbedwaffle918 3 жыл бұрын
Perceived Italian incompetence was actually a false flag to ruin the German war effort as revenge for the sack of Rome.
@infinitememegod 3 жыл бұрын
I can't, my tank is acting up
@riskyy2657 3 жыл бұрын
some people don't believe me but over simplified commented on my new video. im so happy
@tlebron8426 3 жыл бұрын
Tank: My gout is acting up.
@bamaha24 3 жыл бұрын
Bighead From roblox 2 millions views in 22 hours. Number one on trending. Been a fan since overslimpified ww1. I love to see how far y’all gotten
@saf1ya_a 6 ай бұрын
The fact that if Henry VIII just carried on being how he was when he was 18, then he might've been a better king than he actually was.
@Drawing-Roses Ай бұрын
But that’s the problem! People do change over time. Maybe not as drastically but still! Any objections?
@LarvaAsia 7 ай бұрын
He wanted boys, but the two girls that he had were some of the most famous monarchs in history.
@shadazzlee 3 жыл бұрын
Henry's wife: doesn't produce a male heir Henry: *so you have chosen death*
@snot2880 3 жыл бұрын
I was going to like but i saw the likes were at 420
@tlebron8426 3 жыл бұрын
@eustache_dauger 3 жыл бұрын
You have chosen poorly
@jamief415 3 жыл бұрын
(and/or divorce)
@qpSubZeroqp 3 жыл бұрын
Petelgeuse Romanee-Conti: Death! (RE Zero anime reference)
@allys744 2 жыл бұрын
“Catherine of Aragon was ara-GONE and Anne Boleyn was IN.” *I can’t tell you how much I appreciate these natural puns.*
@samuelbelay5228 2 жыл бұрын
Make like an Anne and CLEVE
@harrisonofcolorado8886 2 жыл бұрын
As well as "Anne Boleyn was Anne Bole-OUT".
@lovesoup151 2 жыл бұрын
Its great
@oofija 2 жыл бұрын
Anne BoleIN
@usaball69 2 жыл бұрын
So I found out that I am related to king Henry the 8th the one in this video and Marie antunuonnit I still can’t believe it
@cravenquill7890 2 ай бұрын
Divorce,beheaded,die,divorce,beheaded,survived I'm Henry the 8 and I had six sorry wife's. Some might say I ruined theirs live
@georgiawilds2709 Ай бұрын
@ImAshleyFR Ай бұрын
Catherine of Aragon was one. She failed to give me a son.
@sunoo269 14 күн бұрын
​@@ImAshleyFRi had to ask for a divorce that broke her poor heart of course Young anne Boleyn she was two✌, had a daughter the best she could do, i said she flirted with some other man and off the chop went dear anne
@shakur960 2 ай бұрын
10:45 Henry the VIIIth and Francis the Ist had a friendly wrestling match during their encounter at the field of the Cloth of Gold. Basically, Henry got suplexed into submission by Francis, who was 2m tall and of gigantic size for the era.
@SuperDevolution 3 жыл бұрын
Wife: Has daughter Henry: There's an ax for that.
@Adler133792 3 жыл бұрын
Thats great 😂😂😂😂
@ShalinTM 3 жыл бұрын
@AH-be6bu 3 жыл бұрын
Anne Boleyn was executed with a sword 👀
@SuperDevolution 3 жыл бұрын
@@AH-be6bu I know this. It's a joke/not meant to be taken literally. Plus, technically "to give someone the ax" means to get rid of someone. So it still works.
@AH-be6bu 3 жыл бұрын
@@SuperDevolution I know man, just felt like being picky ;) sorry about that.
@somepotato1743 3 жыл бұрын
Is nobody gonna talk about how Henry rickrolled us? *I shalt nev’r giveth thee up,* *I shalt nev’r alloweth thee down.*
@angelthefallen3 3 жыл бұрын
Im literally looking to see if some did the whole song that way
@joe4271 3 жыл бұрын
@starlightsystem4065 3 жыл бұрын
**Never Gonna Give You Up intensifies**
@masudaahmed7990 3 жыл бұрын
People replied so people are talkin bout it
@littleone. 3 жыл бұрын
Wow the meme is just that old 😆
@Sandra-Gibora 6 ай бұрын
Crazy stuff. How one stupid delusional man impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of ordinary people. Fortunately we have come a long way since then. Fantastic storytelling!
