VENOM: LET THERE BE CARNAGE - Official Trailer 2 (HD)

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You are what you eat. Feast on the new trailer for : Let There Be Carnage, exclusively in movie theaters this fall.

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Tom Hardy returns to the big screen as the lethal protector Venom, one of MARVEL’s greatest and most complex characters. Directed by Andy Serkis, the film also stars Michelle Williams, Naomie Harris and Woody Harrelson, in the role of the villain Cletus Kasady/Carnage. Directed by Andy Serkis, the film also stars Michelle Williams, Naomie Harris and Woody Harrelson, in the role of the villain Cletus Kasady/Carnage.

Directed by: Andy Serkis
Screenplay by: Kelly Marcel
Story by: Tom Hardy & Kelly Marcel
Based on the Marvel Comics

Tom Hardy
Michelle Williams
Naomie Harris
Reid Scott
Stephen Graham
and Woody Harrelson

sogis 27 секунд бұрын
holy shit #1 on trending
Emre Turgut
Emre Turgut 31 секунд бұрын
Rizwan Ullah Shah
Rizwan Ullah Shah 33 секунд бұрын
I mean, it's obvious Carnage would beat Venom considering each generation of symbiote is stronger than the last and Carnage was the offspring of Venom.
I_AM_M8TY 135
I_AM_M8TY 135 36 секунд бұрын
Venom wouldn’t come out till he heard he could eat anyone “OH YEAH”
RICARDO LABOY 51 секунд бұрын
Fans: Are we gonna get the No way Home trailer soon? Sony: 2:27
Giovanni Petnga
Giovanni Petnga Минут бұрын
This is gonna to be amazing
The Hidden Passenger
The Hidden Passenger Минут бұрын
venom trying to be funny is cringy! dont expect much of this..
Aj Lopez
Aj Lopez Минут бұрын
That’s a red on lol
Angelic Vega
Angelic Vega Минут бұрын
Me, knowing how the internet is when I saw 1:29 : …. *Oh God* ….
SolarWRLD Минут бұрын
Please be R Rated🙏
Bakary Dembélé
Bakary Dembélé Минут бұрын
One of the most comic accurate monsters ever
MB B 2 минут бұрын
Lives in shitty apartment and owns a ducati. lol.
Smell on it
Smell on it 2 минут бұрын
This movie would be so much better with spiderman
Walker Vision
Walker Vision 2 минут бұрын
After that trailer I feel like I just watched the whole movie. Thanks
Its Slushezz
Its Slushezz 2 минут бұрын
This is gonna be a lit movie in cinemas
Mihály Fehér
Mihály Fehér 2 минут бұрын
RareShoota 2 минут бұрын
How the hell would Tom Holland fight these two
Chocolate Snicky
Chocolate Snicky 2 минут бұрын
Didn't HiTop write this exact script?
RyuuHou22 2 минут бұрын
"Oh I'm sorry, let me fix I can break it again!!" Venom is just a tad cranky it seems. Guessing that their agreement didn't last too long or that chocolate isn't keeping him satiated too well. Wonder how they're going to come to grips with that. Carnage looks freaking amazing, can't wait to hear what he sounds like speaking as Carnage and if he's going to refer to himself in the singular like he does in the comics. His origins aren't too different either which is a big plus.
Robin Darx
Robin Darx 2 минут бұрын
Evolved: refrigerator Wick
Evolved: refrigerator Wick 2 минут бұрын
Imagine having 7 million views in 7 hours ...wait
Aj Rivera
Aj Rivera 2 минут бұрын
I love how it shows that venom over takes Eddie like a suit but carnage comes through his skin like they’re one
Greg Crockett
Greg Crockett 2 минут бұрын
I think I just creamed my pants. I think this might be even better then the 1st one✊
CallmeDADDY 2 минут бұрын
I honestly hope its rated r
busiest Nebula
busiest Nebula 3 минут бұрын
Whered his psycho bob crazy curly hair go
jordansiarya 3 минут бұрын
finally a trailer that doesn’t spoil everything
