BMW M3 VANOS Hub Cover Replacement DIY (2008-2013 BMW E90, E92, E93 M3)

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►BMW's S65 V8, for all its good, likes to keep owners on their toes. Within the valvetrain that allows the crazy 8400rpm redline are plastic VANOS hub covers that protect the cam sprockets. They tend to work themselves out of position and cause potential issues, so replacing them with this all-aluminum set from NRW Design is a surefire way to prevent future failures.
Heat and oils force the plastic to expand with use and age, resulting in their falling off into the timing chain assembly. The chain survives the encounter, but the covers are often chewed up into tiny plastic bits that find their way into the oil pan. There, they can block the oil pick-up tube and starve the engine of oil. No oil means big problems.
Follow along with FCP Euro's BMW Expert, Gareth Foley, as he replaces the VANOS Hub covers on a Space Grey BMW E92 M3.
00:00 - Intro
01:41 - Tools Needed
03:03 - Job Start/Intake Removal
04:38 - Ignition Coil Removal
08:48 - Plenum Removal
10:32 - Valve Cover Removal
15:25 - Timing Cover Removal
17:25 - Vanos Cover Replacement
19:43 - Valve Cover Installation
24:11 - Plenum Installation
28:31 - Intake Installation
29:06 - Wrap-Up
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@kevinw6282 Ай бұрын
I don't have this engine, but I watched this whole video because I'm curious about the S54 and because Gareth does such a great job with these and the videography is great. Nicely done! I just got through VANOS work, updating cam bolts and resetting cam timing on the S54 in my M coupe. If you all ever get the opportunity, consider a video covering the procedure for setting cam timing on the S54. You've got so many others covering main S54 issues, the one to top it off would be the procedure for timing it, throw in VANOS overhaul, new pump disc, cam bolts, etc if you want. I did it by combining info from multiple sources, but you all could easily have THE seminal, go-to video for this work with how you make these vids. Appreciate the labor you put into these!
@allensgarage Ай бұрын
I prefer to use a small gauge wire around the coil pack tops and loop it around and tie the end so I can pull them up gently. Great video, I was scared to do this when I did my valve cover gaskets but you guys make it look easy. Maybe on the next gasket job.
@omairtheman1 29 күн бұрын
Want to confirm the bolts you used with the NRW Valve Covers. Looked shinier than OE.
@nycshelbygt500 Ай бұрын
WoW!! Gareth's Silvertone BMW E9X M3 Engine Bay is fully Evolved with all the Carbon Fiber goodies. Just need to add the New Evolve Carbon Fiber Snorkel. The S65 V8 must sound glorious with the intake roar. In case you missed it, NRW Design has new custom painted Aluminum S65 valve covers. They replace the BMW OEM magnesium valve covers that are more prone to leaking at the gaskets and the finish tends to flake off. The 8 silicon rubber couplers with screw clamps are a bonus. The old rubber couplers have one-time use clamps that have to be cut off. This is an expensive mod. So much want...
@codysavage91 Ай бұрын
Super helpful I’m doing this next week
@nycshelbygt500 Ай бұрын
If your M3 valve cover gaskets are leaking, that is a good time to also do the Vanos Cover Mod. Add in new spark plugs, rebuilt Evolve Throttle Valve Actuators (TVA), the fuel tank breather valve, and maybe the Idle Control Valve (ICV) that is known to be defective (jumpy idle). ProTips: - Install the 8 Ignition Coils before the Plenum. - The plastic valve covers can break at the grommets when prying them off. The grommets can dry out, so have some spares.. It added some silicon spray to the grommets, so they come off easier in the future, during spark plug change (35k miles). - Prying off the ignition coils is very very difficult, so twist back and forth and pull to break the seal. Use 1-2 plastic pry tools and not a metal tool to avoid damaging the magnesium valve covers. If you need to use a metal tool, wrap it in a towel. New ignition coils are ~$100, so look for sales , but there are less expensive OE alternatives.
@soopermarkus Ай бұрын
Genuine coils are now about $280 and OE alternatives do not work and have been proven to cause misfires.
@thekidmanny377 6 сағат бұрын
Doing valve covers, spark plugs, vanos covers, spark plug tubes now. Alrd did my fuel breather valve.
@paulhutchins6019 Ай бұрын
Such a cheap copout from BMW in the first instance, should've been done at the factory 🤷🏼‍♂️
Did you find it?! 🤔✨✍️ #funnyart
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