@maasbekooy901 2 ай бұрын
18:33 I only see now he drew a historical accurate executioner's sword. Love the detail
@bumblebeeoptimusprime1430 3 жыл бұрын
"He's not an heir, he's a spare" That was clean
@iamacatperson7226 3 жыл бұрын
But then, HE WASNY
@flipmanlet8982 3 жыл бұрын
"Spare" nice
@bloosey5052 3 жыл бұрын
Spare is actually the normal name for younger siblings of the heir
@djrmx7903 3 жыл бұрын
@hebesky6355 3 жыл бұрын
@anaylla 3 жыл бұрын
Henry's wife: **doesn't produce a son** *This enraged Henry, who punished his wife severely*
@theinquisitor1745 3 жыл бұрын
Henry : off with her head Chop chop chop chop Chhhhooooopppp
@AatiNiiranen 3 жыл бұрын
You did it
@kylan604 3 жыл бұрын
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
@Alkalus 3 жыл бұрын
Doesn’t produce a son
@highonfebreeze8745 3 жыл бұрын
Which one
@suhailsehgal6506 8 ай бұрын
Charles V was like that one friend who says he'll come over but never comes
@Aurora-Welch 5 ай бұрын
Anne Boleyn, Kathrine Howard, and Thomas Culpepper we’re all cousins. 19:49 Henry Married Jane Seymour literally 11 days after Anne Boleyn’s Execution. 22:40 Kathrine Howard was 19.
@MajPickles 3 жыл бұрын
'Because of the wife killings?' 'Because of the wife killings' Dude, uncool.
@fresh8137 3 жыл бұрын
HitmanPike Dude...
@ticklingballs 3 жыл бұрын
I can’t. My gout is acting up
@MCMikeProductionsYouTube17 3 жыл бұрын
@@blobbles995 Your gout is acting up?
@davidmartin7395 3 жыл бұрын
Who that king or the vid maker
@colbynichols1520 3 жыл бұрын
get over it, it’s historical comedy
@shreya...007 2 жыл бұрын
Wow Henry's poem for his dad LMFAOO "I love you Dad, You are so pleasant I'm so glad I'm not a peasant."
@Enfix2509 2 жыл бұрын
Another one: Your son is dead, But its ok, Im also your son, Hip Hip Hooray.
@shreya...007 2 жыл бұрын
​@@Enfix2509 Yeahh that was good too
@duckisquackingalot 2 жыл бұрын
That was in the video shredya
@miumiuwony 2 жыл бұрын
@@duckisquackingalot Yeah, that's the point, FuckIsQuackingAlot
@clad3133 2 жыл бұрын
@@miumiuwony who hurt you
@purnima2003 7 ай бұрын
Absolute queen puns i must say "And just like that Catherine of Aragon was ara - gone and Anne Boleyn was Bol - in" "And on May 19th 1536, Anne Boleyn was bol - out"
@NisarKhan-jm1uh 2 ай бұрын
Don't forget 'make like an Anne and Cleave'
@argonanarchy3882 8 ай бұрын
It's kinda funny because the male generically decides the sex of the baby. Because an egg can only carry an x chromosome, whereas a sperm cell can carry both an x and y chromosome (not at once). So it's all Henry's fault he didn't have a son.
@daniburke9452 6 ай бұрын
It's all about a race to the egg… Shettles found sperm containing a Y chromosome were smaller, would swim faster and have a shorter life span than the sperm containing an X chromosome. Then it depends if she's ovulating at the moment or in a few days. Look up the Shettlers method
@GT-wj3gl 3 жыл бұрын
"Listen here, tiny man-" "But I'm your son." "I have another son!?" Me while playing Crusader Kings 2
@14beersatchilis99 3 жыл бұрын
G T so true
@grapedailynumber1fan515 3 жыл бұрын
The other son is being executed if not promingonture
@BlackSwordMeister 3 жыл бұрын
"I have one of those? Oh god l have two of those!"
