We gave everything... - Zainab Ibrahim | Progeny Podcast 51

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Zainab Ibrahim is a family mediator who works for the Iraqi Welfare Association. She has a long and distinguished career in social work, and has dedicated her life to helping others. In this episode of the podcast, Zainab talks about her journey of volunteering, and how it has led her to where she is today. She shares her insights on family mediation, and offers advice to those who are struggling with conflict in their own families. Zainab's story is an inspiration to us all, and her passion for helping others is truly contagious.
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@rahmtube2885 11 ай бұрын
According to narrations parents do have an impact on our lives after their decease, and they can still pray for us or curse us. It's recommended to do good on their behalf, pay their debts and so forth... May Allah swt grant Jannah to all parents who raised good kids like the sister
@user-tz4uj8rl2h 11 ай бұрын
Such parents are truly the biggest blessing 🙏
@hassanshahrestani1968 11 ай бұрын
God bless … You and your mum and your father and your job Inshallah
@saiyadamomin9615 11 ай бұрын
Mashallah, a very inspiring podcast. May Allah grant us all the motivation to help others just like Zainab, ameen.
@neda4rasoul 11 ай бұрын
Amazing mash.. May Allah accept all your deeds and give you the tawfiq to help more and more people.
@alial-shahristani6380 11 ай бұрын
What a great episode!
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