E362 Navigating the Bible: The Historical Books

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Join Saddleback Church's Doable Discipleship podcast in a series on Navigating the Bible. Have you ever wondered how to read the Bible? What do you need to know about different sections of the Bible that would help you read it better? This series seeks to give you a primer on the different major sections of the Bible. Each week, host Jason Wieland is joined by a different Bible expert to talk through the major details, authors, cultural context, and other important information on the major sections of the Bible.
This episode focus in on the Historical Books. Jason is joined by Dr. Gary Schnittjer, distinguished professor of Old Testament for the School of Divinity at Cairn University. The conversation looks at the themes found in the Historical Books, the cultural context, what you should know about David, parallels with the New Testament, and much more.
Doable Discipleship is a Saddleback Church podcast produced and hosted by the Saddleback Spiritual Growth Team. It premiered in 2017 and now offers more than 350 episodes. Episodes release every Tuesday on your favorite podcast app and on the Saddleback Church KZbin Channel ( / saddleback .
Doable Discipleship is a proud part of the Saddleback Family of Podcasts. To learn more about the Saddleback Family of Podcasts, visit saddleback.com/podcasts.
Resources by Dr. Gary Schnittjer
Old Testament Narrative Books: The Israel Story - www.amazon.com/Old-Testament-...
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