@captain-chair 3 жыл бұрын
Elective Gavelkind is the worst form of government, and doesn't work, just like communism.
@nocx4592 3 жыл бұрын
yeah, that why you can be the guardian of two children at once. Or alternatively you can also be the guardian of your heir's betrothed... it gets a lot weirder in MP games.
@David-lu4gq 2 жыл бұрын
"Ewe! He looks inbred!" " MARY!!! *WE'RE ALL INBRED!* " I'm dying 🤣🤣🤣
@weissballanimations2760 2 жыл бұрын
Sweet Home Alabama and I live there lol
@emyf9194 2 жыл бұрын
70% of Asia is inbred! My grandparents are cousins.. I have millenials 2nd cousins from my dad's side that are married with their 1st cousins.. Their husbands fam of cousins all have same face features!
@David-lu4gq 2 жыл бұрын
@@emyf9194 That's a lot of inbreeding.
@fleuttre4510 2 жыл бұрын
@@emyf9194 dude the whole world is inbred what I going to do
@curlymaggaming9663 2 жыл бұрын
One of the best oversimplified moments
@roseanguarino5503 10 ай бұрын
father: *blabs about 'Henry' being an amazing name* mother: how about Arthur? HAHAHAHAHA
@Sleepy_cherry 7 ай бұрын
still a good name 🤣🤣
@davidwoods8181 7 ай бұрын
I’d really recommend Wolf Hall if you haven’t seen/read it. It really captures the magnetism and charisma of Henry
@EtherealGaze 2 жыл бұрын
"I think it's your leg sir" "No! It's Anne of Cleaves!" The delivery of this line made me laugh way more than it should have
@willows_gun 2 жыл бұрын
your pfp- yay
@auroral0vescake 2 жыл бұрын
“She’s ugly!” “Off with his head”
@Portableholefromthefuture 2 жыл бұрын
@sirvulcan5738 2 жыл бұрын
Me too
@henryviii8918 2 жыл бұрын
@PatrickKetza 3 жыл бұрын
Wives: gives Henry no male heirs. "This upset Henry, who punished them severely..."
@ishtiaksami7011 3 жыл бұрын
King Henry really said "To the Guillotine"
@shuliu4804 3 жыл бұрын
That joke is *FUCKING* old
@iceneko9170 3 жыл бұрын
I mean he could have jut knocked them up again... but that's too much work. uwu
@enrico7994 3 жыл бұрын
@@iceneko9170 thats to easy
@richardgibson8403 3 жыл бұрын
Ice Neko he tried like 25 times
@standardrobloxian7212 9 ай бұрын
I love how no one is mentioning he rickrolled everyone at 6:04
@Quinn856 6 ай бұрын
Here 3 years after this video came out and its still one of the funniest and most educational videos ive seen relating to the tudors :)
@thegamingmacaw1337 3 жыл бұрын
Henry failed to invade France *Which enraged his father, who punished him severely*
@sakurapetalil9481 3 жыл бұрын
Whaaat a connection between hitler-oversimplified and King Henry VIII-oversimplified 😱
@annemariewang6473 3 жыл бұрын
@Sakura Petalil. Yes, just about everyone connects to that!
@osberswgaming 3 жыл бұрын
TheGamingMacaw he didnt lose he simply failed to win
@kurtscherzberg4968 3 жыл бұрын
Osbers Gaming what a reference to oversimplify civil war
@alfonsrasmus4710 3 жыл бұрын
More economic downturn
@wizardshark2928 3 жыл бұрын
England 16th Century: “Screw you Pope we’re our own thing UK 21st century: “Screw you Europe we’re our own thing”
@wibleston 3 жыл бұрын
Pretty sure they pressured the EU with the metal wing pig with lasers
@andysmith5806 3 жыл бұрын
He was like “I’m gonna make my own church, with divorce and beheadings. Actually, forget the church.”
@mithmoonwalker 3 жыл бұрын
@Jimothyjohns 3 жыл бұрын
@@mithmoonwalker it really was
@stefanusbayu1426 3 жыл бұрын
UK 26th century: "Screw you Earth we're our own thing"
@ashtontheartist6751 2 ай бұрын
Divorce beheaded and died, divorce beheaded survived, I'm Henry the 8th I six sorry wives some might say I ruined their lives.
