2024 Tesla Model 3 Highland: Stealth Gray Enhanced Comfort, Build Quality & More | Initial Review

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The Tesla Rental Guy

The Tesla Rental Guy

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Get an exclusive first look at the 2024 Tesla Model 3 Highland in Stealth Gray with the sleek 18-inch photon aero wheel covers! Join us as we dive into the latest upgrades, including enhanced comfort with the new suspension, improved build quality, luxurious ventilated seats, captivating ambient lighting, and our initial impressions of this cutting-edge electric vehicle. Don't miss out on the future of driving!
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Welcome to an exclusive deep dive into the groundbreaking 2024 Tesla Model 3 Highland, showcasing the stunning Stealth Gray exterior and the sleek 18-inch photon aero wheel covers. Get ready to immerse yourself in every aspect of this game-changing electric vehicle as we uncover a plethora of enhancements that redefine the automotive landscape.
Buckle up for an unparalleled journey of comfort and innovation with the meticulously engineered suspension system, meticulously crafted to deliver a smooth and refined driving experience that sets new industry standards. Explore the evolution of build quality as Tesla continues to push the boundaries of durability and reliability, ensuring every ride is a testament to engineering excellence.
But wait, there's more. Step inside the cabin and experience a world of luxury and sophistication with the introduction of ventilated seats, designed to keep you comfortable in any climate, ensuring every journey is a breeze. And let's not forget the captivating ambiance created by the ambient lighting, setting the perfect mood for every drive and adding a touch of elegance to the overall experience.
As we share our initial impressions of this groundbreaking electric vehicle, it's abundantly clear that Tesla has once again raised the bar for innovation and excellence in the automotive industry. Join us as we navigate the ever-changing landscape of automotive technology and witness the future unfold before your very eyes.
Don't miss out on this opportunity to be part of automotive history in the making. Watch now and discover why the 2024 Tesla Model 3 Highland is the epitome of modern luxury and performance, setting new standards for electric vehicles everywhere.
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@cellman1829 Ай бұрын
I took delivery of my reengineered M3 LR in stealth grey black interior in March absolutely love it, first EV. Car is gorgeous, comfortable, quiet, extremely fast. Ithe tech and minimalism are amazing PHX AZ
@TheTeslaRentalGuy Ай бұрын
Great first EV, Imo best bang for the buck EV you can buy and that will hold true to me until they refresh the model Y! Let us know if you have any questions or tips we can help!
@FlipxFit 8 күн бұрын
@7:48 tried to go for that stalk 🤣
@jayjayInfinite Ай бұрын
love it!!! LOL I agree with the horn thing😂 have to release the rage on the steering…
@Zacharyattack689 Ай бұрын
Great video👍
@RonnellJohnJonota04 Ай бұрын
Great initial review video! Wishing I could get to drive one someday🤞
@TheTeslaRentalGuy Ай бұрын
Let’s get you in one!
@roberth1700 Ай бұрын
Does the self grade look dirty in real life like it kind of does in videos? Thanks
@TheTeslaRentalGuy Ай бұрын
Honestly I think it’s a little too dark, I agree just like a black vehicle it shows dirt and dust rather quickly
@carsoncunningham7993 Ай бұрын
Curious to know your impressions and experience with quality, durability, and reliability. Thanks for the video.
@TheTeslaRentalGuy Ай бұрын
Initial impression interior seems to be built with better materials - we will know quickly once the renters get their hands on the car 😂
@TedKidd 25 күн бұрын
I agree they've taken some of the personality out of the driving experience.
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