Station64 3 минут бұрын
That transformation animation when he turns into Carnage is so on point
Charlie Welch
Charlie Welch 3 минут бұрын
We need Carnage. The World needs him Oh wrong movie trailer quote. Sorry guys
Yesh Auditore
Yesh Auditore 3 минут бұрын
"all I ever wanted in this world is CARNAGE" rooooll credits
Mustafa Ait dahman
Mustafa Ait dahman 3 минут бұрын
What's mine is Yours And what's Yours is mine
0507190183 3 минут бұрын
When will spidey enter the plot?
PuddingCat Steamboat
PuddingCat Steamboat 3 минут бұрын
i’m happy for the people who think this looks good, but to me all this comedy bull, it’s just not Venom, it looks super cringe inducing to me.
DragonBeastTitan21 3 минут бұрын
colored symbiotes must have different powers knowing how venom was scared of a "red one" compared to riot "grey colored"
Sanchit Singh Football Freestyler
Sanchit Singh Football Freestyler 3 минут бұрын
Where is Peter Parker?
StarWarsHour 3 минут бұрын
Is this one gonna be rated R?
Zeta9465 3 минут бұрын
Please don't ruin it! pretty please :(
lyokohero 4 минут бұрын
The movie looks dope. I just hope it drops the Saturday night comedy vibe it had in the first one. The first movie imo would have been so much better if they didn't force all the jokes
javis88h 4 минут бұрын
Ok cool I was afraid carnage was going to be another indistinct black blob character. But Carnage looks exactly like carnage
gojofan 87
gojofan 87 4 минут бұрын
What’s up with the cgi tho
GayJedii 4 минут бұрын
So not one marvel stamp???
Nicholas Fruin
Nicholas Fruin 4 минут бұрын
OHHH YEAH!!! That was my favorite part of the whole trailer 😂.
MAERSK_BTW 4 минут бұрын
New venom movie 😀!!!
StrenuousSpider 4 минут бұрын
Mark my words the post credit scene will be Eddie and Venom in couples counseling.
Michael Tilkian
Michael Tilkian 4 минут бұрын
Who else saw this in their recommended and screamed?
Ziauddin Munna
Ziauddin Munna 4 минут бұрын
Is He say Family.
Leo0p 4 минут бұрын
Carnage is stronger than venom so I'm wondering how this movie will end?
Julia Red
Julia Red 4 минут бұрын
"I will let you eat anybody!" "PROMISE!?" "Promise!" I laughed too hard at this
Abhilasha Rai
Abhilasha Rai 4 минут бұрын
How about Venom vs spiderman? 😅
Viggo Stark
Viggo Stark 5 минут бұрын
It's going to be one giant CGI shitfest... And I'm going to love it.
AntiHero 5 минут бұрын
Hopefully this is Rated R this movie this can go very far if they do that with venom especially how his character is
AntennaHead Music
AntennaHead Music 5 минут бұрын
Dude, this is so frikin amazing!!!! I'm so exited! I'm hoping that after this movie, we get a symbiote hunter series
Throw Acnt
Throw Acnt 5 минут бұрын
Loving the hentai scene that is also reminiscent of the spider tentacle scene in Resident Evil 3 Remake. Someone over at the Sony writing team is a true man of culture.
Sarcastic Dreamer
Sarcastic Dreamer 5 минут бұрын
Thumbnail looked like a video game
Mr. DaNkMeM
Mr. DaNkMeM 5 минут бұрын
Dang that’s actually really cool, now where’s Spider-Man?
Matt R
Matt R 5 минут бұрын
O shit is that supposed to be Scream (girl in the cell)
Juan Delavega
Juan Delavega 6 минут бұрын
Just seems so meh shallow and pedantic with no Spiderman
NuroMusic 6 минут бұрын
Thats better
Tyrannosaurus Rex
Tyrannosaurus Rex 6 минут бұрын
The only sin this movie does is tokenization of the Shriek
Omolade Badmus
Omolade Badmus 6 минут бұрын
Venom: OH SHIT, THAT A RED, loooool Venom isn't scared of Carnage what the point. 🤣🤣🤣🤣👀🔥
Miku Kohinata
Miku Kohinata 6 минут бұрын