@user-xl6qd4et9x 2 ай бұрын
When OverSimplified is gone, we don't see him for as long as the 100 Years War. BUT. When he comes back, my god, he DELIVERS
@exxsaviervcv2918 3 жыл бұрын
“Anyway here’s wonderwall” Britain summed up pretty much
@charlietheanteater3918 3 жыл бұрын
Exxsavier VcV I love your avatar
@exxsaviervcv2918 3 жыл бұрын
Charlie Theanteater Thank you 😂
@user-fx2vg6ks2k 3 жыл бұрын
*Pretty* *much* Indeed
@bageled_meme2690 3 жыл бұрын
Exxsavier VcV *CLUCK* noiissee profile pic
@dukeradwardthe5th843 3 жыл бұрын
how do you even do lyrics on a recorder
@stevealfa68 3 жыл бұрын
Henry: Dosent have a son Also Henry: Alright bring in the next sexy women
@local_hobo1233 3 жыл бұрын
10k subs huh?
@dylantee44 3 жыл бұрын
@justacomment2002 8 ай бұрын
Henry the eighth and his 6 wives, A bit of a massacre, you shall find. Catherine of Aragorn, Brave and steel-willed, Couldn't bear a son, so was sent to the hills. Anne Boleyn, So fierce and strong Charges of cheating so her head was chopped off. Jane Seymour, The bearer of the son, Complications of labour, and soon she was done. Anne of cleaves, The bestest of the lot, Henry found her ugly, so her freedom was what she got. Catherine Howard, she was only a child, Cheated on Henry, so her life was on the line. Catherine Parr, the last of the six wives, Outlived Henry and continued her life. So who was the worst, you might sometimes wonder it was Henry the eighth a nightmare to ponder.
@marvinbrown9835 8 ай бұрын
Dayum, you are good!
@josequinones7166 Ай бұрын
Beautiful poem
@somebody1286 6 ай бұрын
16:25 “Catherine of Aragon was Ara-gone”, deep words, man
@JormungandrGaming 3 жыл бұрын
OS: "Nobody cares about him, he's not the heir, just a spare." Me: *Laughs in Crusader Kings 2*
@pppetrosian2927 3 жыл бұрын
when your genius strong heir gets cancer
@MeinFurher-hh2pm 3 жыл бұрын
@@pppetrosian2927 game "crashes"
@mahroukkamel1476 3 жыл бұрын
@@pppetrosian2927 Save before the disaster.. and go back in time ;)
@JohnDoe-vn1we 3 жыл бұрын
@wadribrab751 3 жыл бұрын
I've seen a lot of people make jokes about the game. Is it that good?
@kk8490 3 жыл бұрын
Before I even watch this: *Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived*
@figzob7037 3 жыл бұрын
*Glad that's in my head instead of financial advice*
@tas8034 3 жыл бұрын
I know I learnt this in year 2 I'm in year 4
@pinkdino6575 3 жыл бұрын
Hell yeahh!!! Six!!!
@scipion34 3 жыл бұрын
learnt that from boyinaband
@rstar3457 3 жыл бұрын
I learnt this over a decade ago WHY IS THIS STILL IN MY HEAD
@user-up8jx3mt6j 8 ай бұрын
Toward the end of life, Henry became very somber, melancholy, and reflective. I guess no doubt how most of us pass our last hours, - that is, if we have an opportunity. Thinking about gradually losing another chance, to re-live past successes, or wishing that maybe he had done something differently, he I guess began to feel the full reality of how fragile and fleeting time-itself was, Henry wrote of time, " ... is of all losses the most irrecuperable, for it can never be redeemed for no manner price nor prayer ".
@unknownd965 2 ай бұрын
I think this guy is Caseohs ancestor It all makes sense now
@alexandriamiller7654 3 жыл бұрын
Some announcer: King Henry needs a wife! Every woman: *Screams*
@adrianaburgos4214 3 жыл бұрын
Hahaha except
@Sienisota 3 жыл бұрын
Yeah, I doubt any sane woman WANTED to be with the guy, after the second time he killed his wife... You just can't talk yourself up from two dead wives... Maybe one, but not after two... Lucky for Henry, the women didn't get to choose!👑
@adrianaburgos4214 3 жыл бұрын
I was except Catherine par
@mimiilreader7467 2 жыл бұрын
He kills his wives, have mistress and probably did some no no with other women. Pretty sure any women with pride and dignity wouldn't wants him. Even if he is the king.
