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Nova Negative
Nova Negative Минут бұрын
ok but like michael ur acting is on point like how do u do that
Jason Phimister
Jason Phimister Минут бұрын
mmmaaaaaaaaan i miss a good lean-back
Back 5 минут бұрын
"What if you are already missing?" I sure didn't expect to have an existential crisis when i logged onto youtube
Levi Applebaum
Levi Applebaum 6 минут бұрын
Vsauce! Simples arranged Michael-wise here.
Mike Rotch
Mike Rotch 11 минут бұрын
Enjoy that flouride everyone. Oh yeah, your government cares for you to. Have a
[ Blastkin ]
[ Blastkin ] 11 минут бұрын
micheal has become a multi existent person
are you traumatized?
are you traumatized? 15 минут бұрын
sanness megalovania
Wajira Dissanayaka
Wajira Dissanayaka 17 минут бұрын
i am scattering - sounds more like Buddhism ( JARA )
Ridwan Mujahid_2.0
Ridwan Mujahid_2.0 18 минут бұрын
the f*cking disappointment on his face is hilarious
Bryan V
Bryan V 18 минут бұрын
Bro someone get Slime on the Scene
Ghost139 20 минут бұрын
“I need a dust filter for a Hoover Max Extract 60 pressure pro”
Turning Point Communications
Turning Point Communications 21 минут бұрын
Right or wrong? Just an amazing video.
Ian Burton
Ian Burton 23 минут бұрын
Not the boil-o
Anonymous User
Anonymous User 35 минут бұрын
I don’t think any words rhyme with “parent”, nor “pint”.
Super Stuff
Super Stuff 36 минут бұрын
My dad who watches too much Star Wars and Trek: yes Me: noo
Emily Dunford
Emily Dunford 37 минут бұрын
There is a great book called "Biocentrism" that explains how reality as we know it only exists because of how we observe/experience it, which is sort of similar to this... But it explains it from the perspective of physics. Very cool!
Mistah J
Mistah J 40 минут бұрын
Yeah well it's not even 11 yet and my brains like solve this again at 2PM
TheWrongBrother 43 минут бұрын
So basically, definitions encompassed by 'nouns' as used in nomenclature describe how to assess 'form + properties' as is evaluated by a similarly defined method of perception? If a spaceship is designed in the form of a chair, is it a chair or a spaceship or both or none? 😂😏
Daniel Ochoa
Daniel Ochoa 45 минут бұрын
My brain just 🤮
pawsryanTV 45 минут бұрын
An impostor
Rick Dalton • 13 years ago
Rick Dalton • 13 years ago 49 минут бұрын
This is like next LEVEL nerd
Conor Haynes-Mannering
Conor Haynes-Mannering 53 минут бұрын
A Douglas Adams style of comedic timing brought to a philosophical overview of existence. Was not expecting this one, bravo!
Varaxis 54 минут бұрын
How many have the flexibility to sit like Michael does, with one leg cross over on top, with foot hanging past the knee? I don't...
Envy Gaming
Envy Gaming 55 минут бұрын
Never watch vsauce at night
nabila huda
nabila huda 56 минут бұрын
Antonio Xred
Antonio Xred 59 минут бұрын
Haven't seen u in 4 years
AintAtin 59 минут бұрын
That the teacher thought you: 2 + 2 = 4 Whats on the exam:
stardew valley
stardew valley Сағат бұрын
if the entire pond disappears make a crater
potatosordfighter666 Сағат бұрын
You say if you fall in, the world would close in behind you, but you forget about lensing and abberation, which the simulation at 6:02 shows correctly I believe. As you get very near the center of the black hole it would like like a black, light absorbent planet, and your sky would be a redshifted tube of lensed light that would appear to roll across the horizon as you turned your head. The light from behind you would be curved back into your eyes, appearing as the top of the tube. Once you get to the center conventional physics can't necessarily explain what happens, but it's assumed your matter would be ripped apart by gravity differential then crushed back together. Assuming we used a magical indestructible 360 degree camera we could get the video from, I can't even image what you'd see at the perfect center of a black hole. What kind of effect would gravitational lensing have on light at that point? I think every direction would be redshifted though
Andrew Clifton
Andrew Clifton Сағат бұрын
At the end he hits you with the "silent but deadly".
Fleshcut Сағат бұрын
There is a clip from a 1960s show called "Who is it?" or something like that on youtube where a 90+ year old man is on stage and he was in the theater when Lincoln was murdered. That comes to my mind when watch this video :D
Tucker the YouTuber
Tucker the YouTuber Сағат бұрын
Nice. See y’all next year!
cosmo Сағат бұрын
Shen One
Shen One Сағат бұрын
Me when I turn the AC off and try to use fans to fave energy. Me when I live in tx
Golden Goof
Golden Goof Сағат бұрын
Shroom talk
Ahmad Sahak
Ahmad Sahak Сағат бұрын
I love yellow
Joban Jeet
Joban Jeet Сағат бұрын
i thought i was the only one asking these questions.
Hakim AR
Hakim AR Сағат бұрын
#Let’s Make Trogs a Thing
Sadettin ARSLAN
Sadettin ARSLAN Сағат бұрын
33:09 meanwhile the duck in my backyard swimming in a pool playing with the kids.