Me: How to make The 1982 film The Thing not too scary Marvel: I got your answer
Gherasim Alex
Gherasim Alex 7 минут бұрын
Dorian Gonzalez
Dorian Gonzalez 7 минут бұрын
Nobody gonna talk about the girl that might have the scream venom
Apichet Phuthikornwongsri
Apichet Phuthikornwongsri 7 минут бұрын
so carnage is born from venom????
DudeMan 3
DudeMan 3 8 минут бұрын
Some really good references to the Maximum Carnage storyline in here. Has me pretty hyped.
Valvrave 8 минут бұрын
I didn't expect they were gonna show so much Carnage in the trailer, looks nuts
Nathaniel Castillo
Nathaniel Castillo 8 минут бұрын
This looks so god
Herbert Ishibashi
Herbert Ishibashi 8 минут бұрын
I wasn’t feeling it when I saw Woody at the end of the first movie and he was confirmed to play Carnage. This trailer eliminated all doubt. I think he’s gonna be great.
xAZN-UAE_Legendx 8 минут бұрын
Hmm.. Is Venom gonna be a part of the mcu?
Z. B. G.
Z. B. G. 9 минут бұрын
Did you say *"Like Family?!:"* Dom Toretto.
DēkAn 01
DēkAn 01 9 минут бұрын
Okay, esto es épico. Te quiero mucho, Venom.
everything that i like G
everything that i like G 9 минут бұрын
Use haki
NGorso1 9 минут бұрын
If this is 18+ and bloody it's gonna be great!
Corporal Anonymous
Corporal Anonymous 9 минут бұрын
Carnage: *being red* Venom be like: NOPE NOT TODAYY!!
ZCRAZE Z 9 минут бұрын
What a joke. Pos.
spiffy condor
spiffy condor 9 минут бұрын
What’s the song in the background?
E4Unow 9 минут бұрын
They ever going to explain in these films why Venom looks like Spiderman? Lol
JokerOnline 9 минут бұрын
Carnage looks sooo good
- 9 минут бұрын
Let there be no more liberals in 🇺🇸 real life title - 👍🏼
Oliver Moore
Oliver Moore 9 минут бұрын
This actually looks good. Woody looks like he’s killing it
JayStar T
JayStar T 9 минут бұрын
Brook driving panigale is the best thing ever
Em Angel
Em Angel 9 минут бұрын
Duende Pitufo
Duende Pitufo 10 минут бұрын
So spiderman no way home when?
Piyush 10 минут бұрын
For Family!
A2d1 10 минут бұрын
I hope the rating is not PG
Byron Wright Jr.
Byron Wright Jr. 10 минут бұрын
No 4k version yet?
AUNBOMB 10 минут бұрын
1:40 wow that small detail, he's wearing a suit that looks like Carnage from comics
Anarina TV
Anarina TV 10 минут бұрын
I love it :)
Louis Mate
Louis Mate 10 минут бұрын
Carnage looks too good , like a cgi
GamePoy 10 минут бұрын
It looks like it should go straight to FX so I can pop it on in the background while I bake a cake. Red velvet.
Geminis 10 минут бұрын
i think cameron monhagan could be a great carnage
MikeroAggression 10 минут бұрын
Still weird not to have Spidey involved in a second venom movie, but still looks good.
King_Ferdinand 44
King_Ferdinand 44 11 минут бұрын
Let's hope this shit does well
Yesh Auditore
Yesh Auditore 11 минут бұрын
so they are still not together after the last film? dafaq
Miss Moonlight
Miss Moonlight 11 минут бұрын
*OMGGG I LOVE HIIIIM* 😩 can't wait to see the movie this fall
Patrcia Clemons
Patrcia Clemons 11 минут бұрын
Haven't seen a good movie in about 15 years. What happened to this country, run out of ideas?
Garrett Miller
Garrett Miller 11 минут бұрын
I still have the red cartridge for sega genesis, this brings nostalgia hopefully they make a next generation console game
Ishaan Wadhwani
Ishaan Wadhwani 11 минут бұрын
Amur Tiger
Amur Tiger 11 минут бұрын
Venom: OH SHIT Eddie: We are going Venom: That's a red one Eddie: You need to come on right now Eddie: I'll let you eat everybodyyyyy Venom: Promise? Eddie: I promise Venom: Oh yeah
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