@ayanaalfonso5339 2 жыл бұрын
There was actually a reportedly gorgeous daughter of a German nobleman who is reported to have said: "Had I a second head to spare, I would gladly give it to Henry."
@millerbeck1144 3 ай бұрын
1:11 - The "I'm the supreme head of the church..." killed me. 😂
@ScoutLueth 7 ай бұрын
1:50 son see that lady baby “I’m not even 3 years old”😂
@circeeldritchtheworkaholic8934 3 жыл бұрын
Fun Fact: Holbein was known for painting accurate portraits, so Anna's portrait would've been closer to what she actually looked like. Henry actually dressed up as a peasant, barged in on her, and kissed her. Anna, knowing nothing about Henry in the first place, was disgusted and confused. Henry, who didn't like how she reacted, came up with the excuse of "She's just ugly" and let her live a fabulous life. He actually wished he had kept his marriage with her later in life.
@jadonlamey3931 3 жыл бұрын
The "she's ugly" excuse had to be Henry's fragile ego talking after she reacted that way. Based on the portraits, Anne of Cleves was the most attractive out of all his wives imo
@circeeldritchtheworkaholic8934 3 жыл бұрын
@@jadonlamey3931 True.
@a_gal.in.your.basement 3 жыл бұрын
You, you said that I tricked ya ‘Cause I, I didn’t look like my profile picture Too, too bad I don’t agree So I’m gonna hang it up for everyone to see And you can’t stop me ‘Cause I’m the queen of the castle Get down you dirty RASCAL Get Down I had to
@circeeldritchtheworkaholic8934 3 жыл бұрын
@@a_gal.in.your.basement ANOTHER SIX FAN
@circeeldritchtheworkaholic8934 3 жыл бұрын
@@a_gal.in.your.basement C’mon ladies, let’s get in reformation~ Is one of my favorite parts of that song
@Vaerenn 3 жыл бұрын
Instead of punishing his wives severely, Henry just executed them. big brain thinking right there.
@Hentzau. 3 жыл бұрын
Here's a like for u pal
@blep_blop8933 3 жыл бұрын
nah nah he’s got a point
@user-gr2wy8no3v 3 жыл бұрын
That’s a pretty severe punishment
@Lancaster-hu6jy 3 жыл бұрын
@iansalisbury5523 3 жыл бұрын
Hey, they never said killing them wasnt ok, only hitting.
@Sophia-ff2fj 8 ай бұрын
3:34 “ YAYYYA😂----OOHH😭” So funny!!
@AtlasBlizzard 4 ай бұрын
If you're wondering how the Church of England has a history of being so anti-divorce when it was literally formed so Henry could leave Catherine of Aragon, well, technically their marriage was ended in annulment. So, they didn't *technically* divorce in the eyes of the law, 'cause they weren't deemed *technically* married. And yes, it was the same story with Anne of Cleves.
@charles-qm4ss 3 жыл бұрын
Henry’s wife: “here is your daughter Henry” This enraged Henry who severely beheaded his wife.
@davidclemmensen2621 3 жыл бұрын
How do you behead someone in any other way than severely?
@michelleflores-delacruz3 3 жыл бұрын
How about ripping it off
@SomewhatSummarized 3 жыл бұрын
Was it fatal
@henryviii8918 3 жыл бұрын
@cortex8239 3 жыл бұрын
@@davidclemmensen2621 Just barely.
@maddied6839 3 жыл бұрын
Elizabeth: Dad, what happened to mom? Henry: Well you see, it all started when you weren’t a boy....
@musicislove2888 3 жыл бұрын
That is exactly what happened, but Mary told me instead of Father...
@avneshmanku2282 3 жыл бұрын
She would say mum not mom
@maddied6839 3 жыл бұрын
@@avneshmanku2282 sorry for the mistake
@indj3712 3 жыл бұрын
at the start he's playing with ninja turtles!