F13 Media
F13 Media Сағат бұрын
that was really deep, loved it
velegrax Сағат бұрын
depends on what sky/dimension ur in
XIV - The Emperor
XIV - The Emperor Сағат бұрын
*Jojo reference*
Domenico Martucci
Domenico Martucci Сағат бұрын
No Bro, they have just 3 fuckin sides, even I can transform a cube into a motorcycle if I want to does it mean
Before talking to me Educate yourself
Before talking to me Educate yourself Сағат бұрын
When art in all forms(music, paintings, poetry) nowadays become so abstract no one understands it... But Michael here is going soo deep that it takes you a doctoral thesis to reveal what he meant
Mawrinith Сағат бұрын
James May on a Vsauce video feels like a fever dream, i wasnt expecting for him to appear
Theodore Сағат бұрын
Hold your breath indefinitely.
Tite Psy
Tite Psy Сағат бұрын
I’m definitely not the nicest or most generous person around, but I know I would say something if some stranger I never met just jumps up to take the blame for me. Just cuz I would be weirded out as to why they’re doing it.
Osmanthus Wine
Osmanthus Wine Сағат бұрын
Here lies Person Cause of death: one-shot by fart
Shashwat Nath
Shashwat Nath Сағат бұрын
Andrew McFarlane
Andrew McFarlane Сағат бұрын
that intro gave me shivers down my spine
Krisztián Wirsz
Krisztián Wirsz Сағат бұрын
Michael is kinda beginning to lose his marbels...😀
Lasagna is pretty cool
Lasagna is pretty cool Сағат бұрын
who else thought Michael was real as a kid
He has just destroyed remaining part of my intelligence..🥲
Ricardo Fiorani
Ricardo Fiorani Сағат бұрын
This video basically explains why object-oriented programming is flawed.
Athena Pritchard-Jones
Athena Pritchard-Jones Сағат бұрын
im glad you asked this because ive always thought chairs are sus
Tim Hallas
Tim Hallas Сағат бұрын
Dave, the guard was given license to be dominant and cruel to other people, and he took advantage of that license. THAT is the real revelation of this experiment. The "victims" were useful tools in exposing the true nature of CERTAIN kinds of people. Dave, having a father who possessed some authority over people, was mentally predisposed toward exploiting his own authority. To this day, he is probably a narcissist.
Zoldyc 2 сағат бұрын
Jordon Yang
Jordon Yang 2 сағат бұрын
What scientist actually thought of the idea of a fart could kill you???😂😂😂
CheaterXL 2 сағат бұрын
Micheal with beard reminds me every time of the video about fears.
ToasterZYX 2 сағат бұрын
I can't believe he said sus.
Moein Rebel
Moein Rebel 2 сағат бұрын
Michael: I am death, I am scattering Covid-19: Am I Michael-ing?
Kasper Suomalainen
Kasper Suomalainen 2 сағат бұрын
I would approach the chair question from a functional standpoint. A chair seizes to be a chair, once it nolonger functions as a thing that angles your feet in a 90 degree fashion and that you can sit on. This definition needs to be retooled for each type of chair one might come up with and calls in question, just how vast a chair can be, like can a cliff face be a chair? :D
Szczepan Wolski
Szczepan Wolski 2 сағат бұрын
It feels like it's very much inspired by Alan Watts's lectures.
Preston Higgins
Preston Higgins 2 сағат бұрын
hesham yosef
hesham yosef 2 сағат бұрын
i wish to translated to arabic
C_Norman93 Norman
C_Norman93 Norman 2 сағат бұрын
I feel like this video went from a true discussion on the ontology of "things" onto the discussion of the meaning OF a "thing." Even if you can, descriptively, just boil "everything" down what we make of it (what word we use), it still does not answer the ultimate question: aside from our way of describing a "thing," aside from mere words to communicate the "thing," what actually IS the "thing?" I think this was the true point of Theseus's Ship. I think all of this comes back to a central point: the mind/body split problem. The attempt to piece together immaterial "things" (logic, meaning, "substance/essence," Truth, etc) with material "things" (form/shape, amount, etc).
Liz Sasa
Liz Sasa 2 сағат бұрын
"What can you do without a brain?" You can be the president of brazil
Aaron Weibel
Aaron Weibel 2 сағат бұрын
this is as eerie as burger king foot lettuce
Tim Hallas
Tim Hallas 2 сағат бұрын
Other such experiments have yielded equally incorrect analyses. You cannot understand "natural" human behavior, by subjecting people to artificially generated stresses. If the subjects KNOW this is an experiment, they will NOT exhibit NORMAL human behavior. If you want to study human behavior in regards to incarceration, then go to a real prison.
ya boi
ya boi 2 сағат бұрын
The stare that vsauce haunts my nightmares
Karl 2 сағат бұрын
I wanted Hsauce not vsauce
A. Fleischbender
A. Fleischbender 2 сағат бұрын
Nice video, Michael. See you again in 2 years.
Yuan Linaban
Yuan Linaban 2 сағат бұрын
The fact that after 8 years KZbin is recommending this to me in 3 am
Rustin Dudley
Rustin Dudley 2 сағат бұрын
Terrance Mcenna has a great theory of dime dialation .
IamDemonL0rd_Bg • 200 Years ago
IamDemonL0rd_Bg • 200 Years ago 2 сағат бұрын
This guy is more smart than Jesus and God combined no literally...
Savva Zotov
Savva Zotov 2 сағат бұрын
Ez clap
James Moses
James Moses 2 сағат бұрын
Answer: Yes
MR. SARANIA 2 сағат бұрын
Please someone kidnap this man I don't want to learn such types of maths in my text book
sniper_pro1675 2 сағат бұрын
Sus 1:17