Why isn't Sri Lanka a Part of India?
Why was Iran Neutral in WW2?
Why isn't Vatican a part of Italy?
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I love indonesia i am from indonesia the non traditional muslim part is so true.🇮🇩❤️
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A great lesson from a mistake. The Golden Rule Really Exist. What we have done is what we will get. Do not do unto others if you do not want to do unto you.
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Girl talk
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The trees are speaking German
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It was conquered 😂😂😂😂 otherwise it wouldn't ne called Germania😊😊😊
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Need ottoman rule
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From what country you are...
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Because he was born in Ukraine
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Sri Lanka is really part of India as well as all whole planet all others . So just one more fake video of trillions of them all of them in internet . Always there is something Wrong on all "videos" "articles" all net all media, excet me my stuff
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Japan's greatest luck was that it was the United States, which had no intention of having a colony, that brought Japan to its knees.
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Another documentary espousing evolution, when humans could not have evolved at all. More and more scientists have been jumping off this rickety bandwagon and on the maglev train of truth. I so would love to enjoy watching such video, but the hint or mention of us having evolved just dampens, even kills, my enthusiasm. KZbinrs, just please take out evolution from your contents, as it's not true but one big fat lie!
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I have not read all of the comments, but as far as I can tell, it is not mentioned the South's advantages and how the South thought it could win a civil war: slaves, cotton, and horses.
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Isolation, central goverment and military, big population.
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$ 20 million in 1898 is equivalent to $755 million dollars today. It is still a bargain occupying the P. I.
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Indo Europeans. The most diverse of people. Red, blonde, brown, grey hair. Blue, green, grey eyes.
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The British, leaving a murderous mess wherever they retreated from.
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The Khazarians… they are good.
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Assimilated, died or fled.
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Ferdinand III is not Philip III.
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Why did Siam lose a big chunk in the north?
@crackingfishes1167 20 сағат бұрын
I think it was a gift - it was also all jungle so they didn’t need it and didn’t want it. Also why Russia sold Alaska to the USA - they didn’t need or want it.
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Based 💀
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It's not berber. It's Amazighan Man. We not accepted this nomination of berber. Thank you.
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That's why a man should cultivate independence, u will find those who scream injustice, once they secure power become the same. It's all so hysterical
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Pano ga mananalo kung mga ng babantay sa loob eh mga imortal,yun ga kayang hapon e nakarating man lng samen
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Bla bla then now elien chinese naman
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Love Indonesia 🇮🇩 From Kosovo 🇽🇰❤☪️🤲🕌
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Because Kemal genocide 1 billion Christians!
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That’s what we need to do in the US! Expel any Muslim that is radical
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Way to much propaganda versus history
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Awesome! 👍
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The term is invaded not "colonized" .
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Kosovo is Serbia 😊
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فتحوا الاندلوس الا جزئة بسيطه في الشمال خلوها وهذي الجزئيه دمرتهم
@celticman1909 Күн бұрын
I must confess I was not up on this history. I remembered that there had been French forces in Mexico around that time but I never knew all the details.
@rundaniel8221 Күн бұрын
Because God Almighty is keeping His promises to Abraham and guiding his descendants and helping them scatter round the earth.
@tizumajstor Күн бұрын
Bosnia didn't wage large scale war against Ottomans. War was waged by Herzegovina's Serbs but it was very short because great powers supported muslim Ottomans. So Bosnia was occupied by Austro-Hungarian Empire, only to be liberated by Serbia in 1918 after WWI.
@KapryanLaPaz Күн бұрын
Anglo-Saxon tribal units took slaves out of the British population to work their fields, raise their cattle, and to be domestic servants. Included would have been many young women who had extra "duties" besides the ones assigned to them. Over a period of a few generations the offspring of such duties would have been given favored status among the other British slaves, even freedom as bigger villages developed around the original Anglo-Saxon homesteads. This was no benign mixing of culture as you attempt to imply, but an overt exploitation of a brutally subdued population.
@anggatriarifin3262 Күн бұрын
Javanese people have shamans, bro It's quite easy to fight warriors
@tizumajstor Күн бұрын
There were no "Seljukids", existed either Seljuks either Seleukids. Yes it's similar but not the same.
@brandonjames2146 Күн бұрын
Freaking democrats just needed their slaves. Sad.
@Beorthere Күн бұрын
Turks are only Islamicized Greeks, Armenians and other minorities.
@MrCanamex Күн бұрын
one thing that isn't mentioned is the difference in weapons and training... huge disadvantage on canyons and rifles... many mexican fighters used spears and rocks ... even more that the internal problems the issue had been foreign interference since independence
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Indonesian Javanese here, Proud being Javanese Indonesian
@JulianKirk87 Күн бұрын
I live at the Weser River, near Porta Westfalica..it was home for the Cherusci tribe and (as far as i know) never conquered by rome. A good friend lives near Cologne and we sometimes make jokes about him beeing a civilized noble roman descendant, while im a barbarian living in the woods 😉
@peterthesneakybastar Күн бұрын
Many inaccurate things here. The Turks were initially extremely intolerable to other religions. In fact, the Seljuks applied a convert or die policy. Secondly, the Seljuks were certainly not the beginning of the end. After the loss of Anatolia, the Romans were still extremely capable. They repeatedly defeated the Turks over and over until most of Anatolia was recovered including the vast majority of the Christian population, and especially all the important Roman cities along Anatolia’s coast. Byzantium was still quite powerful and wealthy compared to everyone else in Europe and the Middle East. It was the 4th crusade that completely broke their power. The Turks were almost negligible in comparison. Even the Ottomans conquered much less Roman land than even the Serbs and Bulgars at the time.
@taxiabey6772 Күн бұрын
Sri Lanka wasn't a part of India even when the Pangia was existed. India was a part of the African continent and Sri Lanka was a part of the Antarctic continent. When the Pangia was broken apart, the South Asian continent pushed towards the Asian plate and hit it to create the Everest mountains. The pull of the huge South Asian Continent caused Sri Lanka to separate from Antarctica and move towards South Asia. Sri Lanka existed as a sovereign nation ever after.
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Nothing belongs to someone it's all belongs to humans