@i_need_more_sleep9050 3 жыл бұрын
Ouch that hurts more than me telling my dad I'm transgender
@danisgamingclub5598 5 ай бұрын
I used to think Henry being crazy was just part of the humour in the video, it turns out everything is true.
@myaltaccount4438 4 ай бұрын
The amount of irony in this guy's life is fascinating.
@alinadeem1363 3 жыл бұрын
“Henry’s reason wasn’t in the Bible, but in his pants” best line
@k0mentator507 3 жыл бұрын
Josh Knoxville wtf
@tomasturbado2943 3 жыл бұрын
Am I the only one who is a bit dissapointed that he made it on Henry VIII
@zhongho7386 3 жыл бұрын
Ali Nadeem huh
@zhongho7386 3 жыл бұрын
@Daniel.Barret.Official 3 жыл бұрын
brah, nobody else in love with oversimplified's voice?
@YasarBashayreh 3 жыл бұрын
Imagine if gender reveal parties existed in that era, starring Henry and His Wives.
@thestraydog 3 жыл бұрын
Everyone: "It's a girl!!" Henry VIII: " *pst* Headsman? Yeah, you can go ahead and sharpen that axe after all..."
@YasarBashayreh 3 жыл бұрын
@@thestraydog lol
@YasarBashayreh 3 жыл бұрын
The Colour Blue stands for a Boy. The Colour Pink stands for The WRATH OF THE HEADSMAN
@emilywinslett8284 3 жыл бұрын
@@YasarBashayreh the funny part about that is that when pastels were first used for infants, pink was the boy color and blue the girl....
@YasarBashayreh 3 жыл бұрын
@@emilywinslett8284 I didn't know that !
@oreoqueen7372 Ай бұрын
In war: he’s Napoleon Bonaparte In sex: he’s Louis XVI
@Artsie835 Ай бұрын
Yo fax
@Giraffes_4Life 21 күн бұрын
“Mummy says it’s a strong chin for a strong boy 😤💅”
@MemeDogelol 3 жыл бұрын
Who else thought he was going to say “whore” when mummy said horse?
@raymondpuzon3422 3 жыл бұрын
@richardthiel5554 3 жыл бұрын
@soldat4829 3 жыл бұрын
@williamrichards636 3 жыл бұрын
omg yeahh
@JohnnyboytheGuy 3 жыл бұрын
@MauraDann 3 жыл бұрын
And now we have a musical about the six wives lol “Divorce, Beheaded, Died, Divorce, Beheaded, Survived!”
@deedevon7468 3 жыл бұрын
I want that as a musical number so badly lol
@ahsokatano9101 3 жыл бұрын
I love the musical SIX!
@iankin6529 3 жыл бұрын
@windowmanrr1561 3 жыл бұрын
@@iankin6529 We're one of a kind No category Too many years Lost in his story We're free to take Our crowning glory For five more minutes We're SIX! Woah, woah We're SIX! Woooah, we're SIX Woah, woah For five more minutes
@god9364 3 жыл бұрын
@@deedevon7468 horrible histories did one, look it up
@zougaryoumayma2268 Ай бұрын
your way of using irony and sarcasm is really fun and mind blowing you made me happy watching this although history is so boring thank u man
@Slimshady1312 8 ай бұрын
I find it funny he married 3 Catherine’s 2 Ann’s and 1 Jane 😂
@auramint 6 ай бұрын
2 Catherine’s, 1 Katherine, 2 Anne’s, and 1 jane
@Slimshady1312 6 ай бұрын
@NisarKhan-jm1uh 2 ай бұрын
And a partridge on a pear tree.
@TheRealGuywithoutaMustache 3 жыл бұрын
Wife: (Gives birth to girl) Henry: So you have chosen death... Literally...
@fionaobrien1322 3 жыл бұрын
Are you following me?
@kurtscherzberg4968 3 жыл бұрын
Your all over the internet
@spoon4732 3 жыл бұрын
Where did your mustache go?
@helenn6450 3 жыл бұрын
@@kurtscherzberg4968 yeah, i see this guy everywhere aswell!
@smughatkid6511 3 жыл бұрын
@@feiruizu8665 this is someone else tho.
