Why did the Mongols Leave Europe? DOCUMENTARY
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wish i could find a video like this about vitnam
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Well china has water for rocket fuel so that’s already a big fat L and old Rusky bear had some of theirs shot down already
@19loquillo86 6 сағат бұрын
That is where the "Terminator" comes into play as a tank warfare support weapon
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Fun fact: its NOT hitting its target at mach 18(if it even gets that fast), it has to slow down to actually hit its target. Which then it can be easily intercepted. The only thing hypersonic does is decrease the possible interception/reaction time. But against the best air defenses in the world, it'll still get intercepted
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Read about these yrs ago, they called them "rods of God".
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You got the Polish flag upside down @ 9:50
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habituallinecrosser has made us aware of Russia's abilities. We are not worried 😂
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ruzzian Kinzgal missiles have been regularely intercepted by Patriot PAC3
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The british are the root of all problems
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richard I did the exact same thing at Jaffa long before this
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I believe Khalid Ibn Al Walid was demoted so the troops wouldn’t give him a God like status
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I really love the video .. thank U
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russians stay losing
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What the sons of Abbas gathered in 6 centuries, Hulako "May Allah curse him" took in one night.
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The Patriot system has proven effective as an interceptor against Russian ones in Ukraine yes hypersonics? Were they also be effective against some of these?
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🤸‍♂🤸‍♂🤸‍♂ Look at me Muhammad, peace be upon him, is not the founder of Islam Islam means submission to the will of God It began with Adam, peace be upon him All that happened was a renewal of the doctrine of pure monotheism by sending prophets whenever people go astray Muhammad, peace be upon him, is the last of these prophets, and God promised in the Qur’an to preserve his message محمد عليه السلام ليس مؤسس الإسلام الإسلام يعني الاستسلام لإرادة الله وبدأ منذ آدم عليه السلام كل ما يحدث هو تجديد لعقيدة التوحيد الخالص بإرسال أنبياء كلما ضل الناس محمد عليه السلام هو آخر هؤلاء الأنبياء ووعد الله في القرآن بحفظ رسالته
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Imagine going back in time and being able to witness these battles... would make professional sports and UFC, seem boring and dull af 😆
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Why not just show an old map of Grozniy?
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Best wishes to all tribes of Turks, no matter how you called them WE ARE ONE FAMILY.☝️❤️ JUREK BIRLIGIMIZ YASASIN.
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Hypersonic is just a buzz word. All ICBMs are hypersonic and have been since the ‘V2’ in WW2.
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Bro the new war thunder update looks sick
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Sm-6 Block 1B can intercept maneuvering hypersonic missiles. Sm-3 Block 2A can intercept any ballistic missile, like the DF-26 or Kinzhal Patriot’s and THAAD can intercept short range and medium range ballistic missiles. The Kinzhal is an air launched short range ballistic missile that travels at hypersonic speeds, it cannot do much maneuvering
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If I am not mistaken the Russians briefly use Storm trooper tactics during one of their offensive around 1917.
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of course everyone slowly starting to realize the solution to fast rockets is lazers since they travel at light speed and can be aimed with perfect accuracy
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While I'm delighted to see so much content on the Mongol Empire, I think it would be good to return to the period of the great migrations/the last days of the Western Roman Empire and especially the politics and battles fought by the Hunnic Empire from the arrival of the Huns in eastern Europe until the fall of the sons of Attila.
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This historical fact and the story tell me that Kıng David and Cannanıte wars on the bıble are stolen from Egyptıan history. The Bible is a human fraud. 🤬
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Lemme finish my engineer's degree si I make this shit asap
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In 6 hours like it's no big deal if I remeber I'll come back to let you know my review of this monster in EXCUTED 😅😅😅❤❤❤❤
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State controlled media, criticizing the government viewed the same way of being anti-Russia, locking up people who has different points of view, people scared to say what they think or are wired to think a certain way... Russia does sound like a fascist state
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Cause they were driven out. They fought agaisnt their own ok but when they got farther away from home the fights got harder and they learned their boundaries.
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You’d figure generals would stop chasing after retreats when many armies fell die to faint retreats
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In 2023 China’s shipbuilding industry is responsible for 50% of global output or 42 million tons. This allows china to launch more naval ships than any other countries. (Entire US merchant fleet in WWII is about 33 million tons). Chinese maritime militia are deployed to handle disputes with claimant countries that have no navy. Not “asymmetric”as claimed by the video. Rather it is trying to be symmetrical. Chinese coastal cutters are the size of destroyer.
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How is Chechnya doing these days anyway?
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Loke most modern chinese built stuff, all hot air and wont stand the test of time. If you target a carrier be prepared to lose the 3 gorges dam.
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Chechenian terrorists, NOT army
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Down with the British Poofs 👎🇬🇧
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You call tactic to common sense
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US gave up on rail guns, we have lasers..
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لن يحل السلام في اليمن إلئ بحل الدولتين ونحن في جنوب اليمن كنا قبل التوحيد قبل ١٩٩٠م كان وضعنا المعيشي جيد جداً
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Yo, thats the entire launch silo 😂
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Good videos. Txs
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We come a long way from Cavalry attacks
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As a Turk, I have a big admirasion for Constantine. Actually most of the Turks have huge respect for him because he chose to die alongside his empire. Even though we had some empires like Mehmet, Selim and Suleiman, we also had a disgusting, coward, dishonorable, inglorious sultan such as Vahdettin who’s the last emperor of the Ottoman Empire.
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If you actually read William Manchesters' biography of MacArthur AMERICAN CESAR you would know that the American government put first priority on the war on Europe. MacArthur expected immediate help but he was not getting it. MacArthur did not want to leave Corregidor but he was ordered to leave. MacArthur's brilliance was that he instituted the island hopping campaign, rather than fight the Japanese on every island. MacArthur was also brilliant in reforming Japan and setting up the constitution of Japan as well his brilliant move of invading Ichon saved Korea.
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It's called jinking.
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Кипчаки только Кыргызы с гаплогруппо R1a. А Казахи не имеет отношение им у них гаплогруппа C2 C3. они монголы.
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Comment for the algorithm Great video
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Anyone who knows what fascism is can see that is the model Xi Jinping has adopted. The CCP just swapped one evil authoritarian model for another. Modern day China is a fascist nation, eventhough there are open displays of racial supremacy which hint towards a shift to Nazism.