@AzureRoxe 3 жыл бұрын
Henry's advisors: Do not joust Henry: *does joust, slams his head, goes completely bananas*
@patchworkfellow4262 3 жыл бұрын
*Henry’s Advisors* : I hate to be the guy who says “I told you so”... buuuuuttt... _“I told you sooo~”_
@beybladerkid5489 3 жыл бұрын
AzureRoxe Henry’s advisors: There’s a Tax for that.
@salwolf2431 3 жыл бұрын
I would give you a like but it's 666
@peterruffolo700 3 жыл бұрын
don't do jousting kids
@mureithikivuti 3 жыл бұрын
@@patchworkfellow4262 You're telling me it was my fault? Treason! Off with your head!
@Anasyub 2 ай бұрын
no matter how many tiime andin how many diff ways i see the story of henry the 8th its always entertaining. thnku my 7th grade history teacher for starting with this coz i loved history ever since
@TheThingsDude 9 ай бұрын
“The Only thing he’s interested in smashing” got me rolling😂
@edra2005 2 жыл бұрын
Catherine of Aragon charging into battle wearing full armor while pregnant is the most badass thing I've ever heard
@lucyhurst2534 2 жыл бұрын
Except she didn’t.
@rosieposie4733 2 жыл бұрын
@@lucyhurst2534 except she did
@rosieposie4733 2 жыл бұрын
@@CooperGallen she didn’t physically fight in battle obviously but she did ride into battle in full armor while being pregnant.
@johnmajorenos5162 2 жыл бұрын
@@CooperGallen yeah while Catherine riding into battle while pregnant is questionable, but the flying pigs is 100% real I wonder why modern people didn't take those pigs and use them to accelerate the human race
@henryviii8918 2 жыл бұрын
I agree
@iqbalbrar6425 Жыл бұрын
Henry's story is really ironic because his daughters, who he didn't pay much attention to, became the most famous monarchs, but his son Edward, who he probably paid a lot of attention to, was hardly an impressive monarch as he died early.
@hakai1014 8 ай бұрын
@charliefarmer4365 8 ай бұрын
I mean, he did make the legal religious transition of England from Anti-Pope Catholics to Protestants. Or was that his regent?
@Michelle58546 7 ай бұрын
He also traumatized his daughter and she was like nope so no one to carry the bloodline lmao
@creepofreako 4 ай бұрын
QE1 is the only badass Queen of England that ever walked the earth. Not even QE2 can top whatever Elizabeth I did for her country. There's a reason why her reign was called THE GOLDEN AGE.
@isitharry 3 ай бұрын
he did make a bunch of grammar schools which now have the best academic rankings in England so ig he started something
@liliaghoulam1919 8 ай бұрын
When Henry's mum said I love you but you're freaking weird got me rolling on the floor😂
@IsaacWale2004 6 ай бұрын
"Oversimplified" Proceeds to teach me more than my school ever did.
@Ryths1 3 жыл бұрын
OverSimplified: Doesn't do Vietnam war or Napoleonic wars Everybody: There's a tax for that
@polanco2011 3 жыл бұрын
Also everybody: To the guillotine!
@Insert-Retarded-Reply-Here 3 жыл бұрын
Stupid tax is a compulsory contribution to state revenue, which has nothing to do with this video. Get your facts right. Kids smh
@matrixtrollmarine 3 жыл бұрын
also this pissed of everybody who punished oversimplified severely
@Insert-Retarded-Reply-Here 3 жыл бұрын
@Black Death Why are you even here then?
@Insert-Retarded-Reply-Here 3 жыл бұрын
Lol somebody help me with this idiot that can’t take a joke lolol
@Heatmaker 3 жыл бұрын
Henry VIII got married six times This enraged his father who punished him severely
@buttermonkeyFTW 3 жыл бұрын
Except he would have made it into art school. :P
@false_banana 3 жыл бұрын
ButterMonkeyFTW Your right
@caoimhingutierrez1242 3 жыл бұрын
I’m refreshing this comment to see how many likes it gets
@Crankiebox99 3 жыл бұрын
his mother: dude uncool
@margaritakouzi5630 3 жыл бұрын
No, no... he's got a point.
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